Cloud startup goBalto bags $12 million for tools to speed drug trials

Maria Deutscher | January 22nd

Adding to the momentum of cloud services in the health care industry, goBalto Inc. raised another $12 million from investors on Wednesday to help accelerate the development of new drugs. The investment brings the startup's total...»

Ringly scores $5.1M to add smart bling to your life

Collen Kriel | January 22nd

Smart jewelry start-up Ringly has raised $5.1 million in Series A funding led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.  New investors to the party included High Line Ventures and Silas Capital. Earlier investors, who...»

Bitwage expands services to the Philippines

Mellisa Tolentino | January 22nd

For offshore workers, getting paid can be a real pain in the ass. The problem is that third-party payment services, not to mention outsourcing websites, take a very significant cut from wages earned. Then there's...»

Oracle goes for heart of the data center with low-cost, high-performance converged systems

Bert Latamore | January 22nd

Oracle Corp. is going after the core of the data center with the latest generation of its Engineered Systems, offering much higher performance at what it says is half the price of comparable systems from industry...»

The final OS? Microsoft Windows 10 preview impresses

James Farrell | January 22nd

At the Windows 10 consumer preview event yesterday (the full presentation can be seen here), Microsoft’s Operating System Group chief Terry Myerson announced that people running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone...»

Google planning to offer cell services as an MVNO

Duncan Riley | January 22nd

Google is reported to be entering the cell provider space with a deal that will establish the tech giant as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO.) The Information claims that the new service will be called "Nova",...»

Blackberry wants lawmakers to force companies to make Blackberry versions of their apps…seriously

Duncan Riley | January 22nd

Blackberry Ltd. CEO John Chen has today called on Congress to implement "Application Neutrality," a proposal that would legally force app makers to provide a version of their apps that would work on Blackberry devices. A perhaps mentally unhinged Chen...»

Microsoft’s HoloLens headset is everything you expect of science fiction

Kyt Dotson | January 22nd

Today, Microsoft managed to capture the rapt attention of a million geeks—and everyone else—when the software giant unveiled its newest product: an augmented reality headset called HoloLens. Windows Holographic is essentially a head-mounted display...»

More IT users willing to hand over the tech reins to Oracle| #datacenter

Rachel Schramm | January 21st

Oracle customers are looking for ways to "divest themselves of tech responsibilities," said Mike Palmeter, Senior Director of Product Engineering at Oracle.  They want to go up the stack instead of focusing their efforts on low-level infrastructure


Bridging tradition and innovation with Oracle’s integrated systems | #datacenter

Rachel Schramm | January 21st

Mobile, cloud, and analytics are taking the enterprise into uncharted territory, and Oracle is poised to help them conquer this new realm, according to Matt Eastwood, Group VP & GM of the Enterprise Platform Group with the research