UPDATED 07:46 EDT / MAY 10 2013

iPhone Apps to Replace Your Therapist

We’ve all been there – a moment when we thought we’ve lost all hope, felt so frustrated, anxious and stressed out.  It’s times like this you’d kill for a few moments of reprise on the sofa of a good therapist.  But what about those times you can’t get to the doctor’s office, or maybe you’d rather try some self-help methods and skip the visit to the therapist all together.

If you’re on the brink of breaking down and all you have with you is your smartphone, you’ll be relieved to know that there are apps that could replace your therapist for free, or a cheaper rate compared to most doctors’ bills.

Yep, for free or less than what you pay for your therapist — I knew that would get your attention.

Therapist-replacement apps


My Hope Odyssey

This is a hope-boosting, goal-chasing app that uses the principles of positive psychology and behavioral economics, the science of goal setting, and the classic epic The Odyssey to help users define and achieve the goals that will create the future they want for themselves.  In short, this app helps you get your life back on track.  It lets you define your goal, reminds you of it, and helps you reach it via your own little virtual adventure.


If you’re in Japan, where shouting in public or losing composure is frowned upon, Arrow will let you vent without worrying about the social stigma.  In this app you fire an “arrow,” which will keep flying until someone shoots an arrow back to you.  The arrow represents your rant, or problem, or anything that you want to say but can’t say out loud.

Other people can share your sentiment or argue with you — depends on what you want to happen.  It’s a great way to let off some steam.  Unfortunately, though there’s an English version of this app, it’s only available in Japan for now.  The creators are still weighing if it’s worth the risk of expanding internationally.

Relax or At Ease

These two apps both cost $2.99 and they aim to help you relax thru meditation when you’re in a stressful situation, or you feel an anxiety attack coming on.  Some people feel the need to go to their therapist when they feel like they’re losing a handle on things, when things start to get out of hand, or everything is moving very fast that you can’t seem to catch up.  Now, with the help of either of these two apps, you can relax yourself, get your bearings, and start afresh.  Sometimes, all you need is a breather to get things under control.


This app helps you identify if you are at risk of depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders, as well as post traumatic stress disorder.  This app helps in the initial assessment of mental disorders, or help people see if their therapist is the right one to address their needs, helping to determine if a therapist has missed out on some of their signs and symptoms  These disorders should never be taken lightly, as some people have ended their lives because the symptoms went unchecked.

Live OCD Free

This app comes with a $79.99 price tag.  A bit steep for an mobile app but if you think about it, obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment is not that cheap either.  Most therapist would automatically suggest medications to treat the disorder, and if you have a child with OCD, medicating your kid is an incredibly tough decision to make for their still-maturing mind and body.

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