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Enterprise data backup provider Clumio launches new ransomware protection service

Enterprise data backup provider Clumio Inc. today launched a new ransomware protection product designed to protect businesses from the ongoing threat of infection.

Called Clumio RansomProtect, the product is described as the industry’s first air-gapped ransomware protection with 30-day retention for VMware Inc., Amazon Web Services Inc. and Microsoft Corp. Office 365 data, offering rapid granular recovery from anywhere.

Clumio said the new service provides the industry’s fastest time to protection by eliminating the need for businesses to locate a second air-gap site, buy more hardware, manage a separate backup network or manage air gap network security. Offered as a service, Clumio RansomProtect can be set up with no additional hardware or software required. Features of the service include immutable storage, end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication and a “bring your own key” option.

The service is being pitched to companies seeking a native air gap backup solution for their VMware Cloud or AWS EC2 workloads. The company said they could be paying more than two times what they should be paying with no air gap backup protection when local snapshots, remote snapshots and replication costs are factored in.

By comparison, Clumio said, customers can complement their existing native non-air-gap-protected backup solution with Clumio RansomProtect and save more than 20%, while those that replace their native backup solution with Clumio achieve an air-gapped backup while boosting their cost savings by as much as 67%.

“Traditional approaches to ransomware protection are way too complex, requiring additional hardware on-premises or the need to replicate snapshots in the public cloud,” said Chadd Kenney, vice president and chief technologist at Clumio. “The end result is weeks or months of implementation, high costs and heavy management, all while ultimately not providing the level of protection organizations need. Enterprises demand a greater level of protection.”

That Clumio RansomProtect offers support for Office 365 comes after the company itself extended support to the Microsoft cloud service earlier this year. Clumio Chief Executive Officer Poojan Kumar (pictured) told SiliconANGLE in an interview in April that its support of Office 365 made Clumio the first to provide capabilities for backing up private cloud, public cloud and software-as-a-service environments in a single offering.

Kenney spoke to Justin Warren, host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestream studio, on Dec. 2, noting that Clumio had “built in a time-series data lake that allows enterprises to decouple their data from the infrastructure and really be able to provide tons of value in the future.”

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