Dreamforce Take-Aways: Consulting and Developers are the Next Big Things for Salesforce.com

Klint Finley | September 2nd

Perhaps the biggest reveal at the Dreamforce event is Salesforce.com's intent to take a more consultative role in its customers strategies, ranging from cloud computing to brand monitoring to internal social software - and especially how all...»

Top 10 Executives from VMworld

Alex Williams | September 2nd

More than 70 people were interviewed on theCube this year at VMworld. Here are ten executives who we talked with over the past four days who caught our attention. Tarker Maner, CEO of Wyse...»

VMware Storage Direction May Put Parent EMC’s Needs Before Users, Says Wikibon CTO

Bert Latamore | September 2nd

Everybody seems to agree that storage is a big problem with virtualization, and at this week's VMworld 2011, VMware and its parent, storage vendor EMC, spelled out their plan for fixing this problem. But,...»

HP’s PC, webOS Drama Just a Marketing Ploy?

Val Galin | September 2nd

A couple of weeks ago, Hewlett-Packard shocked the world when it announced the end of webOS, HP's acquired mobile operating system from Palm and supposed weapon in the mobile war. Days afterward, it ...»

Cloud Realities at VMworld 2011

Maria Deutscher | September 2nd

The Cloud Realities Spotlight at VMworld 2011 covered some of the biggest of the biggest disruptors the industry has been seeing lately, as well as the whole big data trend that’s been going on in...»

CNBC Goes Global with Real-Time App for Connected Devices: Beyond the Cable Box

Phoebe Mandap | September 2nd

We are now living in a technology-driven world, whether we like it or not.  Because of new technology, we are living in a connected world wherein everything seems possible.   Simple things have become more...»

VMworld 2011 Recap: VMware Tackles the Consumerization of IT

Maria Pila | September 2nd

We’ve been covering the VMworld 2011 since the event started on August 29th.  We even had a live coverage via #theCube.  The said event was hosted by our very own John Furrier, CEO...»

Anonymous Strikes Back: The Texan Sheriff HD Edition

Kyt Dotson | September 2nd

Members of the hactivist collective, Anonymous, have been busy little chrome rats chewing on the insulation of the walls of the Internet and recently they released a data dump of law enforcement e-mails lining their nest. In ...»

Agility, Not Just Cost, Grows Demand for Converged Networks

Maria Deutscher | September 2nd

The four-part Network Convergence Spotlight held on theCube at VMworld 2011 featured analysis from industry experts, and a look into how the big trends in networking are affecting the rest of the datacenter. Part 1...»

Round 3: Oracle Takes a Hit in SAP Case

Mellisa Tolentino | September 2nd

Quick recap:  November 2010, Oracle sued SAP for their illegal use and distribution of Oracle’s software.  The court favored Oracle in a ruling that ordered SAP to pay $1.3 billion to Oracle for damages. ...»