Human-like Robots Tackle Crosswords, Stand-Up Comedy

Mellisa Tolentino | February 17th

IBM’s Watson, the artificial intelligence computer system capable of answering questions posed in the natural language, gained a good deal of popularity after participating in the TV game show Jeopardy!, where he trumped several...»

Anonymous Defaces U.S Government Consumer and FTC Websites Over ACTA with Scathing Remarks, Video

Kyt Dotson | February 17th

Early Friday morning, Anonymous struck a several U.S. government websites to protest the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), an extremely controversial trade agreement between multiple nations that has been dubbed the next version of SOPA and PIPA (recently defeated...»

FalconStor to Report Q4 Earnings, Hopes to Reassure Shareholders

Maria Deutscher | February 17th

Cloud backup solutions maker FalconStor will soon hold its earnings call for its fourth fiscal quarter. The company, which has gone through a lot of turbulence in 2010 and 2011, will have to reaffirm...»

Netflix Reneges on DVD Rentals as Cable Ups the Ante

Mellisa Tolentino | February 17th

Netflix’s price increase last year rather infuriated some of their patrons.  Many thought that the $16/month charge for both streaming and DVD rental was too much, and some even threatened to leave.  But what angered...»

How Do We Protect Kids’ Data in Mobile Apps?

Mellisa Tolentino | February 17th

More children, not teenagers, are using mobile devices.  Sometimes they use their parents’ gadgets but some lucky kids get their own.  Some parents don't think much of it, but what they fail to consider is...»

New Twitter Layout & Self-Serve Ads: Good for Business

Saroj Kar | February 17th

Today when you browse the Twitter Home page, you might be surprised to see a new layout. Indeed, Twitter has upgraded its new profile interface to all users. Initially launched to a small group of users...»

Apple Wins Against Momo, Google Tricks Safari

Mellisa Tolentino | February 17th

Apple won the case regarding the slide-to-unlock patent against Motorola Mobility in a German court. The patent concerned, EP1964022, covers "unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image."   According to a report...»

Basecamp Goes Back to the Basics with a New, Cleaner UI

Alex Williams | February 16th

37 Signals Founder Jason Fried previewed a redesign today for Basecamp that has three things in mind:

    1. Speed
    2. Big Picture
    3. Focus
It's the first time since 2004 that Basecamp has had such an overhaul. It's called ...»

Yahoo Releases YSlow Open Source on Github

Klint Finley | February 16th

For years Yahoo's application YSlow has been a staple in the Web developer's toolkit since 2007. Now the company has released the code on Github under the BSD license. The apps is entirely built in...»

Hortonworks Quietly Shuffles Its Management Team

Klint Finley | February 16th

This morning Hortonworks announced its training and certification program. What it didn't announce that is that it has quietly shuffled its management team, a fact that's reflected on its website. The biggest change, as ...»