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Mona Chadha, director of category management at AWS talks to theCUBE about generative AI in infrastructure at AWS Summit NY 2024. AI

Transforming tech: AWS’ strategic AI integration and Marketplace evolution

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the tech landscape, driving advancements in security, networking and storage solutions. Generative AI in infrastructure is having a particularly big impact as companies increasingly embed AI into products.

This has increased the demand for durable, scalable cloud solutions. This shift emphasizes the need for innovative procurement processes and seamless integration of new technologies, fostering a competitive edge and accelerating customer innovation.

Mona Chadha, director of category management at AWS talks to theCUBE about generative AI in infrastructure at AWS Summit NY 2024.

AWS’ Mona Chadha talks to theCUBE about generative AI in infrastructure.

“What we found is that the more integration that you have with our AWS services, whether it’s generative AI, it’s Bedrock, it’s Q, it’s SageMaker … is that our AWS customers love it and our field teams like it, because once they’re engaging with end customers, they’re having these conversations,” said Mona Chadha (pictured), director of category management at Amazon Web Services Inc.

Chadha spoke with theCUBE Research’s John Furrier at AWS Summit New York, during an exclusive broadcast on theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio. They discussed the integration of generative AI in infrastructure, emphasizing its transformative impact on the tech landscape; the strategic merger of AWS Marketplace with the AWS Partner Network to streamline operations and support; and the critical role of generative AI in driving innovation and enhancing capabilities within AWS’ ecosystem.

Streamlined support and unified operations: AWS merges Marketplace with Partner Network

With 11 years at AWS, Chadha has many insights into the integration of the AWS Marketplace with the AWS Partner Network and how the merger has enhanced partner support and streamlined operations. Chadha works with a diverse range of independent software vendors in the infrastructure category. These ISVs provide software solutions in areas such as security, networking, storage, database, data analytics, AI Ops, ML, DevOps and CloudOps, according to Chadha.

“Marketplace is really embedded into all of the components within the AWS Partner Network and the organization in there,” she said. “It’s just been such a great merger and just a great partnership across the board within our organizations. The programs have also evolved to incorporate AWS Marketplace as a core element for the APN programs.”

This strategic reorganization has simplified the process for partners. Now, partner development managers are well-versed in the AWS Marketplace, ensuring that all partners, regardless of type, receive consistent and comprehensive support. This consolidation has fostered a more cohesive partner ecosystem, allowing for better integration and collaboration, Chadha pointed out.

“The other cool thing that we’re seeing is … that a lot of our end customers and a lot of our partners are also business application providers,” she said. “That big partnership that we have with Salesforce … those partners are actually coming to the Marketplace, they’re partnering with us, they’re leveraging our capabilities.”

Generative AI in infrastructure: Transforming infrastructure solutions and driving innovation

Generative AI is being incorporated into various products and platforms across infrastructure categories. This integration is not a new category, but an evolution, enhancing existing capabilities and driving innovation. Key components of AWS’ AI strategy include SageMaker for building and deploying models, Bedrock and Amazon Q. These tools are critical for partners as they incorporate AI into solutions, offering customers advanced capabilities and improved performance, Chadha explained.

Mona Chadha, director of category management at AWS talks to theCUBE about generative AI in infrastructure at AWS Summit NY 2024.

On set with theCUBE at AWS Summit New York.

“What we found is we have a lot of partners in the security space,” she said. “We have CrowdStrike, as an example, and what they’ve done is they’ve created Charlotte AI and they’ve embedded that with Amazon Bedrock. What that’s done is really changed the landscape in terms of getting all of your data around surveillance and threat and all these attacks that are happening and then being able to be proactive and then anticipate what’s going to happen next.”

The economic incentives and best practices for partners within AWS Marketplace were also a part of the discussion. By leveraging features such as vendor insights and private marketplace capabilities, partners can streamline procurement processes, reduce onboarding times and improve overall efficiency.

“We developed Vendor Insights,” Chadha said. “What we’re able to do is really take all of that data, take all that information, plus all of the AWS type of compliance information, put that all in to the Marketplace. Now you’re able to upload that information, save a ton of steps … a ton of time. It actually decreases the onboarding time for end customers who are onboarding ISVs, so the whole experience is literally transformed.”

Here’s the complete video interview, part of SiliconANGLE’s and theCUBE Research’s coverage of AWS Summit New York:

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