New IBM Analytics Package Comes With 9,000 Consultants Stirring the Cauldron

Alex Williams | March 20th

IBM has so many analytics potions that it sometimes seems  like they pour from a faucet. But let's face it.  You can serve a lot of drink when you have 9,000 consultants stirring the cauldron. That's...»

Microsoft Reveals Dynamics to Azure Cloud Transition Roadmap – Sort Of

Matt Weinberger | March 19th

Microsoft delivered a much-awaited update on its roadmap for moving its cornerstone Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP applications to its Windows Azure cloud at these week's Microsoft Convergence conference. But that "update" amounts to little...»

Whatever Happened to _why?

Klint Finley | March 19th

Last week Slate ran a lengthy piece by Annie Lowrey on Ruby, learning to program and the long lost Ruby rock star known as "_why the lucky stiff." _why created three important resources for learning Ruby:


IBM Study: Optimize Your Data Center, Spend 50% More On Innovation

Matt Weinberger | March 19th

It seems pretty simple: A better, more efficient data center means a better, more efficient platform for modern IT services like cloud, mobile and big data, which translates to more productivity and more time to...»

CloudBeam Picks HP for Cloud Infrastructure

Maria Deutscher | March 19th

Data center operator and cloud services provider CloudBeam released a use study today describing the advantages it gained by upgrading its infrastructure to HP 3PAR. CloudBeam ran its hosted CRM, collaboration and storage plans on...»

SAP May Hold Answer to Oracle’s Fiscal Performance

Maria Deutscher | March 19th

Database and enterprise solutions giant Oracle will be holding its earnings call on March 20, tomorrow, and the company's under pressure to show some improvement over the poor results it reported last quarter. ...»

Broadcom-Emulex Finalizes on Perma Ban

Maria Deutscher | March 19th

Broadcom filed a lawsuit against competitor Emulex shortly after it declined an acquisition proposal in 2009, over the alleged infringement of two patents registered under the former. The verdict finally arrived in later...»

Microsoft’s Other Cloud Strategy: Dynamics

Klint Finley | March 19th

Every so often, I hear that Microsoft is doomed because it didn't get into tablets quick enough. Or that Microsoft is too dependent on Windows desktop licenses and Microsoft Office and that mobile and cloud are going to...»

Facebook Eyes Japan, Social Networking to Conquer 1/5 of the World in 2012

Cherr Aira | March 19th

One fifth of the world’s population will use social networking sites this year. According to a study conducted by eMarketer, around 1.43 billion will socialize with online networks--that's a 19.2% increase compared to 2011....»

Social Payment Startup Venmo Adds Instant Bank Payments to Their Arsenal

Kyt Dotson | March 19th

The ability to use your smartphone as a wallet is an extremely useful addition to mobility and even helps reduce the number of cards we have to carry and helps alleviate the number of credit cards...»