GigaSpaces Boosts Global Expansion in Eastern Europe

Maria Deutscher | May 19th

Gigaspaces, an emerging developer of cloud scaling platforms, is making partners in an effort to expand its market share. This part of its strategy is a very significant one, its most recent partner being


Survey: Most Journalists Shun Social Media and Blogs

Tom Foremski | May 19th

A survey of nearly 500 journalists across 15 countries has found that some journalists use social media and blogs to source and verify stories. But the majority don't.

Nearly half of respondents (47 percent) said

Finally! X-Box Live International Now Supports PayPal Accounts

Steven Hodson | May 19th

Microsoft is finally rolling out PayPal billing support for international Xboxers as part of the larger release of  the new Xbox 360 System Update. This might not seem like a big deal for most people, but...»

Capitalizing on Web Analytics, LiveChat Launches Tools to Boost Ecommerce ROI

Cherr Aira | May 19th

Web analytics is a burning hot right now. And it seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie, looking to understand the anatomy of customer experience. With web data becoming business intelligence’s best...»

Expression Recognition in Avatar Kinect Continues to Capture the Imagination

Kyt Dotson | May 19th

The Microsoft Kinect peripheral has been seen as an innovative technology for human-computer interaction and not just for video games as it had been released. Along came CES and Steve Ballmer himself introduced Avatar Kinect...»

Amidst Decline, Cisco Does Damage Control

Maria Deutscher | May 19th

Cisco’s stock has been sliding quite a bit in the past four quarters, and CEO John Chambers decided to take action recently. It’s interesting to look at a timeline of how Cisco’s troubles started,


Great Early Response for LinkedIn IPO, But Is It Really Great?

Isha Suri | May 19th

Just this morning, LinkedIn--the largest professional social network on the market--has had one heck of an IPO launch, and it got a great response, too. The company got a popped up rate of 90%+...»

Vendors Must Demystify IT, Focus on Business Value

Doug Chandler | May 19th

His first SAP project in 1996 was “harder than it needed to be,” and until the underlying architecture gets simpler, it’s going to stay complex, commented Mike O’Dell, CIO at Pacific Coast Building Products,

Digital Camera’s Quest to Survive the Smartphone Era

Cherr Aira | May 19th

The smartphone is changing the landscape of the mobile industry. But, could it be killing digital cameras as well?  Famous brands like Kodak and Canon try to survive and stay relevant amidst the...»