An Education in iMacs: Give Kids the Old Goods

Maria Pila | August 8th

Apple launched its new, entry-level 21.5 inch iMac today, a device meant specifically for education institutions. This new iMac model is available for $999.  It comes with a 3.1GHz Core i3 processor, 2 GB RAM,...»

EMC’s Stuck on Tape, Speeds Mainframe Performance

Val Galin | August 8th

Fresh from a record Q2, storage provider EMC unveiled today its new mainframe virtual tape library (VTL)--the DLm6000.  According to the company, the DLm6000 is the “fastest mainframe VTL with 2x the performance...»

Five Ideas to Kick-Start Job Creation

Andy Kessler | August 8th

Now that the debt-ceiling gyrations are over, the Obama administration is "pivoting" to its biggest problem—jobs. Unemployment ticked down to 9.1% in July, but the real unemployment rate, including discouraged workers, is still 16.1%. The stock market...»

Spotify Update: US Launch Delivers $1.1B Valuation, Facing Lawsuits

Mellisa Tolentino | August 8th

Spotify graced the US digital airwaves just a month ago, and it was quickly hit by an infringement lawsuit, as is the American way.  Spotify, tirelessly compared to other music services like iTunes,...»

Infineta Gains Infrastructure Insight with New Board Member

Maria Deutscher | August 8th

Infineta, a San-Jose firm that makes hyper-scale WAN optimization systems, announced today the latest member of its board of directors. Ashok Krishnamurthi is joining the company, a 20-year tech industry vet who is the co-founder...»

CyberWars Escalate as Military Forces Recruit Hackers

John Casaretto | August 8th

Let the CyberWars begin.  Former hacker Peiter Zatko, also known as "Mudge," announced a program that started this past Wednesday called Cyber Fast Track at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas this last week....»

Telematic Android Apps Can Get Your Car Stolen

Mellisa Tolentino | August 8th

First off, if you think telematics is the shortcut for ‘telephone mathematics’ then you are not smarter than a fifth grader! It’s actually from the words telecommunications and informatics, which simply means the remote...»

3D Gaming Gets Boost with Intel-Havok Purchase

Kristina Farrah | August 8th

Intel-acquired Havok, a provider of interactive software solutions for the games, entertainment and simulation industries, today announced the acquisition of Trinigy, a 3D game engine provider which the company has established a partnership with for...»

Why Does your 4 Year-Old Know How to Use an iPad?

Mellisa Tolentino | August 8th

Almost everyone has at least one active social network site they use regularly, even for kids.  And sometimes kids are using socnets because their parents help set-up their profiles. And kids even as young as...»

SAP: Critical Security Patch Coming this Week

Maria Deutscher | August 8th

SAP, a Frankfurt-based maker of business software, will release a patch on August 9 to address a potentially hazardous security flaw originally  picked up by Alexander Polyakov, CTO of security firm ERPScan and one...»