Windows 7 Officially More Popular than XP

Maria Deutscher | October 14th

Microsoft’s Windows XP has been the most popular OS in the world for over 10 years, even long after the next two versions of the operating system release. Vista was hardly a replacement to the far more stable...»

Apple Already Wrote off T-Mobile, When Will the Government?

George Ou | October 14th

Everyone got an invite to dance with one of the prettiest girls in school except for poor old T-Mobile.  Apple seems to believe T-Mobile is destined to collapse as an independent company so they’ve decided to give every

The Curated Age Bridges Media and Device with Eye-C

Kristen Nicole | October 14th

Eyecon Technology is a company that bridges the gap between media and connected entertainment devices, and it's looking to the mobile sector as another channel to pontoon.  With the introduction of the Eye-C iPhone app,...»

Google’s Not Privy to Microsoft-Android Licensing Details; Hands Tied

Mellisa Tolentino | October 14th

We learned a few things from Google's earnings call yesterday, pushing stocks up by 7% in pre-market trading this morning.  Thanks to mobile, Google's on a steady upswing as it sweeps OS shares across a...»

Steve Ballmer Keynote: Showing Off Windows 8 and the New Lync

Alex Williams | October 14th

Steve Ballmer gave a glimpse of the new Windows 8 on the client and server today at Dell World. Ballmer also used the keynote to show Lync with new capabilities that will allow for ...»

IBM Joins EcoGrid, the EU’s Socially Green Project

Maria Deutscher | October 14th

IBM and the European Commission released a joint announcement saying that Big Blue is teaming up with an EU-backed consortium to kick off EcoGrid EU, a part-green, part-social experiment that’s meant to increase public...»

Fusion-io Preps for Second Earnings Call After Successful IPO

Maria Deutscher | October 14th

Flash storage acceleration solutions maker Fusion-io is getting ready for its first earnings call for the first quarter of fiscal year 2012. This is the second time the company will report its earnings since...»

Skype’s Next Steps as an Official Microsoft Division

Mellisa Tolentino | October 14th

After getting the green light from the FTC and the European Commission, Microsoft's acquisition of Skype is official.  The acquisition was announced back in May of this year, in which the board of directors of...»

Apple’s Request to Ban All Samsung Tablets In Australia Denied

Mellisa Tolentino | October 14th

After winning a preliminary injunction to ban Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Australian market yesterday, Apple appeared in court today hoping that another one of their requests would be granted. Apple and Samsung appeared in...»

Microsoft Licenses Muscle In on Amazon Kindle Fire

Mellisa Tolentino | October 14th

Microsoft has a massive patent portfolio, which it uses to protect itself from companies illegally using their technology.  If Apple deals with infringement cases by taking companies to court, Microsoft has a more readily monetized...»