EMC’s Chuck Hollis Discusses Hadoop, Project Lightening and Human Capital in the Cloud

Kristen Nicole | May 12th

Chuck Hollis, the VP CTO for Global Marketing at EMC, has become somewhat of a celebrity in his own right, launching a blog and engaging the community around cloud computing, innovation, and his company’s long

Facebook Hired PR Company Burson-Marsteller to Plant Negative Google Stories

Kyt Dotson | May 12th

The social networking giant, Facebook found themselves caught up in a campaign-level fiasco today when news outlets caught them secretly hiring a PR firm to distribute negative press about Google. The plot revolved around producing FUD (Fear-Uncertainty-and-Doubt)...»

WOT Makes Facebook Safer, Warns of Malicious Links Before It’s Too Late

Kristen Nicole | May 12th


Facebook has gotten pretty spammy over the years, nearly as junked up as Twitter.  I can’t stand sifting through messages and alerts anymore, and it seems Facebook only makes things worse with every...»

The Unremitting Privacy Chase

Kristina Farrah | May 12th

Privacy’s never going to entirely materialize on the Internet, or so I assert. There’s always going to be something online that will make us want to put up personal information even it sounds a bit...»

Comcast Users Unable to Reach The Pirate Bay, ISP Says “It’s Not Us”

Kyt Dotson | May 12th

The Pirate Bay is investigating an issue that seems to primarily affect US subscribers to Comcast cable Internet: basically, they can’t get to their favorite tracker. When this news hit the wires six hours ago, the spark...»

Gallagher: Greenplum Acquisition Part of a Continuing Transformation for EMC

Jeffrey Kelly | May 12th

When COO Pat Gelsinger asked Brian Gallagher, head of EMC’s enterprise storage division, to examine the data analytics and data warehouse space in December 2009, it didn’t take long for Gallagher to pinpoint where the...»

White House Cybersecurity Plan Expected Today

John Casaretto | May 12th

The AP is reporting that the White House will be unveiling a broad cybersecurity proposal today.  Among the elements of the plan are expected directives aimed at better addressing system protection, enhanced monitoring of...»

EMC Leaders Demonstrate Big Data Analytics with Greenplum

Maria Deutscher | May 12th

Big data analytics is one of the hottest and fastest growing areas in the IT industry, and open-source is a trend that is becoming especially popular in this space. EMC COO and president Pat


Viddy Explodes in Popularity: Instagram for Video

Cherr Aira | May 12th

Phenomenal. Entertaining. Innovative. Put these three words together and you now have Viddy—a startup company in Venice that embraces the word coolness in every essence. Viddy’s hotness has spread to 80 countries and...»

Chromebook Vital for Google’s Chrome OS Push

Kristina Farrah | May 12th

If the conference’s focal point on day one was Android, Day 2 was Chrome-centric. There had been a lot of notes on HTML5, Chrome and Chrome OS, and the entire show was neatly tailored together...»