QLogic Lands Major Win in Storage with HP and Dell Deals

Maria Deutscher | March 8th

QLogic announced some very good news this week - it has been selected  to provide networking gear that will ship with two of the most buzzed-about products in the storage industry today. The first...»

Two Sides of $100B Facebook Valuation, and Why California’s a Big Winner

Cherr Aira | March 8th

Facebook’s valuation since announcing its entrée to the IPO world has gone up to $100 billion. Lightyears before their filing Facebook faced numerous issues, hurldes and monetization demands, all occurring alongside news that Mark Zuckerberg was...»

HA Name Node Project for Hadoop is No Laughing Matter

Jeffrey Kelly | March 8th

Hadoop’s critics are quick to point out the open source framework’s lack of enterprise-readiness. Top of the list of complaints is Hadoop’s single-point-of-failure issue. In a nutshell, in any given Hadoop cluster, a single Name Node is responsible for...»

United Airlines Goes From the Web to DOS

Alex Williams | March 8th

This past week, United  and Continental Airlines made a last transition to becoming one airline. For its reservation system, the combined companies dropped the United Web-based interface for a command line interface that runs on...»

Countdown to SXSW 2012: Food Trucks, Events and Contests

Cherr Aira | March 8th

In less than 24 hours, all roads will lead to the SXSW kick off, and already Yobongo, a smash hit at SXSW last year, has been acquired by Mixbook.  Artists, geeks, movie fans, investors and...»

The New iPad vs the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Maria Deutscher | March 8th

The new iPad, the third generation of Apple’s tablet, has yet to have be given a more appropriate name but has already managed to send ripples across the blogosphere within less than 24 hours...»

It’s Time for Execs to Get Nerdy, No Matter What Vendors Say

Klint Finley | March 8th

In a panel on big data in small business at IBM PartnerWorld, IBM Program Director of Energy Technology David Barnes said "geeks are cool now," referring to the rising status of developer and data scientists in the...»

Yet Another Lawsuit for Apple, Faces Collusion Over E-book Pricing

Isha Suri | March 8th

The story of lawsuits is neither new nor short for Apple. The fresh warning that Apple has received is from the US Justice Department, which has warned Apple, along with five major publishers, against raising the...»

Facebook Woos Wall Street: It Just Added 25 Banks – GOOG Shunned Wall Street with its IPO

Tom Foremski | March 8th

Facebook has added 25 banks to its IPO offering — a massive expansion from the original six banks named. It allows the banks offer Facebook stock to their clients in special deals and spreads a lot of favors...»

New Media Minute: Online Video Gold Rush as Vendors Race to Roll Out New Video Features

Daisy Whitney | March 8th

As the online video business continues to grow, video vendors are racing to introduce new products, eager for a piece of the $3.1 billion ad spending pie. Companies from online media firm Local Corporation, to ad serving platform...»