Digital Sales Continue to Bloom but Big Music is Stuck in the Past

Kyt Dotson | January 23rd

Digital distribution and sales continue to move forward and have found themselves a bright niche in our Internet-connected world. As a result of having almost instant access to downloadable music and music services have caused people to flock...»

Developers Favor Android Over iOS, Still Deemed Risky For Corporate Use

Mellisa Tolentino | January 23rd

Ovum, the technology analytics company, just released the Developer Insights 2011: Trends in Mobile Application Development report which states that Android is overtaking iOS as the favorite platform of developers by the end of...»

CyberWar – Anonymous Attacks – Facebook Jan 28

John Casaretto | January 23rd

Breaking news: Anonymous is recruiting for an attack against Facebook January 28. In what appears to be a legitimate posting, YouTube user AnonymousVoice777 has published a video that seems to be recruiting for an attack against Facebook on January...»

Node.js Sponsor Company Joyent Lands An Extra $85 Million

Klint Finley | January 23rd

We told you Joyent is a company to watch in 2012. And today it landed an extra $85 million in funding in advance of NodeSummit, an event dedicated to the open source JavaScript platform...»

Intel Expands Networking Portfolio with QLogic InfiniBand Buy

Maria Deutscher | January 23rd

Chipmaker Intel has acquired QLogic’s InfiniBand in a deal designed to give the former’s networking portfolio a big push. The transaction is for $125 million in cash, and workers who were previously employed by...»

Anonymous Deletes and Downs Universal in #OpMegaupload

Kyt Dotson | January 23rd

Sunday brought some strange events to the Internet and one of them happens to be that hackers believed aligned with Anonymous made it look as if hackers broke into and deleted the contents. This isn't the usual...»

SoundCloud Sees 10M Users Amidst Megaupload Debacle

Isha Suri | January 23rd

SoundCloud, the Berlin-based web audio startup that recently raised $50 million in the new round of funding, has just reached the 10 million user milestone, and launched a new point of integration for Instagram...»

Tableau 7 Adds Needed Enterprise-Class Features

Jeffrey Kelly | January 23rd

It’s no secret that Tableau Software is popular with end-users, many of whom surreptitiously download the self-service data visualization software onto their desktops without notifying IT. But, as an attendee at Tableau’s user conference put it to me, most...»

Our World of Mobile Phones [Infographic]

Kristina Farrah | January 23rd

The arrival of mobile phones has just made us even more gaga over technology.  If I were to compare them to something equally ambitious and far-reaching, that would be, perhaps, the PC, or