Can BBM 6 Save RIM? No, but it Makes Texting Way Easier for Multitaskers

Mellisa Tolentino | July 28th

We already know about RIM’s 2000 employee layoffs, and being the first FIPS certified mobile manufacturer.  It seems like the company is currently on a see-saw, it’s quite hard to determine whether they’ll be able to pull...»

Alibaba Launches Cloud OS Smartphone, Intensifies Competition

Mellisa Tolentino | July 28th

Earlier this month, while US and Europe are gushing over Android and iOS, China was preparing to launch a smartphone run by Cloud OS. Today, the wait is over, as the very first cloud-based...»

Android Tops Mobile OS, Its Manufacturers Battle Apple

Mellisa Tolentino | July 28th

According to Nielsen, Google’s Android OS tops in consumer use with 39% market share, followed by Apple with 28% then RIM BlackBerry down to 20%.  But since Apple is the only company manufacturing smart...»

Open Cloud Initiative – the Issue is About Freedom

Alex Williams | July 28th

There are increasing calls for online services to provide a set of guidelines that allow for more universal standards that protect individual rights and the freedom to move data where and when people wish. There is...»

Google’s Closure of Labs Signals Big Change, and Good News for Startups

Tom Foremski | July 27th

A new CEO always brings a broom with them, and Larry Page's return to the job at Google includes a major sweep of management and company priorities. One of the casualties is Google Labs, a fairly large collection...»

Netflix’s Plan Will Hurt, but Media Partners Like CBS are Anxious for Global Expansion

Mellisa Tolentino | July 27th

Though Netflix’s Q2 net income surpassed expectations, there is no doubt, and even Netflix admits this, that with the price increase on their services will take a toll in their Q3 earnings, as many...»

Bitcoin Expert Turned Away by U.S.Customs Over Lack of “Real” Money

Kyt Dotson | July 27th

What happens when you’re an expert and developer who uses a digital currency, fly into the U.S. to conference with other developers, and then U.S. customs cannot fully grasp the capabilities of your stock of virtual currency? You...»

Developers Get a Mango Refresh

Steven Hodson | July 27th

On the heels yesterday’s big news which was the release of Mango, the next major update for Windows Phone,Microsoft just announced on the Windows Phone Developer blog by Cliff Simpkins that Microsoft was...»

Egenera’s First PAN Manager Customer for HP BladeSystem

Cherr Aira | July 27th

And so the good luck continues for Egenera, whose year has been very promising so far. The upward streak commenced before the end of last year when the only open converged infrastructure provider ...»

Ex-NASA Executive jumps to Cloud, Launches Nebula

Saroj Kar | July 27th

Former chief technology officer of NASA, Chris Kemp, along with his team have launch their space shuttle not to reach to the stars but to the clouds with their latest venture Nebula. The new OpenStack...»