Anonymous’ Crosshairs Set On Facebook: November 5th Attack

Mellisa Tolentino | August 10th

After their social network, AnonPlus, was hacked again, this time by the Syrians, Anonymous' threat against Facebook resurfaced.  The hacker group released a video on July 16 via their YouTube channel FacebookOP regarding...»

Frugal IT in a Down Market Could Gravely Affect Cisco’s Earnings Call Today

Cherr Aira | August 10th

Economic turmoil is plaguing almost all markets in the world, with the slight exception of tech industries.  For the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed how EMC, Fusion-io, Intel and VMware proved that being...»

The Fall of Nokia in China’s Market

Phoebe Mandap | August 10th

Nokia, the former top mobile company in the planet, is now losing its market share in China, a massive area of growth for the mobile sector.  Right now, Nokia is still holding 20-30% of...»

Couchbase Secures $14M, Forges Ahead in NoSQL Revolution

Mellisa Tolentino | August 10th

Couchbase, a leading provider of NoSQL database technology, has secured a $14 million in series C funding, led Ignition Partners with participation from the company's existing investors Accel Partners, Mayfield Fund, and North Bridge...»

Fred Wilson – With Due Respect, There Will Be Files in the Cloud

Alex Williams | August 10th

Fred Wilson published a blog post today with the premise that there will be no files in the cloud. With due respect I am going to have to object to his premise. He follows the...»

The @RiotCleanup Story: 2 Days, 86,000 Followers and 84,000 Mentions

Alex Williams | August 9th

The story about the @RiotCleanup Twitter account is one of the few shines of light coming out of the terrible riots in the United Kingdom. I started tracking the account today.  It has increased from...»

Skytap’s New Cloud Orchestration Features

Maria Deutscher | August 9th

Cloud automation service provider Skytap announced the addition of two new cloud orchestration and configuration routing features to its Skytap Cloud lab manager today, with an aim of pushing up it a notch ahead of...»

Big Data and the London Riots – How an NPR Journalist Created a Telling Interactive Map

Alex Williams | August 9th

I've been searching around today for what the data is saying about the London Riots. My sources: Twitter, Google and The Guardian DataBlog. The Guardian blog used open data for its riot coverage. Its sources...»

VMware Embeds RSA Tech into vShield

Saroj Kar | August 9th

VMware is fast becoming the foremost competitor in the cloud computing realm, and to add to its product portfolio, VMware is launching new data loss prevention (DLP) features in an updated version of its virtual...»

AWS Outage Causes Web Services to Go Down Again

Maria Deutscher | August 9th

One of the biggest factors that hold back some companies from migrating to the cloud is the whole topic of reliability. The average uptime of cloud deployments has been observed to be higher than that of traditional ones,...»