Hotmail has Bigger Hurdles than Just Lack of Features

Steven Hodson | October 7th

Microsoft has been playing a rather interesting game lately in regard to where you will find some of its services and programs. On Facebook you will find that Messenger is one of the most popular apps. Bing has found...»

Mobile Apps, Payments Flourish: 98 Billion Downloads by 2015

Mellisa Tolentino | October 7th

As mobile apps and services start to dominate our gadgets, a recent study from Berg Insight indicates that mobile app downloads will reach 98 billion by the year 2015 which will have a compound annual growth...»

Pocket Informant Tops Week’s Best iPad, Android Tablet Apps for Business

Maria Deutscher | October 7th

This week in business apps for the iPad and Android tablets, the app that took the top spot in our list is Pocket Informant for iPad. The award-winning app integrates calendaring and note-taking tools within...»

Of Fraud And Infringement: An Awkward Google Tale

Mellisa Tolentino | October 7th

Patent infringement cases are so common these days, they've become the norm amongst mobile players.  The latest to make headlines is Motorola Mobility, a company in the process of being acquired by Google, and now...»

Apple: A Memorable Week in Review

Mellisa Tolentino | October 7th

The week started with much anticipation as excitement built for Apple’s big event this past Tuesday.  There was so much hype and expectation regarding the event that it seemed like nothing else mattered. But not everything...»

Unmark October 11 From Your Calendar, The Nexus Prime Isn’t Coming

Mellisa Tolentino | October 7th

After much hype from Samsung’s teaser video, plus rumors of an impending Nexus Prime or Droid Prime powered by the upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS update, fandroids are excited for the Samsung...»

This Week in the Cloud: Oracle-Salesforce Drama and More

Maria Deutscher | October 7th

This week featured the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 tech conference, and a host of other cloud industry updates.  Some of them directly relate to the enterprise IT giant, with the public cloud being one of the...»

It’s a Buyers Market in Tech: from HP to Sony-Ericsson

Mellisa Tolentino | October 7th

Acquisitions lead the path to expansion and growth for companies, as well as their reach to consumers.  This week, a lot of big companies finalized, announced or showed intent for acquiring companies that would supplement...»

Samsung’s Q3 Beats Analysts’ Expectations

Mellisa Tolentino | October 7th

Samsung's been undre a great deal of pressure these past few months, and between the lawsuits and successful sales numbers, there's several factors that could affect the mobile manufacturer's quarterly earnings.  But In an ...»

Curebit Taps Data to Fix What Ails You: a Study in Social Rewards

Kristen Nicole | October 7th

What’s in it for me?  It’s a question that springs to everyone’s mind when someone asks us to do something, and social media has gotten very lax with its calls to action.  Incentives seem to...»