Augmented reality for the office: Atheer’s 3D smart glasses target doctors, engineers


Connected eyewear for the office, 3D smart glasses hit the enterprise with a ready-made cloud platform.

Atheer, Inc., a company pioneering the AiR (Augmented interactive Reality) computing platform, today unveiled AiR Glasses,  interactive 3D smart glasses, and the AiR Enterprise Suite, a cloud-based collaboration and task flow interaction solution for Fortune 1000 companies.

AiR Glasses

AirGlasses_WhiteThe Atheer AiR Glasses looks like a virtual reality heads up display unit, but the wearer is able to see what is happening in the real world. As expected for smart glasses, information is overlaid in the wearer’s field-of-view, which the user can also interact with using familiar gestures, voice commands or even motion tracking.

The device features dual ultra-bright displays with resolutions of 720p (1280 x 720) 60fps, and offers a large 500  field-of-view.

The glasses have ToF 3D depth sensor for gesture control, 2 4MP cameras capable of 720p 60fps video recording and a 9-axis IMU including: an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.

The AiR glasses are equipped with NVIDIA Tegra K1 : quad-core ARM-based CPU and Kepler GPU, 2GB RAM, up to 128GB flash storage, a built-in 3100mAH Lithium-Ion battery + extensible battery pack.

And for connectivity the glasses have Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, USB-C, HDMI out, stereo audio, directional microphone, and optional 4G/LTE & GPS module

AiR Glasses uses natural interactions such as tap, swipe, pinch, zoom to name a few, and supports a shorthand gesture library, voice commands and transcription, and head motion-based interaction. Visually, users are offered multiple panes around and mid-air, powerful 2D & 3D mixed content support, as well as personalized image optimization.

The device is Android-based and is fully compatible with over 1 million deployment-ready Android apps. The open AiR SDK offers flexible access to rich sensor data and interaction modalities, and is built on familiar Android APIs.

AiR Enterprise Suite

The AiR Enterprise Suite takes the AiR Glasses to the next level as it allows the wearer to team up with remote experts via video calls, and receive guidance through real-time image annotations to resolve problems quickly, all while keeping focus on the task at hand. The Atheer AiR platform is harnessing over 1 million deployment-ready Android apps to enable high value tasks in industries such as energy, industrial, healthcare, insurance, logistics, and anywhere deskless professionals are working.

The AiR Enterprise Suite is comprised of AiR Hub, a cloud-based management and collaboration console, AiR Designer, a drag-and-drop task flow authoring capability, and AiR Flow, a customizable smart glasses application designed to optimize task flow interaction and collaboration. Deskless professionals using AiR Flow can communicate with remote experts using AiR Hub to resolve problems quickly while keeping focus on the task at hand.

“Every new computing paradigm enables a new wave of use cases and applications,” said Alberto Torres, CEO of Atheer. “The next paradigm is smart glasses based AiR computing – digital information that doesn’t distract you from reality, but rather, augments it. Where interaction is as intuitive as touching what you see. By focusing on deskless professionals’ day-to-day needs, we have arrived at a practical platform that is grounded in reality and focused on utility.”

The business landscape has dramatically changed over the years and professionals are no longer being confined to desks. Now, these so called deskless professionals in the field need more efficient mobile computing solutions that will make their hands-on work easier and safer. The AiR Glasses could be greatly useful to field engineers, doctors, and technicians who work with their hands in environments that are highly technical or sterile. The device allows the user to fully leverage digital technology without disrupting their workflow.

Some of Atheer’s customers and partners that leverages AiR include Zurich Insurance Group Ltd.; Dassault Systèmes, a leader in 3D design software, 3D Digital Mock Up and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions; KPIT Technologies Ltd., NVIDIA Corp.; and Lumus Ltd.

To learn more about Atheer and what its technology has to offer, watch the video below:

Image via Atheer, Inc.