NetApp Follows VMware-Shavlik Deal with Microsoft Partnership

Maria Deutscher | May 17th

VMware and NetApp made a couple of milestone announcements, starting with the former’s acquisition of Shavlik. VMware said in a press release it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the develop


Third Party Mobile App Stores Take Over Android

Kristina Farrah | May 17th

AT&T announced early this month that it’s Samsung Infuse 4G will be the first smartphone to allow apps outside the Android Market, and we’ve suspected there’d be more to come. AT&T finally cleared all


HP and Cisco Are On the Same Bad Trip, Apotheker May Cut Jobs

Cherr Aira | May 17th

Cisco has received a succession of bad news, following a down slope for four quarters now. But Cisco is no longer alone on that ill-fated boat, now joined by their switch- and computer-networking rival,...»

Making IT Accessible to the Business Drives EMC’s Tony Pagliarulo

Bert Latamore | May 17th

Despite the virtualization/cloud computing/mobile office technology revolution, and despite virtualizing 85%...»

Android, Apple Mobile Data Controversy Gets Worse

Kristina Farrah | May 17th

A study conducted by the University of Ulm in Germany reveals some pretty disturbing facts about devices running Google’s Android. The results show that the Google’s mobile OS is vulnerable to cyber attacks, stealing...»

Web Data is Business Intelligence’s Best Friend?

Cherr Aira | May 17th

Today’s almost immeasurable and vast amount of web data makes customer analytics essential to cracking crucial business decisions. An interesting research study, conducted by Unica, depicts various trends on web data usage, its effect...»

85% Virtualization Shifts EMC’s IT Budget Ratio to 50% Innovation

Bert Latamore | May 17th

When EMC President Joe Tucci gave him a directive to innovate, Tony Pagliarulo, VP of the IT Service Delivery Group set an ambitious goal – 100% virtualization. Three years later, EMC is 85% there. On...»

Wi-Fi Calls are Now Free on T-Mobile (Hurrah!)

Kristina Farrah | May 17th

Good news to all T-Mobile USA subscribers! The carrier now offers free Wi-Fi calls to mobile phones that support UMA. The news broke out last week, reported by, and it was confirmed by UMA-based...»

Navigating Enterprise towards Big Data; Effective Data Strategy

John Casaretto | May 17th

The importance of embracing business analytics to make better business decisions cannot be understated.  One of the obstacles for adoption of Big Data in the enterprise is an understanding of how to leverage a company’s...»

Square Enix Confirms 25,000 E-mail Addresses Taken in Website Breach

Kyt Dotson | May 17th

The PlayStation Network hasn’t been the only video game outfit to suffer a data breach in the past weeks, a breach at Eidos Montreal suffered one recently that has gone relatively unnoticed. It seems to be part...»