UPDATED 07:00 EDT / APRIL 27 2015

The enterprise and cloud: Changing the face of IT as we know it | #know15


Mike Zill, SVP of Global Shared Services for Becton, Dickinson and Co. (BD), believes that enterprise is warming up to the cloud and that IT as we know it will vanish in the next decade.

Embracing the cloud


Although historically slow to adapt, companies such as BD embrace the cloud, social media and forward-thinking platforms. “We’re getting comfortable as an enterprise using the cloud, and we are adopting it as quickly as possible,” he said in an interview with theCUBE hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante at ServiceNow’s Knowledge15 event in Las Vegas.

Although the medical technology company still has some catching up to do in how it processes information, the cloud, mobile and social media are allowing it to “lift up some of the old e-mail, workflow, and paper processes into something more manageable and measurable,” Zill said.

Measuring the cost of healthcare


In terms of managing the increasing cost of healthcare, technology can help “bend the cost curve,” according to Zill. “We’re trying to apply the same techniques used in high tech to our industry to be able to get scalability. The companies that can bend the curve the best and still deliver high-quality care at a low price are going to win.”

Zill says that IT departments need to maintain a “people first” focus. However, Zill forecasted that many IT functions will become unnecessary. “In 10 years we won’t have any IT metrics at all because we won’t need them,” he said. “We will be that good at providing services. Data is going to be very valuable, but not to the customer,” Zill stated.

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