EMC Preps for Q4 Call, Fiscal Performance for 2011

Maria Deutscher | January 11th

Storage giant EMC nnounced that will be holding its fourth quarter earnings call on January 24, where it will also compose a report covering its fiscal performance throughout 2011. And it's probably safe...»

Consulting Services Will Boom in 2012, Fueled by Increasing Network Complexity

Alex Williams | January 11th

Consulting firms are cashing in as networks get more complex with the advent of mobile, video and cloud services. IDC estimates that service firms will attribute a whopping 40% of revenues to consulting activities around...»

Cisco Rubs it in for Juniper, Says Market is OK

Maria Deutscher | January 11th

Cisco has commented on Juniper’s decline in the company’s fourth fiscal quarter, as well as its competitor’s claim that it was a result of lowered demand in the U.S router market. Talking at CES,...»

Open-Source Java is Stronger than Ever [Infographic]

Maria Deutscher | January 11th

Cloud app monitoring provider New Relic released a short and succinct infographic (see below) that visualizes the success of open-source Java solutions, and compares it with the market share of proprietary alternatives. It seems...»

Social TV Syndication: GetGlue Raises $12M, 2M Users

Saroj Kar | January 11th

For many of us, watching TV is a social act, whether it is talking with the person next to you, tweeting and calling friends to tell them what just went down.  But television is going...»

Clearspring Finds New Sales Head as Executive Shuffle Continues

Maria Deutscher | January 11th

Clearspring, the operator of the AddThis social sharing and data analytics platform, hired a new executive to boost revenue generation. Lee Hoffman is now the senior vice president of sales for the company, according...»

Grab On to the Razer Fiona at CES 2012: New Hyper-Powered Gaming Tablet PC

Kyt Dotson | January 11th

San Diego headquartered Razer, best known manufacturer for high-quality but extremely expensive PC gaming peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and headphones, is coming out with their very own souped-up tablet gaming PC prototype the “Project Fiona.” We’ve seen...»

Sony Gives Google TV Another Chance but Not Through Smart TV

Mellisa Tolentino | January 11th

Back in October of last year, Google released the much needed update for Google TV.  The 2.0 version of Google TV is much simpler, like they went to basics, which is actually good as it doesn’t...»

Apprenda Launches Free (As in Beer) Version of Its On-Premise .NET PaaS

Klint Finley | January 11th

Apprenda, the makers of an on-premise .NET platform-as-a-service, released today a free (as in beer) version of its software called Apprenda Express. The move follows the addition of .NET support to Cloud Foundry...»

Connected Vision: Sony vs. Samsung CES

Mellisa Tolentino | January 11th

There are a lot of exhibitors at this year’s CES and it can be overwhelming just looking at what they have to offer.  Still, you can’t get enough of the top brands showing off their...»