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Hailo expands its AI processor line at the high and low ends

Hailo Technologies Ltd., a startup that makes processors optimized for artificial intelligence, today announced it has expanded its Hailo-8 AI accelerator product line to include a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express card for high-end deployments and a low-end offering called Hailo-8L for entry-level uses.

The Tel Aviv-backed firm, which has raised nearly $224 million in funding, said the Hailo-8L delivers up to 13 trillion operations per second in PCIe card configurations of between 52 and 208 TOPS. It’s aimed at processing-intensive applications such as managing large numbers of video streams.

The Hailo-8 Century PCIe cards are said to reach 500 frames per second per watt on the ResNet50 benchmark model, a type of convolutional neural network. Hailo-8L PCIe cards can run the ResNet50 model at up to 10,000 FPS.

Pricing starts at $249 for the 52 TOPS card, which Hailo said can reduce edge AI deployment costs by up to 70%. They support industrial temperature ranges and work with transformer models such as Vision Transformer, Contrastive Language-Image Pre-Training and the Segment Anything Model at the network edge.

Hailo-8 Century and Hailo-8L are built for low-latency, high-efficiency processing involving complex pipelines with multiple real-time streams and concurrent processing of multiple models and AI tasks, the company said. The scalable processors work with the Hailo-8 software suite.

Hailo Technologies has been moving fast. Five months ago it introduced a new line of processors for running computer vision models that operate at speeds of up to 20 TOPS and obviate the need to send data to the cloud for processing.

The company is targeting imaging applications in markets such as automotive, video surveillance, smart cities and retail where large amounts of image processing need to be done on local devices.

“All of the companies we work with are training in the cloud and deploying at the edge,” said Hailo CEO Orr Danon. “You create a signature in the cloud and then distribute it to the edge,” which reduces the need for expensive cameras and other intelligent devices.

Both Hailo-8L and the Hailo-8 Century can be ordered now. They are also available from Aetina Corp., Lanner Electronics, Inc. Lanner and Mitac Computing Technology Corp.

Photo: Hailo Technologies

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