HTC Preps 8 New Handsets as Apple War Lands in UK

Mellisa Tolentino | August 2nd

Apple is really popular, especially in courtrooms.  After reaching an agreement with Samsung regarding the patent infringement case, Samsung agreed to postpone release of their Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia and Apple agreed to...»

CA Technologies Seeks to Boost Cloud Strategy with Latest Acquisition

Robert Manto | August 2nd

Continuing its cloud acquisition streak, CA Technologies announced the acquisition of privately-held SaaS-based monitoring for the cloud WatchMouse B.V. Within the last couple of years, IT management software and solutions company CA Technologies have been...»

iCloud Out for Developers, Skype Pulls “Premature” iPad App

Mellisa Tolentino | August 2nd

Aside from being busy with court appearances, Apple has launched its iCloud for developers.  Its cloud-based service hat stores your files and pushes your data across your Apple devices automatically, but it’s only accessible for...»

Is the Recession or Clean Tech to Blame for Lower Energy Consumption in Datacenters?

Maurice Johnson | August 2nd

Every service we use through a connected device has a back end and a support system--simply put, somewhere there’s  a room of servers supporting every action, every email and banking transaction.  And the amount of...»

CumuLogic Launches A Federated Java Platform

Alex Williams | August 1st

CumuLogic announced the public beta of its Java platform today, citing its capabilities for running on multiple infrastructures. The product provides support for multiple clouds which include VMware, Amazon EC2, (Citrix) and Eucalyptus. OpenStack will...»

10 Common Frustrations of the Systems Administrator

Alex Williams | August 1st

It's tough to be a systems administrator.  System Administrstor Day 2011 comes and goes with no fanfare here. But I feel I have to give a bit of credit to the IT guy who responds...»

JailBreakMe Developer Talks Apple and Security

Maria Deutscher | August 1st

Comex, the person behind the JailBreakMe iPhone software that lets users get bypass Apple’s notoriously strict Digital Rights Management and install any app of their choosing, has been revealed by Forbes thanks to some social media research. The individual...»

More than 12 Million Users Pay for Facebook Games Every Month, says PayPal

Kristina Farrah | August 1st

According to data released by e-payments vendor PayPal, over 12 million users fritter money on Facebook games, comprising about 1.6 percent of the social network’s 750 million users. A little less than 2 percent may not sound like...»

Topify Shuts Itself Down because Twitter Doesn’t Care about the Little Guys

Maria Deutscher | August 1st

Arik Fraimovich, one of the developers behind Twitter tool Topify, announced in a blog post he will be shutting down the free service on August 5.  Topify enabled users to manage their...»

The Chuck Hollis Version – How People Fit in the Move from Silos to Services

Alex Williams | August 1st

The world looks so rosy from the Web. You live on the Web all day and you can't fathom how anyone would choose otherwise. But if you have ever worked on a growing team, it...»