Non-Security Vendors Investing in this Area as Cyber Threat Looms

Maria Deutscher | January 2nd

Last year was been a very strong indicator of the pace hackers are adopting to traditional security measures.  In 2011, a number of  hackers even managed to take a few organizations and governments by surprise,...»

Sony Tablet S Gets the Price Chop as Holiday Season Wraps

Mellisa Tolentino | January 2nd

People are still probably recovering from hangovers or holiday bliss, but 2012 is already here ready or not, so Happy New Year! 2011 was quite eventful in the tech sector; a lot of product launches, scandals...»

TOTAL for iPad Tops Weekly Business Tablet App List

Maria Deutscher | December 31st

Tablets and app developers have found their way into a variety of industries that make use of the advantages that come with mobile and remote functionality. One of those segments is real-estate, where the iPad...»

Security Trends of 2011: The Shadow of Anonymous and the Year of the Internet Hactivist

Kyt Dotson | December 30th

Every time there is a door, you need a lock because there’s a bad guy that wants to get in and the Internet is no different. Corporations generally sit on the leading edge of new technology and in...»

5 Big Data Startups to Watch in 2012

Alex Williams | December 30th

Big data, without question, is a 2011 buzz word finalist. But like all metaphors, it communicates a universal understanding that data dominates our lives and will increasingly do so in the years ahead. How can you...»

Hadoop’s Ecosystem Transformation: Making Waves in 2011

Maria Deutscher | December 30th

Hadoop has come a long way this year. At first Cloudera had something that resembled a by-default monopoly as one of the only high profile providers of commercial Hadoop distribution, but now MapR, Hortonworks and...»

The Business of Mobile Security: Trends of 2011

Kristina Farrah | December 30th

2011 has been a busy year. It had its ups and downs and lots of casualties on the cyber security side of things. And why not? The transition of cyberpunks from PC to


Trends 2012: Integration-as-a-Service

Klint Finley | December 30th

I suppose this might sound something like "service as a service" since many professional services firms are dedicated to systems integration. But there's a trend towards data and application integration being done as an automated solution, often delivered...»

IBM Dives into the Analytics Space with 2011 Milestones

Maria Deutscher | December 30th

This is the follow-up post to the yearly roundup of IBM’s biggest developments in 2011, looking into the company’s drastic expansion of its analytics portfolio in the past 12 months. SiliconANGLE has been covering...»

5 Open Source Startups to Watch # 5: Talend

Klint Finley | December 30th

This year we picked five startups commercializing open source projects that look especially strong going into 2012. The list is in no particular order. Talend develops an open source data integration platform and offers a number...»