Facebook’s Internet.org loses supporters in India thanks to net neutrality concerns

Eric David | April 16th

Facebook Inc's internet connectivity organization, Internet.org, is facing difficulties in India after multiple Indian businesses pulled their support for the platform due to concerns that it violates principles of net neutrality. Internet.org is a Facebook-owned organization that...»

Trapit launches employee advocacy and social selling platform

Eric David | April 16th

Employee advocacy and social selling are growing trends in businesses where companies look for ways to empower employees to become authentic champions for their brands. Unfortunately, the way many companies go about this is by sharing...»

EA ends development on multiple F2P PC games, spares The Old Republic

Eric David | April 16th

Electronic Arts Inc (EA) has announced that it will be ceasing development on several of its free-to-play PC titles, and it looks like only Star Wars: The Old Republic will survive. "Star Wars: The Old Republic is...»

2K Australia shuts down due to the country’s high cost of business

Eric David | April 16th

It is a sad day for the Australian video game industry, as the country's last triple-A studio, 2K Australia, has been forced to close its doors. The studio, which has worked on big-name franchises like Bioshock...»

Ionic Security exits stealth with ‘on-the-fly’ data encryption

Mike Wheatley | April 16th

Another day and yet another security startup exits from stealth. This time around we're in for something a bit more novel though, because Ionic Security Inc. is touting an unusual 'on-the-fly' encryption system that intercepts...»

More NoSQL consolidation as Percona snaps up Tokutek’s fractal storage engine

Maria Deutscher | April 16th

The NoSQL space became a little less crowded this week after Percona LLC acquired  partner Tokutek, Inc. for its unique indexing capabilities. The deal marks the latest in a wave of consolidation that has swept over the...»

RetailNext takes home $125 million in growth funding to power tomorrow’s smart stores

Maria Deutscher | April 16th

Analytics may not have evolved far enough yet to capture the full complexity of the climate system, but the technology can help retailers figure out how weather changes will influence the shopping habits of their customers. That's one...»

Etsy IPO seeks to raise $267 million on a $1.8 billion valuation

Duncan Riley | April 16th

Online goods marketplace Etsy Inc. released more details on its upcoming initial public offering (IPO) Wednesday, including the cost per share, how many shares will be available, and an open valuation for its public debut. According ...»

Apple Watch pre-orders by the numbers: analysts and polls

Collen Kriel | April 16th

Since it was unveiled in September, the Apple Watch has been the subject of an excessive amount of speculation. Perhaps the most speculated topic of them all has been the question of the Apple Watch’s possible success or...»

Microsoft’s sweet deal with Samsung soured by AT&T and Verizon

James Farrell | April 16th

We reported late March a partnership between Microsoft and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd that consisted of the latter company’s agreement to pre-install Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote), plus OneDrive and Skype, on...»