China Blamed Once More, This Time For Satellite Hacking

Mellisa Tolentino | October 27th

China has been the center of attention a lot these days but it’s not the good kind of attention.  China has been blamed for hacking or cyber-attacks against other countries.  Yesterday, it was reported that a...»

Over 200,000 Swedish Login Details at Risk Due to Hacking Incident

Mellisa Tolentino | October 27th

So we’ve been hearing a lot hacking news this year and it’s only getting worse.  Large corporations like Sony fell victim to hackers which led to a lot of accounts in the Sony PlayStation Network became compromised.  After...»

OpenLogic Rolls Out Open PaaS to the Public

Maria Deutscher | October 27th

OpenLogic finally launched CloudSwing, a so-called open platform-as-a-service the company first announced back in August.  CloudSwing seeks to differentiate itself from other solutions by being completely vendor-agnostic and providing a lot of customization options: ...»

Google Plus Now Available on Google Apps – Another Big Step for Social Business

Alex Williams | October 27th

Google Plus opened to Google Apps today, allowing customers to manually turn it on for their organization. According to the Google Enterprise blog, once Google Plus users turn it on, they can go to Google+...»

Customer Service Hell: Web Conferencing

Jeff Nolan | October 27th

I have gone through some really bad customer experiences with online and offline services but few have rivaled that of my recent trials and tribulations with web conferencing service providers. This all started when I suffered from dropped...»

Android Craves a Fragmentation Fix: Is Ice Cream Sandwich Tasty Enough?

Cherr Aira | October 27th

With its undeniable dominance, Android still faces a lurking dilemma that could threaten its market leadership: fragmentation.  Android has gazillion of hardware contractors, which makes implementing updates a monumental task—an advantage on the...»

Can Casascius (Physical) Bitcoins Actually Spurn Legality?

Kyt Dotson | October 27th

The easy answer is probably still: “No.” Recently, an innovative Bitcoin enthusiast named Mike Caldwell from Utah decided that his beloved bitcoins were too virtual and decided to make a product that could represent them. Casascius Bitcoins...»

Amazon Simplifies Global Brand, Seeks Growth in China

Isha Suri | October 27th

Amazon has recently made some important updates to its China site - Joyo Amazon.  The company has renamed 'Joyo Amazon' to simply 'Amazon,' and has a new URL to match: "" It is believed that...»

Green Expansion Is the Key to Facebook’s Arctic Datacenter

Mellisa Tolentino | October 27th

These days, with the boom in mobile computing, companies need to accommodate the growth of data generated, especially when almost every company now offers some sort of cloud service.  But when it comes to datacenters...»

Skype Plays Third Wheel in Tango Mango Party

Saroj Kar | October 27th

Video telephony on Windows Phone Mango with Tango? Microsoft has now confirmed that the video chat app will be officially available on Windows Phone platform starting this November. Tango, the application to make video...»