This Week in Big Data: Case Studies from Finance, Gov’t, and Social Media

Maria Deutscher | July 7th

A few interesting stories surfaced this week that help shed better light on some of the lesser-covered companies of those willing to harness their customer data. A lot are in a privileged position in this...»

Netflix Reinforces Dedication to Amazon Web Services After Outage

Matt Weinberger | July 6th

Somewhere along the line, Netflix became the bellwether for cloud development, as its immensely successful video streaming service has put it in the spotlight, both for its usage of scalable public cloud infrastructure and its...»

Sqlmap: Open Source SQL Injection and Penetration Testing Tool Builds Buzz

Matt Weinberger | July 6th

Yesterday saw the launch of Sqlmap, an open source vulnerability testing tool that can automatically detect and exploit SQL injection flaws for the takeover of database servers. It's a potentially valuable tool as developers, operations and DevOps...»

Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Note II at IFA 2012

Mellisa Tolentino | July 6th

Samsung Electronics Co. is feeling quite ambivalent as to whether there is cause for a celebration or concern.  Their smartphones are selling extremely well, better than expected, actually.  Their high-end smartphone Galaxy SIII is flying...»

Big Data Appliance Firm Clustrix Raises $6.75M

Maria Deutscher | July 6th

Clustrix is a startup that ‘NewSQL’ databases – its distributed DB software runs in a self-contained and pre-configured  box’s that can easily be added to an existing deployment, and don’t require any out of...»

Bittorrent Traffic a Rising Tide After Dutch ISP’s Block The Pirate Bay

Kyt Dotson | July 6th

Because the Internet, much like the universe, is fueled by irony it looks as if attempts by UK courts to stifle Bittorrent traffic have backfired. This week, the anti-piracy group BREIN succeeded in getting The Pirate Bay blocked...»

Who Will Lose Internet Connectivity on Monday and How to Protect Yourself

Mellisa Tolentino | July 6th

A lot of internet users may lose their connection by Monday, July 9, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation flips their killswitch. For months, the FBI maintained temporary clean DNS servers, so as not to disrupt...»

Video Program: Impact of Big Data – Crossing the Chasm – Geoffrey Moore Keynote & Interview

John Furrier | July 6th

Geoffrey Moore of Mohr Davidow Ventures and author of many books including Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, and Inside the Fault Line, delivered the keynote at the Hadoop Summit 2012. Hadoop is the main...»

Google is Definitely in the Big Data Business and Will Be Big

John Furrier | July 6th

At  Google IO developer conference in San Francisco last month, Google introduced a slew of new products including Google Compute Engine.  What wasn't talked was Google's big data play.   Google is definitely in the Big Data...»

This Week in Cloud: M&A, Services and a Couple of Blunders

Maria Deutscher | July 6th

This week acquisitions were announced by VMware and Sony, Xeround announced a big product to its service and – most notably - Cisco and Amazon proved once again that the cloud is not bullet-proof. A few...»