Microsoft delivers Azure-in-a-box solution for hybrid clouds

Mike Wheatley | October 21st

Microsoft Corp., held a big cloud press event yesterday where it announced the Azure Marketplace together with a new family of Azure products it hopes will convince customers of its ability to run hyperscale, enterprise-grade...»

Lenovo said to be looking at buying BlackBerry – again

Mike Wheatley | October 21st

China's Lenovo Group Ltd. might be close to completing the acquisition of struggling smartphone maker BlackBerry Limited – for real, this time – according to reports. Canada's CBC News reports that Lenovo...»

Splunk Conference 2013 DevOps Recap: Integrating Splunk DevOps platform to developers

Saroj Kar | October 20th

The 5th Annual Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference is just around the corner. But before we get a chance to see what has been happening in the world of Splunk, let’s take a look...»

The all purpose future ready Modular 3D printer is here

Saroj Kar | October 20th

You want to have a 3D printer but do not want to buy yet-another-printer for printing with different media? While numerous 3D printer technology companies allow for different types of plastic (and sometimes food) most printers cannot dramatically change...»

Android Lollipop: What’s new for developers

Saroj Kar | October 20th

Last week, the new version of mobile operating system Android Lollipop was revealed last week. The main objective of Lollipop is to standardize devices of any type from smartphones to tablets, from small display of smartwatch to the large...»

Market missing the boat on extracting Hadoop value | #BigDataNYC

Cheryl Knight | October 20th

While many organizations now look at Hadoop as an essential part of storage solutions, they are not adequately extracting the intelligence from the open-source tool for storing and processing large data-sets, according to Sam Grocott, Senior Vice...»

Apple Pay 101: Setup, security and where it works

Mellisa Tolentino | October 20th

Apple Inc. has officially launched Apple Pay this week, a payments systems integrated with its Passbook app to centralize and simplify retail and online purchases. When Apple introduced Apple Pay alongside the new iPhones...»

Investor insight on Asian IoT trends that will gain adoption in the U.S.

Kristen Nicole | October 20th

Look to the East for technology trendsetters. Asian countries are not only ahead of the West in terms of time zones, but in tech adoption as well. Countries like Japan standardized their cell phone economies...»

What you missed in the Smart World: Siri for homes and more

Mellisa Tolentino | October 20th

This week’s Smart World Series highlights the latest innovations in health monitoring, a new way for you to talk to your smart home, Asia's influence in global smart city adoption trends, and new developer tools for analyzing and streamlining Internet of Things apps. For...»

What you want: Top 10 requests for Windows 10

James Farrell | October 20th

Prior to Microsoft.Corp’s release of Windows 10, the company has opened its ears to users by allowing the public to give feedback on what new features they would like to see. Soliciting consumer expectations...»