Will a Split Android Market Doom the OS? The Benefits of Diversity

Tom Foremski | January 10th

Antonio Rodriguez, a successful serial entrepreneur and now a VC, is very pessimistic about the future of Android. In this post titled: Android as we know it will die in the next two years and what

eVoice VoIP Saves Dropped Calls with WiFi

Kristina Farrah | January 10th

A hub for product launches, CES has yet again accommodated the unveiling of a new mobile app for Android called eVoice. This mobile app is a collaboration between eVoice, a "Radically Better


ScaleXtreme Updates DB Automation Tool

Maria Deutscher | January 10th

ScaleXtreme added some UI enhancements to both versions of its cloud-based deployment management platform: the free ScaleXtreme Xpress and the full ScaleXtreme Expert subscription service. The automation solution was revealed in August last...»

MySpace Channel + Justin Timberlake: A Comeback In The Making

Cherr Aira | January 10th

When you get Justin Timberlake to talk about plans for the future, someone’s clearly trying to pave the way for a comeback. MySpace, the once-hot social networking site, is rebuilding its arsenals to invade internet...»

Microsoft Leaves CES With… Nothing New

Mellisa Tolentino | January 10th

Even before 2011 ended, Microsoft made it clear that this would be their last year at the International Consumer Electronics Show, as they want to focus on holding events where the spotlight is only on...»

Dell’s Cash Heavy and Ready to Spend: Storage, Networking Could be Key

Maria Deutscher | January 10th

Michael Dell said during a keynote in Bangalore, India that his company will be searching for potential acquisition targets among small to medium sized companies that may be able to strengthen its portfolio. The...»

AT&T Broadens Mobile Strategy, Appeals to Developers

Saroj Kar | January 10th

CES 2012 may have been a dire point for Microsoft, but some of its upcoming products are boosting AT&T's lineup. One of the most anticipated presentations of the event is the Nokia Lumia 900, and their...»

CES Showcases the World’s Smallest POV

Kristina Farrah | January 10th

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has become the springboard for Cerevo “LiveShell,” the world’s smallest and cheapest portable live-streaming video solution, according to the company. Real-time video broadcasting will be delivered to the


CES Update: More Tablets and TVs to Watch Out For [Video]

Mellisa Tolentino | January 10th

We’ve been CES crazed for more than a week now but can you really blame us?  Waiting for brands to unveil drool-inducing products is like a kid waiting to open his presents on Christmas day....»

Splunk Targets Non-IT Users with Latest Version

Kristen Nicole | January 10th

Splunk released the latest version of Splunk Enterprise today, the company’s machine data search and indexing tool. Version 4.3 addresses a couple of trends in the business intelligence industry, a decision that evidently paid off...»