Google Glass without glasses: here comes the Google contact lens with camera

Saroj Kar | April 17th

Google has patented a system in which cameras would be embedded into contact lenses. What would this accomplish? It could help generate pictures of everything that comes into the field of view of...»

Heartbleed Eh? – World’s first Heartbleed hacker arrested

John Casaretto | April 17th

The first of what are likely to be several arrests made in connection to the Heartbleed vulnerability has come out of Canada.  Nineteen year-old Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes of London, Ontario was charged by the Royal Canadian Mounted...»

Developers movin’ on top: How open-source + cloud changed the landscape

Mike Wheatley | April 17th

One of the biggest ongoing conversations in tech right now pertains to the shifting role of developers, and what this will mean for IT departments. A recent survey by Puppet Labs shows that...»

Diving into Big Data : Data lakes vs. data streams

Guest Author | April 17th

Data lakes and data streams are becoming common analogies in the discussion around analytics and potential enterprise big data strategies. The analogies are appropriate from several aspects beyond just visualizing different approaches to accessing useful information. As in nature, both lakes and...»

How the Internet of Things will transform data centers

Mellisa Tolentino | April 17th

This week’s Smart Infrastructure roundup features the impact of IoT on data centers, a new state-of-the-art data center in Florida, and the story of a pharmaceutical company that turns to one smart storage solution provider for virtualization


Does Bitcoin really need MtGox? Probably not…

Mellisa Tolentino | April 17th

Ailing Bitcoin exchange market Mt.Gox is facing liquidation after a Japan court denied its bid for rehabilitation.

"The Tokyo District Court recognized that it would be difficult for the company to carry out the


IBM beefs up SoftLayer with disaster recovery services

Mike Wheatley | April 17th

IBM is adding to its SoftLayer platform by introducing extra security and disaster recovery services, hoping to allay fears about critical data loss in the cloud. Its disaster recovery-as-a-service is able to recover workloads running...»

Hortonworks: the Red Hat of Hadoop | #RHSummit

Alan McStravick | April 16th

Red Hat has long been lauded for their approach of focusing on and building a sound infrastructure upon which all of their subsequent innovations were built. Their open source approach was and continues to be fairly unique,...»

Smart building projects to boom in 2018

Mellisa Tolentino | April 16th

This week’s Smart City roundup features the increasing interest in smart buildings, the trends driving companies to transition to smart buildings, and the initial steps taken towards automating buildings.

The future of smart buildings

 . ...»

DevOps behind emergence of continuous innovation, delivery becoming standard practice | #RHSummit

Alan McStravick | April 16th

Ask anyone in DevOps about the unicorns in their field and they will tell you about the companies that have embraced the concept of allowing their developers to conceive, write and deploy their code quickly and continually....»