Don’t Fall for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Scams: Infographic

Kristina Farrah | November 22nd

It's during the holiday season that people take a break from their fast-paced, hectic lives. On the contrary, this is the busiest time for hackers and scammers setting up their dirty little schemes


Apple Officially Wins Over HTC

Mellisa Tolentino | November 22nd

And the Apple war lives on. Quick recap: Back in September, the International Trade Commission sided with HTC and agreed investigate Apple for allegedly infringing on some of their patents, which includes power-management methods and...»

Wyse Expands Mobile Strategy with Latest Buy

Maria Deutscher | November 22nd

Thin client provider Wyse announced it has acquired Trellia for an undisclosed amount. Trellia offers a cloud-based mobile management platform, and its portfolio fits in rather nicely with Wyse’s mobile approach. The company’s Wyse PocketCloud...»

Are You Ready for the Big Data Deluge? Infographic

Cherr Aira | November 22nd

Give it four more years and the coastal territories of the internet will be inundated by an incalculable amount of data, some zettabytes-large data. Talks on big data are not hype—it is happening, and...»

Mobile Retail Especially at Risk on Cyber Monday: How You can Stay Safe

Kristen Nicole | November 22nd

It has been part of our modern culture to shop during holiday season. It’s the time when the price of stuff we’ve been eyeing all year round plunges to better suit our budget,


Three’s A Crowd: Android, Apple and Samsung Are Winning

Cherr Aira | November 22nd

It seems like domination in the mobile dictionary would either mean Apple or Android. The two brands are doing quite well in their respective segments, thanks to the uprising of mobile consumerism. The October...»

EMC Raises the Stakes: Storage-as-a-Service as a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud

Klint Finley | November 21st

We reported earlier today that EMC has released an update to its Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform service that rolls out many new features. You'll now be able to use Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform...»

More Tools Target Mobile Payments Developers

Cherr Aira | November 21st

The cold breeze of the holiday season is already sending the chill of excitement amongst merchandisers and online stores like eBay and Amazon. They've brought out a variety of early gimmicks to lure customers and...»

Cisco Pushes Jabber Web Version in Post-PC Era

Saroj Kar | November 21st

Cisco Systems is looking to extend the capabilities of its collaboration offerings, including WebEx and Jabber, to address the mobile trends of what company executives agree is the post-PC era.  By opting for an approach...»

EMC Rolls Out Linux Support with Atmos Cloud v1.1

Maria Deutscher | November 21st

Storage vendor EMC updated the Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform today, extending functionality and support.  Atmos Cloud is an add-on application to the on-premise version of the software, allowing users to access the cloud storage...»