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Smart beds for teens, programmable bracelets teach girls to code

This week’s Smart Living roundup features a device-charging briefcase for business travelers, a smart bed that grows with your kid, and an upgraded friendship bracelet for teen girls.

The device-charging briefcase

Legion Concepts Ultimate Device Charging Briefcase IIShanghai-based Legion Concept has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo this week for its ultimate device charging briefcase.

Legion’s briefcase features a 10,000mAh removable battery that is able to charge smartphones five times and tablets once. Because of the battery, you can charge devices on the go, which means no more hunting for free outlets at airports and cafes.

The briefcase is made up of 1680D ballistic nylon and 210D nylon, YKK zippers, PU synthetic leather and alloy clips, which makes the briefcase durable and light enough for everyday use. It has four charging pockets, USB adapters for most popular devices, a dedicated charging pocket and cable that allows it to be plugged into a wall socket, cable management and pockets for all your other needs. It is TSA friendly, which means it has a compartment just for laptops to easily get through airport security.

“People who utilize smartphones to the full potential need to recharge after a few hours, and in-device battery capacity is just too small,” said Michael Bates, Founder and CEO of Legion Concepts. “Many of have become outlet huggers, so our goal is to liberate people from outlets and give freedom to our daily lives; for power users this briefcase really is lifestyle insurance.”

SleepIQ Kids Bed

SleepIQ Kids BedFirst introduced at CES 2015 earlier this year, the SleepIQ Kids Bed is now available for purchase at SleepNumber.com and Sleep Number retail stores starting at $799.99.

The SleepIQ Kids Bed features firmness control via a smartphone app, which means your child is able to choose how soft or firm their mattress is so they can sleep comfortably through the night. The bed is also able to measure how long your kid is sleeping and the quality of sleep they have so you’ll know what to adjust to make them more comfortable.

The head part of the mattress tilts up when needed, such as when your kid wants to read before sleeping or to relieve a stuffy nose. It also features soft under-bed lights to help them see when they need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or keep monsters away. The lights can be controlled remotely using the smartphone app, so you can turn it on or off when needed. The bed also alerts parents when their child is tossing and turning at night or out of bed when he or she should already be fast asleep.

Aside from the availability of the SleepIQ Kids Bed, Sleep Number also announced the SleepIQ Kids Scholarship Contest, which will award six kids with a college scholarship and a SleepIQ Kids bed – total prize value is $134,000.

To enter the contest, families can visit a Sleep Number store to determine their Sleep Number setting and learn how a better night’s sleep can help kids succeed. Depending on the age of the kids, they will either be asked to draw a picture or write an essay about why sleep is important to them and how it helps them achieve their dreams. After visiting the Sleep Number store, parents will receive a special code and web address to submit their kid’s entry online. Contest entry details will be available by July 31.

Jewelbots friendship bracelet teaches girls to code

JewelbotsFriendship bracelets are something girls love and treasure forever. Now, thanks to technology, friendship bracelets are getting a huge upgrade with Jewelbots.

Jewelbots is a friendship bracelet that teaches girls how to code. Using their smartphone, they can program their bracelet to perform different tasks when their friends are nearby, such as lighting up or buzzing. They can also program it to do other functions, such as send secret messages, fly a drone, send out emergency alerts, get weather updates and more.

Jewelbots still has more than two weeks before its funding campaign on Kickstarter ends, but it has already raised over $95, 500.

Image source: Sleep Number

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