New Relic Supports OpenStack via Rackspace Partnership

New Relic made its application monitoring software-as-a-service available on the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace. The web app is available on the host’s first generation Cloud Servers and Cloud Servers, which are powered by the OpenStack.

“Organizations pursuing cloud initiatives turn to Rackspace not only because they are a trusted provider, but also because of Fanatical Support, making them one of the greatest customer service organizations,” said Bill Lapcevic, New Relic’s vice president of business development. “Part of that is bringing together and providing the tools and services customers need to easily develop, deploy, and manage their apps more effectively in the cloud.”

The Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace was revamped just this week. The new catalog takes an app store approach to the cloud and provides a good opportunity for third party vendors to market their Rackspace solutions, while also providing a very thorough user interface. Customers can post reviews, rank items and browse between different categories such as management, deployment, monitoring and so forth.

The latest update from New Relic aims to demonstrate the SaaS provider’s support for the open cloud, and making its platform available for the Rackspace Cloud realizes that goal effectively (while making its introducing its product to a new audience at the same time).  The web host is one of the creators of OpenStack alongside NASA, and played a big role in putting the open cloud OS where it is today. The project recently celebrated its second anniversary.

Another vendor that strengthened its commitment to the project lately is Dell. Its OpenStack solution now runs the latest version of the software, Essex, and it supports Ubuntu 12.04. Several additions have been made as well and the product is now  available to customers in the UK, Germany and China.