Analysis: The Yahoo Turnaround and the Packaging of Marissa Mayer – Silicon Valley Tech Athlete

John Furrier | November 9th

The real Silicon Valley it's about the tech athletes.  The entrepreneurs, investors, risk takers, innovators, and executives who make things happen and operate at a high level.  Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer is one of...»

Breaking Analysis: Hitachi Ignites Accelerated Flash Storage Platform

Molly Sassmann | November 9th

Yesterday Hitachi announced “Hitachi accelerated flash storage” as an extension to its VSP storage array. The Hitachi flash module discussed on NewsDesk yesterday is an SSD they can sell to other vendors. Three months ago, Hitachi...»

IBM Updates Mobile Software, Services Portfolio

Maria Deutscher | November 9th

Big Blue augmented its mobile line-up today with new products, an extended consultancy offering and additional features for a couple of existing solutions.  More handsets and tablets are connected to the corporate network today than ever before,...»

Splunk Enterprise 5 Offers More Security at Developers’ Fingertips

Mellisa Tolentino | November 9th

Splunk, the creator of software for real-time operational intelligence, recently released Splunk Enterprise 5 that introduced improvements to the company's big data collection and analytics software. Splunk 5 collects and indexes an enterprise's data to generate complex reports...»

Tableau’s Data Democratization: The New BI

Kristen Nicole | November 9th

Organizations around the world, cutting across every industry, are learning how to supplement their “gut feeling” with facts and figures, bringing new meaning to their business leaders’ decision-making processes.  Technological advancements that can take into account historical data,...»

Hadapt’s Chief Data Scientist and CTO Give Us a Peek Behind the Curtain

Maria Deutscher | November 9th

Hadapt chief data scientist Mingsheng Hong and chief technology officer Philip Wickline showcased the latest release of their flagship software in theCube during Strata Conference + Hadoop World last month. Hong fires up the demo. He’s showing a...»

Cloudera’s Omer Trajman Joins Hot Silicon Valley Startup Wibidata To Run & Scale Field Ops

John Furrier | November 9th

Wibidata, a hot Silicon Valley, announced on their blog yesterday that Cloudera alpha geek Omer Trajman, has joined Wibidata to head up and scale the company's field operations. WibiData is defining a new space in...»

Cisco Thinks It’s Video Chat is Better than Facebook for the College Crowd

Maria Deutscher | November 9th

Cisco has identified a new opportunity to promote its WebEx videoconferencing tool, this time in the academia.  The networking kingpin just revealed a new version of the platform that’s targeting this segment with better communications, more integration and...»

Electing Big Data: It’s Bigger than the White House

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | November 9th

How do you talk about this past week without talking about Big Data, data infrastructure and analytics? You can’t. No matter who you voted for or what your party affiliation is, the clear winner in this election was awareness...»

Breaking Analysis: Foxconn Eyeing U.S. for Future Plants

Molly Sassmann | November 9th

Could your next iPhone have a "Made in the U.S.A." label on it?  The Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn is exploring plans to build plants in the U.S., with possible locations in Los Angeles or Detroit....»