PressPage: A Quick And Effective Corporate Social Media Newsroom

Tom Foremski | October 21st

I met with PressPage earlier this week, a Dutch based startup that offers a quick and effective way for companies to transform their newsroom into a social media hub for journalists and customers. I spoke with Bart...»

EMC’s Joe Tucci: Need to Play an Offensive Game

Maria Deutscher | October 21st

Joe Tucci, the chief executive of storage vendor EMC gave a lecture yesterday at the University of Washington about the strategy he adopted as CEO, and the outlook of the company in terms of growth and expansion. During his...»

Windows 8 Will Support both Portrait and Landscape Views

Klint Finley | October 21st

Microsoft has only demoed Windows 8 tablets in landscape mode thus far, which lead to speculation that landscape is all it would support. It also led to a large amount of skepticism about the operating system and...»

Leaked Google Plus Memo Epilogue

Klint Finley | October 21st

Last week Google developer Steve Yegge accidentally posted publicly a rant on Google Plus that was meant only to be read internally. Last night he posted a follow-up saying that he hadn't been fired or...»

Coming Really Soon: Pseudonyms and Branding Pages in Google+

Cherr Aira | October 21st

Google+ is on a roll with updates here and there. For a time I thought they had raised the white flag and succumbed to dominating Facebook and Twitter. Little did we know that Google’s bet for social networking...»

The Megatrend of Our Time is the Internet of Things and Connected Devices

Alex Williams | October 20th

I am looking at Mary Meeker's slides from her presentation yesterday at the Web 2.0 Summit. Several of my fellow tech bloggers and journos have run through the slides. You can see what they say, ...»

AppSense Introduces Free Version of Upcoming User Flexibility Suite

Maria Deutscher | October 20th

Desktop virtualization solutions provider AppSense announced a free version of AppSense Strata, a product suite currently in beta designed to add more user freedom to the existing and rather stiff VDI model enterprises implement.  It is set to...»

Cisco Expands Videoscape with BNI Video Acquisition for $99M

Isha Suri | October 20th

Cisco, the world’s networking giant, has finally agreed to buy BNI Video in a $99M all-cash deal. This acquisition is one of the serial purchases that Cisco has made in the past few days, in order...»

Appolicious Prepares to Power Best Buy App Discovery Directory

Kristina Farrah | October 20th

Curation has become one of the foundations of Internet culture. If it's something that a trusted figure gathers and recommends, or is an interest among your social media circle of friends, there's a good chance that