Attivio: Optimizing Information Assets

Cherr Aira | May 16th

Information optimization and text analytics are growing leaps and bounds as an industry sector. Tag this along with the demand for smarter search, and you get business-process-integrated applications with the aid of enhanced information access....»

Week In Review – May 14, 2011

Michael Trager | May 15th

There are certain trends or threads which seem to me to be running through the technology news and markets currently, but perhaps that's just due to the tint of the glasses through which I view the world. ...»

Bento for iPad, Google Docs Primed for Business Tablets

Maria Deutscher | May 13th

Tablet apps have invaded just about every area possible, including the office. Businesses users represent a growing aspect of the mobile market, and as such, more and more developers begin to focus on the


IBM Drives Big Data Trend with Tape Storage

Maria Deutscher | May 13th

At the same time EMC is holding its annual EMC 2011 conference in Las Vegas titled "Cloud Meets Big Data,” IBM made its own move in this space. This week, the veteran tech giant


Microsoft’s Outlook Hotmail Connector Gets an Update

Steven Hodson | May 13th

For those of you using Outlook and the handy Outlook Hotmail Connector you might want to head to the Microsoft Download Center and grab yourself a copy of the update package for it. For...»

Are Ex-Journalists to Blame or Facebook’s Smear Campaign?

Tom Foremski | May 13th

The scandal over Facebook's PR campaign to smear Google over possible privacy violations carries an interesting wrinkle: at least two prominent ex-journalists were involved. Miguel Helft and Claire Cain Miller reported in the New York Times that...»

Jeremy Burton, CMO at EMC Talks Greenplum, Data Scientists

Maria Deutscher | May 13th

EMC’s CMO Jeremy Burton sat down at The Cube in the heart of EMC World 2011 to talk about his company, the cloud, big data and what it all has to do with


EMC, VMWare Resist Market Downdraft

Michael Trager | May 13th

On the heels of the conclusion of the recent successful EMC World 2011 conference held in Las Vegas this past week, and all of the innovations and business and technology alliances that were revealed during...»

Yahoo-Alibaba Rift?

Michael Trager | May 13th

In another sign of the concern over the apparent lack of transparency surrounding the financial and operations reporting of Chinese companies, even those whose shares trade on U.S. public stock exchanges, today's Wall Street Journal...»

Cisco is Expanding, but Wall Street Exceptions are Low

Maria Deutscher | May 13th

Cisco has not been doing well in the last four quarters, throughout which its stock dived by over 30 percent. The networking giant is now busy doing some damage control and recovery, starting with