The Jobs Affect on iPhone 4S Sales

Mellisa Tolentino | October 10th

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S last week, it wasn’t greeted with much applause and gusto as Apple fans, as well as fandroids, weren’t exactly impressed with the new product.  A lot of consumers put...»

Netflix Drops Qwikster, Raises Questions of Business Direction

Maria Pila | October 10th

Netflix revealed today that it will abandon a proposal to separate its streaming and DVD businesses, sending its shares soaring in pre-market trading.  Last month the company said its DVD-by-mail service would be split...»

Technology on Autism : A Ray of Hope and Possibility

Phoebe Mandap | October 10th

The rate of autism has increased over the years, and is still continuously growing.  People who are autistic or those who have Alzheimer’s disease are at high risk to wander away from home and...»

Microsoft Patches OS, Fleshes Out Cloud

Maria Deutscher | October 10th

Microsoft has been busy this month with a wide variety of deals ranging from patching Windows, to closing an $8.5 billion acquisition. The October Patch Tuesday fixes include several significant ones, including partially a rumored...»

Verizon and Duke Tackle Healthcare Data Analysis, Security

Phoebe Mandap | October 10th

Everybody uses technology.  From our homes to our workplace, we see how technology has changed our way of life.  Now, the medical world will be facing a challenge in meeting their needs with the 21st...»

People Clash over Govt. use of “Pre-Cog” Data Tip-Offs

Mellisa Tolentino | October 10th

Minority Report is an oft-cited movie for emerging technology in touch screens and robots.  But what if I told you that the government really has pre-cognitive technology sans the pre-cogs.  Unrealistic?  Think again. According to a ...»

NetApp’s Virtualization Evangelist Talks Trends (Plus: Billy Beane)

Klint Finley | October 7th

This week Wikibon co-founder and analyst Dave Vellante interviewed NetApp Virtualization Evangelist Vaughn Stewart on theCube at Oracle OpenWorld. Oracle is both a customer of and, since the Sun acquisition, a competitor of NetApp....»

Microsoft Anxious for Skype Integration as Acquisition Finalizes

Maria Deutscher | October 7th

Microsoft closed off the acquisition of VoIP service provider Skype for a massive $8.5 million – the software maker’s biggest acquisition to date. Microsoft got the green light from the FTC in June, and...»

RIM’s $100M Buy amidst Takeover Talk

Maria Deutscher | October 7th

Canadian phonemaker RIM can be compared to Nokia, which failed to adapt to the market trends in time and consequently got itself in some financial turmoil.  The former however is still in better shape in...»

New Media Minute: How to Migrate Online Videos to Mobile Phones: Tips from AOL Video

Daisy Whitney | October 7th

Mobile video usage is growing fast among consumers and big video sites like AOL Video are implementing mobile solutions as a result. In part two of our interview with AOL Video’s SVP Ran Harnevo, he shares tips with the New Media...»