What is EMC’s VFCache Good For?

Bert Latamore | February 7th

EMC's VFCache announcement Monday is a major departure from the vision of the flash memory startups such as Fusion-IO. The question is, what is VMCache good for, and is it more than just an...»

Nicira’s Fresh Take on Network-as-a-Service Not Quite Ready to Rival Cisco

Maria Deutscher | February 7th

Nicira is a startup that freshly existed in stealth, but has already managed to gain an impressive customer base and quite a bit of funding thanks to its new angle on virtualization. Stanford‘s Martin...»

Red Hat Launches New AWS Tool

Saroj Kar | February 7th

Taking effect this month, Amazon will be lowering the prices for its Amazon S3 services. Depending on the amount of stored data, the price cuts are from 0 to 13.5 percent. S3 is Amazon’s online...»

Why Revolution Analytics, Basho, Opscode and Zenoss Have Former Accenture Executives as CEOs

Alex Williams | February 7th

Last week, Revolution Analytics hired Dave Rich as its CEO.  Dave has something in common with CEOs from Basho, Opscode and Zenoss. All come from Accenture where they worked as senior executives:

  • Basho hired former

Clustrix Gains Traction in NewSQL, Offers New Product

Maria Deutscher | February 7th

Clustrix is one many NoSQL startups gaining traction in today's market.  This ecosystem has seen a lot of innovation from smaller players (or at least ones overshadowed by the size of structured data behemoth...»

Guest Post: Unshackling Your Data-driven Web Apps

John Furrier | February 7th

Written by Ines Sombra, Data Engineer, Engine Yard It is so easy to start a fight. Ask your friends whose legacy is more timeless: the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. If you’re watching a soccer game, declare...»

Will 3D Printers Prompt Next-Gen Piracy?

Mellisa Tolentino | February 7th

Imagine a world where you can make things, actual, tangible stuff, with just a computer and a printer.  Cool, huh?  But you don’t have to imagine anymore, that kind of technology already exists in ...»

iPad Drives BYOD Trends, says Oxygen Cloud Founder Peter Chang [Video]

Saroj Kar | February 7th

One of the highlights of the first ever NodeSummit this year was the participation of new start-up ventures and their adoption of the Node.js. During  NodeSummit in San Francisco, Oxygen Cloud’s founder Peter Chang...»

Symantec Code Leak Happens Where Sidewalk Ends in Law Enforcement Sting Attempt

Kyt Dotson | February 7th

The source code stolen from Symantec in 2006 has been waiting in limbo for the past month as part of a hostage negotiation between the hacker Yama Tough and a persona invented by law enforcement officials to attempt...»

WolframAlpha Pro: Personalization, Image Input and More

Mellisa Tolentino | February 7th

After hinting about “their biggest change” a few days back, WolframAlpha, the answer-engine that computes answers from structured data developed by Wolfram Research, will finally have their big reveal tomorrow, February 8th. Personalized WolframAlpha The new...»