Windows 8 vs. iOS: the Cloud’s New Battle Ground

Mellisa Tolentino | March 1st

With the consumer preview of the Windows 8 yesterday, the question of how it stacks up to Apple is inevitable.  But Windows 8, unlike Mountain Lion, is also a mobile OS, so instead of comparing...»

SugarSync Pulls in a Sweet $15M in Series D Funding

Maria Deutscher | March 1st

SugarSync, a freemium service that allows users to share their files and data across multiple devices,  earned another very handsome round of VC money. The company raised $15 million in a fourth round of financing...»

Apple Bullies EPAD Over iPad Trademark, AMD Acquires SeaMicro

Mellisa Tolentino | March 1st

Today’s mobile roundup includes Apple’s EPAD complaint and the expected launch of the new Apple TV and 14-inch MacBook Air.  We'll also discuss the blocking of eBooks, AMD acquiring SeaMicro and Sprint’s new app offering...»

All You Need To Know About Facebook Page Timeline + Premium Ads

John Furrier | February 29th

{Guest post from Jonathan Eccles, Facebook technical lead at, the leading social brand management infrastructure company.} Today’s fMC, or Facebook Marketing Conference, yielded a motherload of Facebook product announcements representing the natural evolution of...»

Strata Conference: What is Big Data?

Alex Williams | February 29th

I walked the convention center floor at the Strata Conference today and asked people: "What is Big Data?" It's such a broad term. The people I interviewed certainly made that point.

Services Angle

I ask the question...»

Pervasive Software DataRush Will Make Hadoop “Faster and Easier”

Kyt Dotson | February 29th

Mike Hoskins, CTO, EVP Pervasive Software, says that in a nutshell Pervasive is making Hadoop “faster and easier.” It’s all about making big data processing and data mining both faster and easier. While it’s not true that Hadoop...»

Intel Invests in Belgian Storage Startup

Maria Deutscher | February 29th

Amplidata announced that it has raised $8 million in a third round of funding from investors Big Bang Ventures, Endeavour Vision, Swisscom and Intel Capital, the chipmaker’s VC branch. The Belgium-based company makes object...»

EMC’s Investment in VCE Paying Off, Fiscally or Otherwise

Maria Deutscher | February 29th

Storage giant EMC had done a fairly good job adapting to the major trends in IT today. Its recent Isilon scale-out NAS video walkthroughs represent two of the freshest examples, along with all of...»

Social Gold Rush and Why Global Brands Need to be Ready- Pinterest is only the beginning

John Furrier | February 29th

{Guest Post:  John Bara, CMO, of, the leading social marketing firms for top brands.} Palo Alto these days definitely has the aura of a gold rush. After the slowdown of the past few years, there...»