Report says Verizon testing major “white box” SDN deployment

Paul Gillin | November 19th

In a move that could have big implications for network equipment vendors, Verizon Communications, Inc. is reportedly testing a large-scale software-defined networking (SDN) implementation for its core telecommunications services using off-the-shelf "white box" servers. The Rayno report, an investment...»

Airware’s drones get ready for take-off with GE Ventures investment

Mike Wheatley | November 19th

There's still a lot of controversy about the safety of unmanned drones buzzing about over our heads, but the idea is getting more popular by the day. A case in point...»

Bitcoin Weekly 2014 November 19: Bitcoin Black Friday approaches, BloomNation talks BTC, Circle mobile apps, DPR coins auction

Kyt Dotson | November 19th

It’s already November and therefore a good time to prepare for Black Friday and the upcoming Bitcoin Black Friday. November 28th will be a date to save with all the deals that will be released to the Bitcoin...»

Top 5 ways consumers can protect their data in the cloud: Q&A with SysAid CEO Sarah Lahav

Suzanne Kattau | November 19th

Adopting a cloud policy is the driving force behind the success of many businesses today, but security remains a big concern for organizations considering a migration to the cloud. It’s more challenging to protect...»

Dell is riding the wave of digital disruption| #DellWorld

Cynthia Kuzela | November 19th

The radically changing needs of Dell Inc.'s customer base is making major players in the company stand up and take notice. Matt Baker, Director of Enterprise Strategy at Dell said, “There is a digital wave of disruption, which...»

Apathy kills computers: Stay alive with these expert tips

Mellisa Tolentino | November 19th

Shedding light on the dark world of spamming, sketchy online pharmacies and the shady people behind devastating online account hacks, cyber-security expert Brian Krebs recently authored a new book entitled “Spam Nation”. The...»

Emergency update from Microsoft: Out-of-cycle security for devastating Kerberos bug

James Farrell | November 19th

Microsoft has just added one of two missing security updates that were part of the 14 critical patches released last week. Updates MS14-068 and MS14-075 were supposed to be released last Tuesday,...»

Analysis: Can Oracle Survive the Big Data avalanche?

Bert Latamore | November 19th

Oracle Corp. faces severe challenges from Big Data on three major fronts: It will see a steady erosion of its income as the market moves to Big Data technologies that Wikibon estimates cost a third of traditional RDBMS technology. Second, Oracle...»

Far Cry 4 pirates accidentally out themselves by complaining about missing FOV slider

Eric David | November 19th

Ubisoft Entertainment is not known for taking video game piracy lightly, but with the recent release of Far Cry 4, the Montreal-based developers took a subtler approach than usual to root out pirates. Ubisoft left Field...»

Veradocs nabs $14 million to secure corporate data outside the firewall

Maria Deutscher | November 19th

The growing amount of corporate data moving outside the firewall to the cloud is making it more difficult than ever for CIOs to defend against security leaks, a challenge that Veradocs Inc. has taken upon itself to...»