Sorting Data Clouds are the Next Big Thing

Isha Suri | December 26th

So far we have been hearing and discussing about Big Data only, but the next big thing is sorting it all out. Data is everywhere and always has been, but now we're able to collect,...»

The Best Data Visualization Projects of the Year

Alex Williams | December 26th

Data visualization is emerging as the best way to understand the massive data streams and the events in our lives that shape who we are, where we live and the communities that define our interactions. Last...»

ICS Update: Know If Your Device Is Getting Android 4.0

Mellisa Tolentino | December 26th

Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich is still creating a lot buzz, not because everyone is raving about how awesome it is, but because everyone is still waiting to try it out.  It seems like until...»

5 Open Source Startups to Watch in 2012 # 1: Puppet Labs

Klint Finley | December 26th

This year we picked five startups commercializing open source projects to which they contribute that are especially strong going into 2012. The list is in no particular order. Puppet Labs is a startup founded by Luke Kanies, the...»

Bonitasoft CEO on the State of BPM

Maria Deutscher | December 26th

Bonitasoft, a maker of an open-source business process management engine, is taking a unique approach with its offering by providing simplicity, among other things. It has also adopted the solution to the more significant...»

IPO Fever Takes Hold of Workday

Maria Deutscher | December 26th

Enterprise HR and payroll management SaaS provider Workday is the latest to get caught up in the IPO frenzy. Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg reported that the company has plans to raise $500 million...»

Anonymous Hacks Stratfor, Makes Generous Christmas Donations

Mellisa Tolentino | December 26th

Anonymous, the hacktivist collective, strikes again, and it looks like they’re ending 2011 with a bang.  In a most ironic twist, Anonymous decided to breach Strategic Forecasting Inc., a.k.a. Stratfor,  a global intelligence...»

Samsung Buys Sony’s Share In LCD Panel Venture

Mellisa Tolentino | December 26th

In 2004, Sony Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. entered a joint venture for making LCD panels.  Back then, the demand for consumer electronics was high and the joint venture was a profitable deal....»

GoGo IPO: the Latest Tech Stock

Saroj Kar | December 23rd

For those who travel often, it's increasingly common to find decals on aircrafts indicating Wi-Fi internet.  Most of those decals likely belong to GoGo Inc. The wireless internet provider has positioned itself well in the airline...»

Rift Developer Trion Worlds Account Database Compromised

Kyt Dotson | December 23rd

Last night, a carefully-worded e-mail went out to subscribers of Trion World’s massively multiplayer online role playing game, Rift announcing that the game developer’s user accounts had been compromised by hackers. The breadth and width of the breach...»