HP Wants Quick PC Spin-Off, Dell Sees Opportunity

Mellisa Tolentino | September 9th

Hewlett-Packard just unveiled new all-in-one desktops which will start rolling out this month amidst an impending PC spinoff.  What they’re doing is just plain confusing.  The thing that should concern HP, aside from possibly losing...»

The Next Phase of Microblogging

Alex Williams | September 9th

Microblogging received a lot of criticism in its early days as one-dimensional. Its value quickly caught on as new features were added by companies such as Yammer, Tibco Tibbr, Qontext and a host of others. Now...»

Microsoft, Google Cloud Outages Affect Millions

John Casaretto | September 9th

Microsoft’s cloud-based email services experienced a global outage affecting millions of Hotmail, Office365, SkyDrive, and other Microsoft Live-based products earlier today.  Reports are that most of the services are now restored and coming back online,...»

Kinect Games Help in Early Diagnosis of Illness

Cherr Aira | September 9th

Big data's existence is already a recognizable, but it remains a somewhat immeasurable entity in the information technology sphere. The complex side of this would send experts to seek out storage for the massive amount...»

Google’s Birthday Week: from Oracle Lawsuit to Zagat Deal

Mellisa Tolentino | September 9th

Google started the week by celebrating 13 years in the industry.  I did a piece highlighting theirs feats in the span of those 13 years.  While most were game-changing, some were just viewed as...»

Mobile Travel Ads Beat the Summer Heat

Cherr Aira | September 9th

With public’s immense love for social media and smartphones, it's no surprise that mobile advertising is becoming the prime choice of organizations across the globe.  In the United States, campaigns via mobility tech are fast rising,...»

Apple FTW: Samsung Tablet Permanently Banned in Germany

Mellisa Tolentino | September 9th

Apple is now doing a celebratory dance as the German court in Düsseldorf sided with them and handed down a permanent ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1.  The court declared that the Samsung tablet...»

Obama Wants Crowdfunding as Kickstarter Idea Spreads to White House

Alex Williams | September 9th

U.S. President Barack Obama is loving this idea of crowdfunding. In tandem with the presidential address tonight, a post on the White House blog said that as part of the America Jobs Act,  Obama...»

What is Big Data? 4 Definitions

Alex Williams | September 8th

The talk about big data can be deafening. But what is it really? I was looking at a post by Wikibon Co-Founder David Floyer who did a comprehensive overview on the topic earlier this...»

New Relic Announces Python Support, New President

Klint Finley | September 8th

New Relic is exactly the sort of company that is re-wiring the services industry: it's easy to get started, powerful and deployed entirely from the cloud. Yesterday at Djangocon 2011, the company announced beta support for Python application...»