UPDATED 10:00 EDT / MAY 18 2021


Arctic Wolf announces new security and awareness training product at RSA Conference

Managed security startup Arctic Wolf Networks Inc. today announced the launch of its Managed Security Awareness service designed to help organizations build cyber resilience against social engineering, phishing attacks and credential theft.

Positioned to help customers looking to improve their security posture and minimize cybersecurity risk, the product combines fully managed security awareness training, phishing simulation and account takeover monitoring in a solution delivered as a concierge service. The company says the product makes it fast and easy for all security teams, even those who don’t have an information technology or cybersecurity function, to add a security awareness and training program.

Managed Security Awareness, announced today at the virtual RSA Conference, uses training and phishing simulations to reduce the likelihood of an incident and also includes 24×7 account monitoring to enable rapid response and reduce the impact if credentials are exposed. The solution also helps customers build organizational resilience with automated phishing simulations and ongoing “microlearning.” Arctic Wolf claims that if the solution is applied as an ongoing program, it enables a 70% decline in clicks on phishing simulations.

“Delivered with the speed, customization and usability that customers are accustomed to from the Arctic Wolf Platform, the Managed Security Awareness service is strongly positioned to fuel the security awareness and training market and to quickly become the go-to solution for organizations,” said Nick Schneider, president and chief revenue officer of Arctic Wolf. “Our unique and automated approach ensures progress over time, while the ongoing engagement from the Concierge Security Team keeps organizations informed about their risk exposure and offers actionable strategies to minimize it.”

The security awareness solution includes security awareness microlearning to prepare employees to stop social engineering attack. with continuous training to recognize current threats and avoid scams. It also offers automated phishing simulation and immediate education to measure and reinforce employee awareness with automated assessments and phishing simulations based on real-life attacks. In addition, there’s account takeover monitoring with immediate notification of when employee credentials are found on the dark web. Finally, turnkey content delivery helps engage employees by deploying timely content with a vision to build academic-level programmatic rigor.

Image: Arctic Wolf

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