UPDATED 15:00 EST / JULY 30 2013

Google Now + The Invasion of Predictive Technology

Google Now, Nexus 7, Android, Predictive Search TechnologyPredictive search is a promising technological avancement that utilizes machine learning to better serve smartphone users. Its applications are best described as robotic personal assistants, gathering information from your email, calendar, location and social accounts to can you alerts and recommendations  before you even know that you need them. The digital information gathered can be applied to news, traffic, and even retail discounts, and as the smartphone era approaches its next iteration, predictive technology is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts and expectations.

The context of where you are, what time your doing something, and any additional contributing factors are what predictive search technology uses to build a query of those things it collects. Contextualized and predictive technology that is the best personal assistant money can buy, making the user as efficient and effective as possible. On this morning’s Live NewsDesk Show, host Kristin Feledy asked SiliconANGLE contributing editor John Casaretto for a good example of predictive search technology that is already being implemented into current mobile technologies.

“Right now, the best example is Google Now. It’s out there, and has been an important part of Google’s Internet connected glasses, Google Glasses. It’s one of those things where you’re wearing your Google Glass device walking through the airport and you get an alert that your flight has been delayed. …It’s been on Android for about a year altogether so you can get it on most devices, and it’s been on the iPhone since April.”

Predictive is the next evolution phase of search.  In all realms, mobile or browser, this technology is starting to enter the picture. Tablets, smartphones, web-based browser…the more data we’re producing, the more necessary a technology like predictive search. Prioritization of information and other technology flaws do exist in predictive search, it’s not perfected by any means. But in a predictive scenario, it is not hard to see the possibilities with this technology.

Here is the full interview clip:

With every passing day, we as consumers are becoming more conditioned for this type of technology. The trust factor is not as big of a hump to get over, and it quickly becomes more and more engrained in your every day activities. Do you remember any of the scenes from Ironman talking to his assistant Jarvis? That might not be as far in the future as you think.

Jarvis from Iron Man

Jarvis, the computer from Ironman and the future of predictive search technology.

Predictive search technology is going to make its foray into almost every industry you can imagine, and the most controversial and equally important would be advertising. How will the ads interwork with what people are doing? Is there a way to decondition the predictive search technology? Imagine a personalized Foursquare full-time-personal-assistant. Video is going to be another interesting vertical. The longest engagement media, what kind of purchasing technology will be able to work congruently with predictive search in visual media?

With the amount of meta data we are producing, and how that meta data can identify about you (not specific things within that data), there are going to be some amazing advancements in predictive search technology over the next three to four years. Our phones have so much data, the substance of value that can be gleaned off of our phones is paramount. Casaretto is excited at the prospects of new services that we will be privy too because of predictive search technology. I must admit, I am too.

A message from John Furrier, co-founder of SiliconANGLE:

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