Chinese Hacker Army Linked Everywhere, Waging a Cyber War?

Isha Suri | July 31st

Looks like China is utilizing all means possible to ensure its dominance in the international sphere--at least when it comes to cyberespionage as further links between the nation-state and hacking events come to light. A U.S. intelligence researchers...»

Twitter Has 500 Million Users, But Most Are Worthless

Mike Wheatley | July 31st

Are there really 500 million users on Twitter, as the analyst group Semiocast claims? One of the problems of measuring usage on any social media site is that the frequency with which users “use” various different networks...»

London Olympics 2012: Malware and Cyber Threats Round Up

Isha Suri | July 31st

It’s been just five days since the London Olympics 2012 started and associated cybercrime is in the full bloom. Hackers are getting more creative and aggressive with their attacks, and have made this prestigious event a viable way...»

80% of Facebook Ad Clicks Coming from Bots?

Mike Wheatley | July 31st

Businesses that want to advertise on Facebook had better think twice before getting their wallets out, following claims that as many as 80% of clicks on Facebook ads are coming from bots instead of humans. ...»

3 Reasons Pandora Radio Still Beats Spotify’s

Mellisa Tolentino | July 31st

Back in June Spotify added a radio feature to their iOS app, giving iPhone and iPad users the ability to enjoy unlimited music on the go.  The only catch?  The radio stream is laced with ads, though paying...»

Veeam Explorer for Exchange is a necessary addition to the Exchange admin’s arsenal

Scott Lowe | July 31st

A few weeks ago, I was treated to an early look at one of Veeam’s new tools: Veeam Explorer for Exchange.  As a longtime Exchange administrator, my first thought was, “Where was this tool 10 years ago?!?” There are...»

Hewlett-Packard Goes All-Flash with 3PAR

Maria Deutscher | July 31st

Hardware giant Hewlett-Packard announced a new commitment to SSD storage with a new 3PAR configuration, P10000. This variation of the single tier storage array runs on SSDs, and as a result offers several advantages including less...»

Overdue SAP Trial Invites Developers to Play in their Ecosystem

Maria Deutscher | July 31st

[caption id="attachment_113914" align="alignright" width="300"] Image courtesy SAP[/caption] Business intelligence kingpin SAP is looking to create a mobile ecosystem, and this week the company announced a new initiative that aims to incentivize developers who might be interesting in joining...»

Box Closes $125M Round as Consumer Cloud Attracts Investors

Mellisa Tolentino | July 31st

Cloud storage is really getting huge on the consumer side.  Nowadays, you hear a lot of people talking about saving their files on Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync or any number of cloud storage platforms.  Though not all...»