Smart Data Makes Smarter Editors: Launches Dash to the World

Kristen Nicole | January 23rd has released its first product for general availability: an analytics service called Dash designed specifically for publishers. Throughout 2010 and early 2011, we've discussed the struggle of traditional publications to adapt to their...»

The Race to the Middle: Accenture Technology Report 2012

Alex Williams | January 23rd

Accenture released its Technology Vision Report for 2012 with the call for a new base for IT that shows how the race to the middle continues to evolve. Not surprisingly, Accenture plays the middle throughout...»

IBM and the Maturing Activity Stream

Alex Williams | January 23rd

It's without question that the activity stream represents the modern application. It is a staple of social technology. Twitter, Facebook and new services like Path use the activity stream to engage and build communities....»

Insurance And Finance Top Google Customers In 2011 – Revenue Breakdown

Tom Foremski | January 23rd

Which industries and companies were Google's top spenders in 2011? Did you know that "Self Employed Health Insurance" cost $43 per click? Here's a fascinating infographic that breaks down the $38 billion that Google made in 2011:                                                                 [Cross...»

The White House Comes to Google Plus as YouTube Video Uploads Soar

Saroj Kar | January 23rd

Barack Obama did not want to be second to Lady Gaga, the pop star of the moment, who recently joined Google Plus.  Although the president had already opened up a personal profile last November, the...»

Capiche? Y Combinator Finds a Key Metric for Success

Tom Foremski | January 23rd

Paul Graham, a partner at Y Combinator a successful Silicon Valley incubator, writes that he has found a key sign of future success among the startups that are recruited into YC's twice-yearly mentoring programs. What is...»

The Contradictory World of Apple iBooks 2

Mellisa Tolentino | January 23rd

Last week Apple launched iBooks 2, iBooks Author and iBooks Textbooks.  Although copyright and financial issues were raised because of the launch, that didn’t affect Apple in the slightest. Global Equities Research...»

Tomorrow is Community Manager Appreciation Day

Angela Connor | January 23rd

This day of appreciation may not be on your radar, but it is certainly on mine. The brainchild of Jeremiah Owyang, this is a day that is near and dear to my heart and one that ...»

Node.js All Stars Create “Bite Sized” Consulting Firm

Klint Finley | January 23rd

Finding developers with expertise in Node.js is beyond challenging. The platform is still very young and the rate of adoption is rising faster than the pool of developers versed in it. One new company, The...»

Juniper Networks Enhances CDN Solution with Tata Technology Buy

Maria Deutscher | January 23rd

Juniper Networks  has acquired the rights to the service management layer behind BitGravity's content delivery network (CDN) offering.  BitGravity is a part of Tata Communications, an India-based telco enterprise. Juniper will use the code, bought...»