Utterly Overpriced! Court Orders Oracle to Lower Google Lawsuit Amount

Cherr Aira | July 26th

"Are you kidding me?!" If this statement would be legally appropriate and be accepted as a court ruling, then this would have been in the judge’s order by now, as we speak of Oracle’s case...»

Socialcast’s Collaboration Tool Extends VMware Presence in the Cloud

Saroj Kar | July 26th

Socialcast has added several new features to its enterprise-grade microblogging platform, including an external collaboration tool to support the company calls as the ‘extended enterprise’ offering to external contractors, suppliers, clients, partners and customers....»

Jumio’s Payments Breakthrough Challenges PayPal, Square, And Others

Tom Foremski | July 26th

Jumio's breakthrough "NetSwipe" payment processing technology that transforms any webcam into a credit card terminal, has the potential to threaten PayPal and emerging payment startups such as Square. With NetSwipe customers simply show their card to the video...»

ARM Beats Wall Street Expectations Thanks to Mobile Demand

Maria Deutscher | July 26th

U.K-based chipmaker ARM reported results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2011 today. The firm has seen a tremendous amount of growth, a trend that's expected to extend to the third quarter of...»

Microsoft Unveils Makeover for Xbox 360 Bluetooth Headset and Remote

Kristina Farrah | July 26th

Xbox 360's good old kinda-soap-shaped white media remote that has remained as-is for 6 years now is finally getting a restyle. It has always been a must-have addition to the console’s package, making it easier...»

Rovio Angers the Patent Gods, Gets Sued by U.S. Firm

Phoebe Mandap | July 26th

Rovio, the Finnish game company responsible for the runaway hit Angry Birds, is currently facing a legal issue on patent violation. Angry Birds is maintaining popularity at one million downloads per day, garnering the attention...»

Amy Winehouse Survey Scam Hits Facebook Amid Other Attacks Capitalizing on Her Death

Kyt Dotson | July 26th

Over the weekend we saw the death of a celebrity, Amy Winehouse, an English singer with no small stack of accolades; par for the course, cybercriminals leapt to the offensive the moment the news hit the fan. With...»

Verizon, Samsung Push 4G with Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launch

Mellisa Tolentino | July 26th

So, what do consumers take into consideration when they want to buy a tablet?  They consider low price first followed by high resolution display then better input features.  Most users are looking to buying...»

Dell Talks Storage Virtualization with EqualLogic

Robert Manto | July 26th

As we move into the post-PC era, PC manufacturing companies like Dell have been slowly shifting its focus into the enterprise solutions space. A Relative newcomer in offering storage solutions, Dell has found a formidable...»

Adobe Bids Farewell to InMarket and AIR, Seeks Platform Route to App Stores

Cherr Aira | July 26th

The mobilized human race is going gaga over apps. And this has lured businesses outside the circle of the moguls to invest in app stores. The sudden surge in third party app stores speaks...»