UPDATED 13:49 EDT / AUGUST 27 2019


Ario Technologies raises $2M seed funding to expand industrial AR platform

Industrial augmented reality platform company Ario Technologies Inc. announced Monday that it has closed a $2 million funding round led by Richmond, Virginia-based NRV.

Ario has also been granted a grant for $1.5 million from the United States Air Force, bringing the total raised by the company to $3.5 million in new funding.

Ario produces AR solutions for companies to provide workers a way to more easily understand and interact with their environments using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, that mixes real-time information and data with the real world. Using Ario’s tools, a company can create numerous applications that give workers a layer of visual information to enhance productivity.

Examples of AR use in industrial applications include tagging objects with notes that can be seen by any worker using the app through a mobile device for headset and the ability to locate a tag in the real world with on-screen visual guides leading to the object in question. AR can also be used to highlight pieces of equipment, display operating instructions or vital stats about a piece of equipment without needing to look away.

“Our team is focused on reducing the skills gap across the workforce and we are excited to deliver our augmented reality platform to eager hands,” said Joe Weaver, co-founder and chief executive officer at Ario.

Using Ario’s software and web dashboard, it is possible for users to create solutions without much technical or coding experience. The dashboard provides an easy management for organization users, roles and permissions, and uses a drag-and-drop functionality for creating and assigning tasks for AR content.

In industrial settings, AR has been explored by numerous companies to give workers a better understanding of their environments. This includes platforms such as Scope AR, which connects workers with technicians for remote assistance, and Upskill, a company that provides headsets and software to bring information to industrial workers.

In construction and maintenance, Edgybees Ltd.’s AR solution can display overlays to show ghostly outlines where equipment would be placed or 3-D “X-ray” vision of structures, wiring, pipes or similar that might be hidden by walls or other structures. And for network system administrators, Splunk Inc. delivers an AR solution that allows technicians to get information about servers at a glance — information such as load, data throughput, system health, temperatures and similar can be seen hovering over server racks.

“We’re really focused on the point where human performance and situational awareness meet and increasing the value of that moment by leveraging augmented reality,” said Nate Fender, co-founder and chief operating officer at Ario.

Image: Ario Technologies

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