The Lessons of the iPad and the TouchPad

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | August 22nd

So HP today discovered what happens when you make an affordable tablet: you sell out. This is exactly what I preached about the iPad back when it was still a rumor waiting to happen in my negative-leaning...»

VMware Resorting to Facebook Referrals for New Blood

Maria Deutscher | August 22nd

EMC virtulization subsidiary VMware is taking a new approach to recruiting new workers via social media. Instead of using LinkedIn alone, the business-oriented social network that recently had a very successful IPO, the company is going...»

Internet Access Restored in Libya

Saroj Kar | August 22nd

Libya's web connectivity appears to be slowly coming back online after a six-month blackout, but the access was then taken back again after some hours. The state-run ISP restored the Internet connectivity for Libyan citizens early Sunday. However,...»

DirecTV and Sony Brings NFL to the PlayStation 3

Phoebe Mandap | August 22nd

DirecTV is a direct broadcast service provider based in California and it is one of the largest satellite-television providers that transmits digital satellite television and audio to many households in the United States, Latin America, and the...»

More Mobile Users are Willing to Sacrifice Location-Privacy for Better Deals

Cherr Aira | August 22nd

I am actually one of those who look forward to getting daily deals in my e-mail inbox. The anything-discount fan made me sign up for more than five location-based marketing websites. I would not mind providing the company...»

Asia: The Future of the Mobile Internet

Phoebe Mandap | August 22nd

Connected devices are basically products that have a ready Internet connection.  From previous reports, companies are now upgrading their consumer electronic products to become Internet-ready devices. In this technology-driven world, owning a mobile phone has become a...»

Weekly App Round Up: MobileIron to Splashtop

Maria Deutscher | August 22nd

Both the iPad and Android Honeycomb are gaining traction among business users as the trend towards smarter tablets becomes more and more powerful in the consumer space, and developers are quick to follow with new applications. We’ve rounded...»

Yammer Integrates Feeds

Klint Finley | August 22nd

Today Yammer will announce a app that will allow users to pipe information from to Yammer writes Arik Hesseldahl for AllThingsD. This will enable users to use Yammer as a full replacement to's...»

HP Continues to Shock and Awe: $99 TouchPad, New Compaq Desktop and New Health Care Contract

Mellisa Tolentino | August 22nd

Hewlett-Packard shook the computer world last week with their announcement to focus more on software--possibly dropping their hardware business, in talks to acquire the software company Autonomous and discontinuing their webOS. If you think they’re done...»

China Mobile Reaches 621 Million Subscribers, Sees Growth with Apple Collaboration

Robert Manto | August 22nd

China Mobile Limited, the largest phone carrier in terms of subscribers worldwide, has announced that its total number of subscribers has already reached by 621.85 million as of July 2011, including 37.597 million 3G subscribers. In...»