Google Loves HTML5 with Tablet Search Overhaul

Kristina Farrah | August 1st

Google overhauled the design and features of its browser-based web apps, as you might have already noticed if you’re using an Android smartphone in particular. These changes are happening alongside the Google+ roll-out, which has...»

Arrested Teenage Activist Believed to be ‘Topiary’ Out on Bail

Mellisa Tolentino | August 1st

Late last week, news broke that Lulzsec’s famed spokesperson ‘Topiary’ was arrested by the Metropolitan Police, but there have been speculations that the wrong guy was nabbed and it was all part of the


Microsoft Bing Needs More Mobile, Social Leverage

Mellisa Tolentino | August 1st

Microsoft’s latest earning’s report stated that the company had an operating income of $3.6 billion in the Office division, $2.9 in Windows, $1.8 billion in Server and Tools and 32 million in profit in...»

DOJ Investigation, Patent Buys Could Turn the Tables for Google

Mellisa Tolentino | August 1st

It isn’t a secret that Google lost to Rockstar Bidco over the 6,000 Nortel patents that would’ve been the key to solve the companies infringement cases filed against them by various rival companies.  So...»

Healthcare Spending for Cloud Services Making a Big Jump

Robert Manto | August 1st

Even though there has been wide adoption of the cloud by most industries, the healthcare industry continues to be slow in adopting cloud computing. This slow pace in embracing the cloud is mainly due to...»

Adobe Edge is Another Nail in Flash’s Coffin

Mellisa Tolentino | August 1st

Tired of using Flash Professional when creating web designs or web animations?  Do you want something fresh that works well with HTML5?   Adobe had you in mind when it launched the preview release of their...»

VCE Joins CLOUD2 Commission to Standardize Govt. Clouds

Maria Deutscher | July 30th

The  the Virtual Computing Environment Company, a joint venture by Cisco, EMC and VMware announced the release of  TechAmerica Federal CLOUD2 Commission report in the National Press Club.  The TechAmerica CLOUD2 Commission is a...»

LiveChat Aims for Happy Customers With Facebook Integration

Cherr Aira | July 30th

Poor customer service spreads like wildfire. And with present-day technologies, that wildfire spreads speedier and on a larger scale.  A rant from an unhappy customer could demolish a business in a snap.  This is...»

Nintendo Sales Drop as Competition Overshadows Main Offering

Maria Deutscher | July 29th

The gaming industry is being shaken by a drastic shift in user demand, and Nintendo along with B&M game stores has taken a hit.  Sales of the Nintendo 3DS hand-held console, which comes with a no-glasses 3D gimmick,...»

Who is the CEO Hiring? An Interview with Sugar CRM’s Larry Augustin

Alex Williams | July 29th

I was talking with Sugar CRM CEO Larry Augustin before one of the OSCON keynotes this week and he started talking about who he would like to hire. What he said in many respects...»