Cisco’s New Licensing Eases Purchases for Customers

Amber Harris | August 31st

Looks like Cisco is trying to make things a little easier for their customers by changing its licensing, which will help consumers buy its products a la carte. The company gave us a heads up earlier this summer...»

VMware Launches Industry Forum to Help Enterprises Transition to the Cloud

Jeffrey Kelly | August 31st

VMware this week announced the formation of a new industry group that brings together a number of blue-chip services firms that will serve as a resource for large enterprises transitioning to the cloud. Called Cloud Ops Forum, the group...»

Flash Market Hot, Users Confused, Scott Lowe Finds

Bert Latamore | August 31st

The flash market is hot, writes Wikibon's Scott Lowe in his latest report from VMworld 2012. Users, however, by and large do not understand the differences among the three major vendor classes (flash-on-server, hybrid...»

IBM Ex-President Joins Executive Bad Boy Club: Misconduct with an iPod

Mellisa Tolentino | August 31st

Earlier this month we highlighted some of the most high-profile crimes in the Valley, like  the late Steve Jobs’ house being burglarized, Michael Dell’s daughter’s Twitter account deactivated for security reasons, and then there was the stolen iPhone...»

Who Will Buy RIM? A Tale of Missed Exits

Saroj Kar | August 31st

Those who've followed the news for RIM this past year know that the firm now looks something like a desert, with no oasis in sight.  There's been a devaluation of action, a dismissal of interest by millions of...»

Japan Court Favors Samsung, Google and Apple Talk Licensing

Mellisa Tolentino | August 31st

Today’s mobile news roundup features: Samsung’s minor win in Japan; Google and Apple in talks for patent licensing; iPhone screen production delayed; and new Kindle Fire to feature Nokia Maps. Japan court rejects Apple’s patent bid After Samsung’s major defeat...»

Bahraini Government Using “Stealth” Malware To Spy On Dissidents

Mike Wheatley | August 31st

A Google engineer and a computer science student believe that authoritarian government regimes are using special surveillance software designed for criminal investigations to illegally monitor political activists. The New York Times reports that FinSpy, an elusive espionage...»

Bringing Sexy Back to Virtualization: VMworld 2012

Kyt Dotson | August 31st

[caption id="attachment_117608" align="alignright" width="300"] VMworld 2012 VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger with SiliconAngle Founder John Furrier[/caption] We’re cooling our heels over here at SiliconANGLE after hoofing it around VMworld 2012 with a vengeance—we’ve seen the release of so many great...»

Facebook To Let Advertisers Hunt You Down Using Your Email and Phone No.

Mike Wheatley | August 31st

Facebook has just sanctioned the stalking of every single one of its users by companies that wish to bombard them with advertisements and special offers. Reports suggest that the social media giant is tweaking its ad targeting methods,...»