A Practical Comparison: Google’s Nexus One vs. Apple’s iPhone 3Gs


You know I had to do a comparison. What tipped the scales for me had to be reading this anti-Android post at TheNextWeb. Since I don’t own an iPhone or Android device, maybe I won’t get flamed for being a Nokia fan. Let’s start with the practical things first shall we?

Battery Life = The lowest talk time on the iPhone is 5 hours on 3g. The N1 isn’t known but it has a huge 1400mah battery. Is that better? Not really since the iPhone doesn’t run more than one app at a time. Prepare to juice back up your multi-tasking Android as soon as you get home.

Speed = This counts in a big way. To compare your device to computers, it makes sense to have comparable speed. iPhone 3gs has a smoking ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX graphics setup squeezed inside. The Nexus One? A Screaming Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1 GHz processor just begging to tell you what Robert Scoble is linking to right now. My Nokia 5800xm has a measly ARM 11 434 MHz processor built in and it does wonders…

The Look = Yes this counts and it’s the reason why I didn’t budge when the Droid came out on Verizon…It’s a square people, a SQUARE? The iPhone has a cool shape, screen and Home page. The Nexus 1 has a supposedly mind blowing AMOLED screen, widgets, rounded edges and it’s 3.7 inches vs Apple‘s 3.5 inches.

Apple iPhone 3GS MORE PICTURESCamera = Nowadays everyone posts pics and vids(?) to Flickr and Facebook. Having a 5mp (Android) compared to a 3mp (Apple) doesn’t count without good software too. I think we all know who wins this <cough> iPhone <\cough>.

Price = Here’s the kicker, even outright Google‘s N1 is cheaper than Apple’s iPhone. Is it the mass storage space? The cheaper mobile OS? The Name and Prestige tax?

At any rate, I call this a draw because even phone service wise: T-Mobile is cheaper with a slower network and AT&T has their head in the ground ignoring it’s overly saturated network. Until the iPhone 4g comes out and blow everyone’s house down, it’ll remain a tie.

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What do you think?


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