QLogic a Major Influence as Supercomputers Race Ahead

Maria Deutscher | December 1st

The 38th edition of the Top 500 Supercomputer List provided some revealing insights into the networking layer of the most powerful supercomputers running today, an area where InfiniBand solutions, a notable portion of which is...»

Augmented Reality Chipsets from Intel Integrated by Total Immersion

Kyt Dotson | December 1st

The field of augmented reality is becoming an important part of the mobile ecology. Enabling tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices to “see” and overlay reality with meta-information. Total Immersion, an outfit who write software to enable...»

Microsoft Revamps SkyDrive as Apple, Google Up the Ante on Consumer Cloud

Maria Deutscher | December 1st

Microsoft revamped its SkyDrive online file storage and collaboration platform, burying the No Downloads sign deeper into the cloud and adding other enhancements to the cloud-based service. SkyDrive’s UI has been improved to make the whole...»

Facebook Fattens Up Status Update Character Limit from 5K to 60K+

Kyt Dotson | December 1st

In what almost feels like an exponential progression, Facebook has updated their previous 5,000 character limit to a whopping 60,000 characters. The change was first discovered by All Facebook on the Facebook+Journalists page announcing the upped...»

Chrome Dethrones Firefox In The Global Market

Mellisa Tolentino | December 1st

In the past two months, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox released their latest versions, while Microsoft lured people into using Windows 7 nad Internet Explorer 9 with a bunch of freebies.  And now, the...»

HP and Oracle Still Arguing over Intel’s Itanium Chip

Isha Suri | December 1st

The legal battle between HP and Oracle continues to run over Intel’s Itanium Chip, as the deadline for a key filing from Oracle is fast approaching on Friday. This hearing is in tune with...»

Determining Digital Character Demands Breaking Down Data Silos

Jeffrey Kelly | December 1st

I can’t say for sure if your customers have moral character, but I can practically guarantee that they each have digital character. "Digital character is this idea that almost everybody these days leaves behind a giant digital breadcrumb trail,"...»

VMware Latest to Adopt BYOD: a More Mobile Workplace

Maria Deutscher | December 1st

Javier Soltero, CTO of SaaS and application services for VMware, revealed during the CloudBeat conference that his organization has stopped issuing corporate phones and asked its 10,000 workers to bring their own devices a few...»

Siri Becomes Political Calamity for AI

Mellisa Tolentino | December 1st

Since its release, iPhone 4S’ Siri has been the talk of the town.  Users are greatly amazed by how intuitive, accurate, reliable Siri is, and everyone is entertained by its witty comebacks when faced with...»

Apache CouchDB Chairman Says the Project is “Alive and Kicking”

Klint Finley | December 1st

Apache CouchDB project chairman Jan Lehnardt sent an e-mail to the project's mailing list yesterday addressing concerns about the the open source NoSQL document database's future. Last week word spread that Canonical is discontinuing its...»