Microsoft a DevOps Player?

John Casaretto | May 16th

DevOps on Microsoft – Seems kind of at odds doesn’t it? DevOps as a movement has been very close to open source roots, allowing developers to really drive the course over operations and infrastructure. Microsoft...»

SAP Saved the Best for Last – HANA SP4’s New Capabilities

Maria Deutscher | May 16th

It’s Day 3 of SAP SAPphire, and today the BI software maker finally released the most significant batch of HANA-related news scheduled from the event:  HANA service pack 4. The idea is that SAP customers...»

Tablet Business Apps Roundup: Lookout Tops the List

Maria Deutscher | May 16th

This week Lookout for Android snatched the top spot in our list of iPad and Android tablet apps for professionals, one of the leading mobile security tools out there. The sheer amount of traction this...» Social Upgrade Swaps Google+ for Pinterest

Kristen Nicole | May 16th has nailed a lot of industry “firsts.”  It was the first flash sale site to focus on modern “hipster” products, and it was the first to successfully implement a social strategy.  Their social...»

More Big Data Access with Kapow-Informatica Team Up

Kathryn Buford | May 16th

Kapow Software, an innovator in big data solutions, partnered with Informatica Corporation, a leader in data integration software, to introduce Informatica PowerExchange for Kapow Katalyst.  This new product offers enhanced big data solutions and will...»

Millennial Beats Earnings Estimates Right off the Bat

Maria Deutscher | May 16th

Mobile ad network operator Millennial Media, currently the second largest company in this space behind none other than Google, held its first ever earnings call this week.  They went public in late March, selling over...»

SAP HANA Now the Biggest In-Memory Database in the World

Alex Williams | May 16th

SAP rolled out a list of new enhancements, features and integrations for SAP HANA today, demonstrating how SAP is treating it as a foundation for growth and acceleration of its core technology. Perhaps most significant is...»

A Metro Move for LinkedIn with Windows Phone Debut

Saroj Kar | May 16th

As the market share for Windows Phone still lags far behind iOS and Android, promotional campaigns implemented by Microsoft and Nokia seem to pay off in their own way.  The Windows Phone Marketplace is home...»

Changes in the East Coast VC Scene – Atlas Ventures Adopting Andreessen Horowitz Playbook With Chris Lynch Hire

John Furrier | May 16th

Venture Capital has been under massive change over the past 5 years.  We've seen the emergence of new "products" from angel, super angel, to new institutional firms like Andreessen Horowitz. Andreessen Horowitz business model is the...»

VMware Unveils vFabric Suite 5.1 With New Add Ons

Maria Deutscher | May 16th

Virtualization solutions maker VMware announced the latest version of the vFabric Suite, a platform that’s meant to support Spring Java applications running on cloud infrastructure powered by the company’s power. vFabric 5.1 features several new...»