WWDC Recap: What Apple iOS 5 and iCloud Mean for Consumers

Cherr Aira | June 6th

Before 5200 attendees, the two most discussed Apple systems worldwide saw fulfillment today at the WWDC 2011. iOS 5 and the new iCloud graced center spotlight at the annual event for developers and...»

Informatica and Composite Software Help Hadoop Get Connected

Jeffrey Kelly | June 6th

Hadoop, the open source framework for processing Big Data, needs to get connected. That is, most Hadoop installations are isolated from the larger IT infrastructure. Think data scientists working behind the curtain. To gain...»

nVidia’s Poison Pill Against takeovers: Microsoft

Steven Hodson | June 6th

It has just come to light via an interesting post at Information Week by Paul McDougall that Nvidia and Microsoft have a bit of a deal going on regarding any future acquisition of Nvidia. Apparently in...»

Push Notifications for Gaming, Xbox Live Beacons

holdenpage | June 6th

It is not uncommon for me to simply be browsing the Netflix Instant Queue out of boredom, and clicking on random TV shows or movies out of lack of motivation to find something good to watch or a...»

Kinect hacked for glasses-free 3D teleconferencing [Video]

Steven Hodson | June 6th

The potential for Kinect is limitless, and I don’t think we have even seen the surface of what is possible is even close to being scratched yet, and this example of Kinect hacking is just...»

WWDC 2011: Apple iCloud Is the Consumerization of IT

Kristen Nicole | June 6th

I remember when I got my first Android phone.  It pulled all sorts of info from my Google account, from contacts to photos.  By the time the Evo came out, Android device interfaces had begun...»

Always Crashing In The Same Car? Here’s How Silicon Valley’s Boom Could Turn To Bust

Tom Foremski | June 6th

Are we in a bubble? is a common question as I chat with people at various events around Silicon Valley. The concern is that if it's a bubble then a crash is not far off. But I'm ...»

Day 1 Unfolds at HP Discover: webOS, Mobile at the Helm

Cherr Aira | June 6th

As Day one of HP Discover 2011 unfolds before thousands of attendees, two main courses are center stage, enjoying a great deal of attention: webOS and mobile. Prior to this big event, Hewlett-Packard and...»

A Rational Discussion of Cell Phones and Towers

George Ou | June 6th

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a division of the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified cell phones as a possible carcinogen.  This new classification has resulted in a number of alarming news...»

E3 2010: In Retrospect of Expecation

Kyt Dotson | June 6th

Now that E3 2011 is upon us, fangs bared, pulse rifles hot, and golf clubs swinging, it’s a good time to look at what E3 2010 brought us and what innovations from last year we should see...»