Podium Data accelerates data lake management with updates


Podium Data Inc. has updated its data lake management platform with new data preparation and publishing features that enable enterprises to access business intelligence faster than before.

“Data lakes” consolidate disparate data management systems into a single, centralized repository. By doing so, companies can theoretically simplify big data preparation by picking and choosing elements to load into a warehouse.

The only problem is that data lakes themselves can be difficult to create and manage, which is why companies like Podium Data have emerged with solutions that aim to automate those processes. The company’s platform uses a technology called a data loader to make it possible to pull information quickly from internal systems, including notoriously difficult-to-access platforms such as mainframes. This information is then converted into a standard format that’s ready for analysis using a graphical interface dashboard that gives users the ability to glean insights using point-and-click controls.

Now, Podium Data has released version 3.0 of its platform, boasting of “improved capabilities” over earlier versions. On the end-user side, these include self-service publishing, a more intuitive user interface, user-defined datasets, support for Apache Spark and Spark SQL, and operational, security and governance reporting based on Podium’s metadata.

Podium Data is also providing new functionality for managers overseeing the platform, including a new publish module, expanded data sources including Parquet ingest, the ability to export files to multiple targets and the ability to replicate to another Hadoop server cluster.

The company claims that the new capabilities mean organizations can introduce new data sources into their data lakes in less than a week, and build and retrieve custom data sets in under an hour.

“Our customers have achieved a twenty-five-fold acceleration in delivery of new data to business users – from six months to less than a week – and a 40 percent reduction in data delivery costs by simplifying and speeding up the delivery of data to the business through a secure enterprise scale data lake,” claimed Podium Data Chief Executive Paul Barth.

Podium Data said its updated platform is available now, with the new features being made available to existing customers immediately as part of their existing subscriptions.

Image credit: TomMarc via pixabay.com