Add Color To Your World With colourDNA’s iPhone App

Mellisa Tolentino | March 27th

colourDNA, a new social discovery tool that makes it easy to find new things to enjoy in life, announced the mobile app version of their site, available for iPhones. The iPhone app makes it simple...»

Sony’s New CEO Needs a Cross-Device and Services Plan to Pull it All Together

Isha Suri | March 27th

Sony Corporation has a new Chief Executive Officer, with whom it will enter the new era on April 1, 2012. Starting next month, Kazuo Hirai will replace Sir Howard Stringer as Sony’s president and...»

Cloudera Adds Two New Executives to Boost Expansion

Maria Deutscher | March 27th

Cloudera is one of the handful of companies spearheading the enterprise solutions around big data and Hadoop, the open-source analytics engine that has been transformed from being an Apache-license to a full-blown industry


Microsoft Disrupts Major ZeuS Botnet Infrastructure

Kyt Dotson | March 27th

Last Friday saw a months-long Microsoft-led operation come to fruition with the closure of the ZeuS and SpyEye Trojan botnet ending with the coordinated seizure of command-and-control servers across the United States. This makes the third action that...»

Survey Scammers Hit Pinterest Grounds, How To Avoid Phishing According to Symantec

Cherr Aira | March 27th

It seems like everybody is getting hooked on Pinterest, even scammers. One of the fastest growing social platforms has amassed popularity with more than 13 million followers that pin their life and dreams onto different boards....»

FTC’s Final Report Supports Consumer Privacy, Concerns Still Avail

Mellisa Tolentino | March 27th

The Federal Trade Commission issued their final report on how businesses can best protect the privacy of consumers as well as provide consumers greater control over the collection and use of personal data.

"If companies adopt

Data-as-a-Service: When Cloud and Big Data Converge (Trends 2012)

Klint Finley | March 27th

Data-as-a-service will be the ultimate convergence between cloud computing and big data. Not to be confused with database-as-a-service (though hosted databases will be a part of data-as-a-service), I see data-as-a-service as consisting of three components: 1) APIs that...»

DH2i Launches out of Stealth with SQL Virtualizer

Maria Deutscher | March 27th

A new startup called DH2i launched this week, bringing with it a new software offering that aims to make SQL databases more cost-effective in the era of Hadoop and unstructured data. The idea is...»

Millennial Media Raises Expected IPO Price to $13 per Share

Isha Suri | March 27th

Millennial Media, the last independent mobile advertising and data company that filed its S-1 documents for Initial Public Offering (IPO) earlier in January, has increased price range per share for its upcoming IPO to...»

Viralheat Adds Social Publishing in 2.0 Release

Mellisa Tolentino | March 27th

Social media management company Viralheat announced the launch of Viralheat 2.0, the update to their robust platform for understanding and analyzing social media. Viralheat 2.0 boasts broad enhancements to the user interface, social platform...»