The Megatrend of Our Time is the Internet of Things and Connected Devices

Alex Williams | October 20th

I am looking at Mary Meeker's slides from her presentation yesterday at the Web 2.0 Summit. Several of my fellow tech bloggers and journos have run through the slides. You can see what they say, ...»

AppSense Introduces Free Version of Upcoming User Flexibility Suite

Maria Deutscher | October 20th

Desktop virtualization solutions provider AppSense announced a free version of AppSense Strata, a product suite currently in beta designed to add more user freedom to the existing and rather stiff VDI model enterprises implement.  It is set to...»

Cisco Expands Videoscape with BNI Video Acquisition for $99M

Isha Suri | October 20th

Cisco, the world’s networking giant, has finally agreed to buy BNI Video in a $99M all-cash deal. This acquisition is one of the serial purchases that Cisco has made in the past few days, in order...»

Appolicious Prepares to Power Best Buy App Discovery Directory

Kristina Farrah | October 20th

Curation has become one of the foundations of Internet culture. If it's something that a trusted figure gathers and recommends, or is an interest among your social media circle of friends, there's a good chance that


Smartphone Trends Show Android Dominance

John Casaretto | October 20th

Some interesting analysis has emerged from a number of sources and they draw a shifting picture in smartphone trends.  Recent news from Google regarding the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the release of their updated Ice Cream...»

IBM’s Vision of a Unified City through Big Data

Mellisa Tolentino | October 20th

Do you still remember the launch of CityOne, IBM’s first Smarter Planet interactive simulation with real-world business, environmental, and logistical problems for smarter cities and industries?  Remember how a player has a view of everything happening...»

BlueStacks Gets Financial Backing, Enables Android Apps on PC

Isha Suri | October 20th

BlueStacks, an app player maker for Windows, has recently closed a strategic investment deal by major industry players including AMD, Citrix Systems and other investors. This investment is received as a part of Series B round of...»

AT&T Q3: Cancellations down, subscribers up, free iPhone 3G with plan working

Mellisa Tolentino | October 20th

AT&T, one of the largest networks to date, just had their conference call this morning.  The conference call was started off by CFO John Stevens but later on CEO Ralph De La Vega took center stage. AT&T ...»