In Possibly His Worst Keynote Ever, Larry Ellison Unveils “Exalytics”

Alex Williams | October 2nd

Larry Ellison (in his worst keynote ever?) announced Exalytics today, an appliance for in-memory analytics. As I reported on Friday, the hardware/software integration is the next permutation of Exalogic, what Ellison last year called a...»

Ellison’s Exadata Keynote Sets Tone of Hilarity for Oracle Openworld 2011

Kristen Nicole | October 2nd

I'm watching Oracle CEO Larry Ellison on CNBC tonight as I conclude my day, a profile timed to coincide with his keynote speech at Oracleworld 2011.  The CNBC interview tells the story of a courageous...»

This Week in Big Data: New Consumer Services, Push for Open Source Cloud

Saroj Kar | October 2nd

There's been a few notable developments this week in the world of big data, some centering around the consumer end, others appealing to the enterprise.  From cutting edge news delivery methods to a furthered exploration...»

This Week in the Cloud: From Backup to Mobile

Maria Deutscher | October 1st

Several companies had some notable updates in the cloud space this week, and it seems mobile is the segment that really stood out.  Enterprises are starting to give their workers more flexibility to facilitate better...»

Confirmed: Juniper Networks Lays Off – At Least 300 Gone Amidst Restructuring it’s 3% not 4% of Workforce

John Furrier | October 1st

Update: Juniper did confirm layoffs (see update below). According to Forbes story last week by Eric Savitz titled Juniper: Will Slowing Business Trigger Big Layoffs? Juniper is going to layoff a portion of its staff. The Forbes...»

Pantheon Takes on Drupal Sponsor Company with New Hosted Service

Klint Finley | September 30th

Pantheon's new hosted Drupal service opened to the public today, with prices starting at $100 a month. Pantheon is a startup co-founded by CEO Zack Rosen, a well known Drupal contributor (and a nephew of noted...»

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup as Apple Event Nears

Saroj Kar | September 30th

It seems ever since iPhone 4 was launched by Apple a year back, there have been all kinds of rumors about Apple’s next model, notably called the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S.  And as people...»

Windows 8 Finds a Comfy Home on the iPad

Steven Hodson | September 30th

Thanks to Corvida on Google+ I ran across this rather cool how-to post that will let you experience Windows 8 as it should be experienced – on a tablet, and iPad at that. The how-to is ...»

Karmasphere Secures $6M to Grow Hadoop, Big Data

Maria Deutscher | September 30th

Karmasphere, a company that offers an analytics engine that sits on top of the Hadoop data processing infrastructure, announced today that it has closed a second round of funding for $6 million.  New...»

Message to Meg Whitman: How to Boost Public Confidence in HP in 3 Strategic Steps; Extra Credit: Punch Oracle in the Face

John Furrier | September 30th

Dear Meg (and Ray Lane), I wanted to share my near-term recommendations for HP to quickly re-establish its credibility with investors, analysts and large enterprise customers: 1) Fix The Autonomy Deal: First and foremost, activate the termination clause for the...»