E3 2011: Nintendo Mixed PS3 and Xbox 360 Footage Into their Wii U Highlights Reel

Kyt Dotson | June 9th

During the E3 2011 keynote for Nintendo we saw a lot of beautiful footage outlining the capabilities of the suped-up Wii U platform. Most of those watching will probably recall a highly stylized reel with...»

“It is about cloud or die”…HP’s Patrick Harr on All Things Cloud

John Furrier | June 9th

{Editors note: This post written by David Cahill, President of Dilligence Technology Advisors and analyst at Wikibon.org}. No shortage of opinions and perspective from Patrick Harr’s keynote (Winning with HP’s hybrid delivery strategy) at...»

EnterpriseDB Gains InMobi’s Trust: Database Solution for Ad Network

Maria Deutscher | June 9th

EnterpriseDB, a maker of PostgreSQL solutions, announced that InMobi has selected its EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server database offerings to power its ad network. InMobi is a mobile advertisement startup


HP’s McNerny: Need for Highly Available, Highly Scalable Mission-Critical Systems Here To Stay

Jeffrey Kelly | June 9th

There’s been a lot of talk at HP Discover this week about converged architectures and moving to the cloud. But for Mike McNerny, there will always be a need for the high-end, mission critical computing...»

Oracle Bullies Google, SAP in Court, Settles with Sybase Investors

Maria Deutscher | June 9th

The court system has been jam packed with tech patent infringement suits lately, and two of the most recent and more significant updates crossed the wire, starting with the Oracle vs. Google case.



High Profile Support for AT&T T-Mobile Merger

George Ou | June 9th

The New York Times reports that large industry players and companies like Microsoft, Research In Motion (makers of Blackberry), Qualcomm, Facebook, Yahoo, Oracle, and 10 major Venture Capital firms are backing the merger between AT&T...»

Living with a Motorola Atrix – The Good and Bad

Jay Livens | June 9th

Frequent readers of this blog will know that I am an avid smartphone user. For years, my primary platform was RIM’s Blackberry and I appreciated the phone’s highly functional physical keyboard. When I changed jobs, my...»

Steve Jobs Returns (Again) for City Council Pitch for a Huge “Spaceship” Campus

Tom Foremski | June 9th

That old Steve Jobs magic is not reserved just for the Apple faithful. He recently took a break from his medical leave to present at Apple's developer conference earlier this week. Now, he's also turned...»

From RSS to Glassboard

Jeff Nolan | June 9th

Marshall wrote a feature post on a new company spun out of NewsGator: Glassboard, which will open to the public next month, will allow iOS and Android users to share text, photos and in some cases...»

Cloud Economics Demands Best-of-Breed Infrastructure at Every Level Says David Scott of HP

Bert Latamore | June 8th

When David Scott was CEO of storage startup 3PAR he argued that the economics of public cloud in particular require that service providers use best-of-breed components at every level. Now that 3PAR has been acquired...»