UPDATED 15:26 EST / APRIL 19 2011

Sonos Expands the Personal (Music) Cloud

Streaming-music technology maker Sonos launched a free app for Android app, supporting most of the operating system’s phones and tablets. The app utilizes Android’s built-in voice recognition feature to offer voice search, and controls the volume of a Sonos device using the Android volume keys.  The move further develops the personal cloud space, emphasizing an industry dedication to music trends.  It’s an area that’s heating up right now–Sonos’ mobile expansion indicates its desire to broaden its user base.

Some more details about the app:

“The Sonos system now also supports Airplay but in a very roundabout way. If you have an Airport Express with Airplay support (or Apple TV, for that matter), you can transmit audio from an iPad, iPod, or iPhone to that device using Airplay.”

The app also enables users to send a live audio stream from an Airplay device to a Sonos device on the same network.

The launch of the new app is big news for users, and big news for Sonos. The company has extended its reach to yet another platform, and joins a sizable list of companies who have a digital music-focused personal cloud venture. One of these companies is Google, who acquired Canadian music synchronization service PushLife shortly after the latest version of the Google music app was leaked with Honeycomb.

Apple’s making strides with its personal cloud initiatives, having ordered 12 petabytes worth of storage from EMC for iTunes music download, and Amazon launched its music-centric personal cloud storage service, Cloud Drive.

Another company who had a personal cloud development today is phonemaker Hitachi, who introduced a new line of Hitachi Touro Pro desktop and mobile external hard drives, offering local backup and cloud storage. Every customer receives 3GB of storage for free or 250GB for $49 million per year, and users can access their files from any device.

When it comes to backup, the Hitachi Touro Pro local backup software automatically runs backups every 30 minutes or so.

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