Google Loves SAP Commitment to HTML5…Whither Silverlight?

Alex Williams | December 20th

We had a call with SAP and Google executives this morning and it went okay. It's great to see SAP show some interest in working with a company that has a real commitment to developers. Google...»

Broadcom Wins Emulex Patent Suit

Maria Deutscher | December 20th

After Emulex rejected Broadcom’s two-month effort to acquire the company in July 2009, it filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the latter that has finally been closed, Bloomberg reported. U.S. District Judge James Selna...»

Review: Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE

Anton Wahlman | December 20th

Will the real Samsung Galaxy Nexus please stand up? Sadly, a Nexus smartphone made specifically for one network -- in this case Verizon Wireless in the U.S. -- cannot be a proper Nexus. The Nexus name used to...»

Kim Jong-il Malware Discovered Roaming the Wild

Kyt Dotson | December 20th

From the that-didn’t-take-long department, the recent death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il has taken its predicted path through social media and spawned malicious spam that takes advantage of exploits in PDF to infect computers with a...»

YouTube Announces 1 Trillion Playbacks: Reveals 2011 Biggest Video Hits

Saroj Kar | December 20th

Earlier last week we looked at some of the most common search engine queries that Google published through Google Zeitgeist. Now, the Google-owned video-streaming platform YouTube has announced the world's biggest hits over...»

Fusion-io, SolidFire Bulk Up Boards of Directors

Maria Deutscher | December 20th

Both Fusion-io and SolidFire have expanded their board of directors this week with the additions of industry veterans who will hopefully help bolster growth. Shane Robison, former executive vice president and CTO for Hewlett-Packard, is ...»

Red Hat Reports Strong Q3 Income, Low Revenue as Partners Build Up Confidence

Maria Deutscher | December 20th

Linux distributor Red Hat reported its earnings for the third quarter of 2011. Sales grew by 23 percent since the third quarter of 2010 to $290 million, and subscriptions, which accounted for $246.5 million, are...»

Microsoft Looking for Dismissal of Novell Lawsuit

Isha Suri | December 20th

Microsoft is looking to file a plea in court to dismiss a Novell antitrust lawsuit after the jury failed to reach a decision. This lawsuit was filed by Novell seven years ago in which...»

Apple Takes a Bite out of HTC with Latest Patent Court Win

Cherr Aira | December 20th

With all the lawsuits piling up on the cabin of mobile space, it's no wonder there's a department dedicated to patent infringement for each major player in today's market. Federal courts have been an extension...»

ZappoTV Battles Apple, Microsoft for Mobile Media Market

Cherr Aira | December 20th

Entertainment is one of the many reasons why smartphones and tablets are on winning streaks today. It brings the convenience of being able to listen to your favorite music while on a 14-hour flight, or not missing...»