A Quick Demo of VMware’s Virtual Mobile Phone

Alex Williams | August 30th

VMware announced its new mobile virtualization technology today. Last night I saw a demo of how it works. It's a native integration which you can see in the responsiveness. The switch between work and personbal...»

Mt. Gox Warns Bitcoin Popularity Attracting Increased Phishing Attacks

Kyt Dotson | August 30th

In a recent e-mail broadcast, Mt. Gox—the premier Bitcoin exchange struck by a hack that nearly devastated the entire market in June—the exchange administrators warn of the rising tide of phishing attacks directed at users....»

Citrix Fulfills Promise, Extends CloudStack Offerings to VMware, Oracle

Cherr Aira | August 30th

Cloud computing and virtualization are major parcels of the present innovative IT service delivery model.  The complete acquisition of Cloud.com by Citrix Systems spells a deep dive into the open source community.  One of...»

Why Geolocation isn’t Quite “There Yet”

Michelle Greer | August 30th

This weekend, we cowered to think that major cities on the American east coast would be pummeled by Hurricane Irene. We watched CNN and Twitter to see how things were going. Geolocation tools like ...»

IBM Extends Connections Platform to iOS, Android and BlackBerry

Maria Pila | August 30th

IBM has some new software designed to help organizations embrace social networking using the broadest range of mobile devices. Yesterday, IBM launched three updated mobile applications designed to help businesses that use its enterprise...»

Fusion-io Launches ioCache at VMworld 2011

Maria Deutscher | August 30th

Fusion-io had some big news coming out of VMworld, the announcement of ioCache. The new offering is the fruit of a one year-long team up with ioTurbine, a developer of virtualized caching software in acquired...»

Samsung Urged to Drop Android, but Can Bada Compete?

Mellisa Tolentino | August 30th

Since Hewlett-Packard announced that it will stop manufacturing webOS devices, there have been rumors going around that Samsung will buy Hewlett-Packard’s PC business, but last week,  Samsung chief executive Choi Gee-sung firmly denied...»

The Gamer Plight: Console Price Wars, Virtual Goods Loss

Mellisa Tolentino | August 30th

As Razor launched its new Razor Blade, looking to be the world’s first true gaming laptop, other game companies are also finding new ways to keep these game addicts glued to the screen. Nintendo The Nintendo...»

Virtensys Tackles I/O Bottlenecks in Virtualized Environments

Jeffrey Kelly | August 30th

It’ not what VMware wants to hear, but I/O is one of the big bottlenecks in virtualized server environments. But one vendor’s challenge is another vendor’s opportunity, according to Stephen Spellicy. Spellicy is vice president of...»

RockYou To Slide: Look Who’s Still Standing?

Mellisa Tolentino | August 30th

RockYou, the company that brings games and advertising into the social media realm, is partnering with Peak Games, a fast-growing gaming company that's been taking over Turkey and looking to expand.  With the...»