China – Linked IPOs Fade

Michael Trager | May 16th

Recent posts have commented upon rising investor concerns about transparency and accuracy in the financial reporting and corporate governance activities of Chinese companies, even those whose stock trades on public U.S. stock exchanges. An...»

Google Grows Up, Sells Bonds

Michael Trager | May 16th

In a sign of its growing financial maturity and clout, an item in today's edition of Bloomberg ( reports that Google (ticker GOOG) has successfully completed its first foray into the bond market with a...»

Announcing the “Summer of Startups” Participants

Antti Ylimutka | May 16th

The Summer of Startups program is being organized for the second time in Finland. The program is brought to you by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, and aimed at encouraging students and researchers to create their first startup during the

Yahoo – Alibaba Rift Widens

Michael Trager | May 16th

Recent posts have commented on the developing rift between Yahoo (ticker symbol YHOO) and Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce outfit in which Yahoo holds an approximate 40% stake, due to the spin off of Alibaba's online...»

Increase in Smartphones Drive Mobile Ad Market by 17%, says Inmobi

Kristina Farrah | May 16th

A report released by Inmobi, one of the world's largest remaining independent mobile ad networks, details the findings of Mobile Insights Report: North American and Global Editions April 2011. Inmobi currently serve 35 billion...»

RIM Recalls Defective Playbooks

Michael Trager | May 16th

Off to a quite inauspicious start, Research In Motion Ltd. (ticker symbol RIMM) said it is recalling about 1,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets because of a software glitch a month after the device went on sale,...»

SAP Business ByDesign Gives More Bank for the Buck

Bert Latamore | May 16th

SAP's Business ByDesign has proven to be a key to success for Pinkberry Ventures, an LA-based frozen yogurt chain founded in 2005 and doubling its size year-to-year, says Pinkberry Business Systems Analyst Judson Wickham. When the...»

HP Takes Milestone Leap with HANA, Financial Offering

Maria Deutscher | May 16th

Hewlett-Packard made a very significant announcement about two developments: it has launched a brand new financing offering, and its HP ProLiant DL980 G7 and HP ProLiant DL580 G7 systems are now among the


How Secure is the Personal Cloud? Apple, Dropbox #FAIL

Maria Deutscher | May 16th

Some pretty major security concerns have been circling the cloud these past couple of months, and now Dropbox also got caught up in the loop. Christopher Soghoian, a researcher at the Center for Applied


SAPphire 2011: Tony Pagliarulo Talks Virtualization and Business Intelligence

Kyt Dotson | May 16th

As the Vice President of IT at EMC, Tony Pagliarulo sits in a very interesting place when it comes to choosing what software and enterprise production will be taking EMC into the future. John Furrier and Dave...»