Skype, OoVoo Update Chat for More Photo, Video Sharing

Mellisa Tolentino | August 21st

There are a lot of ways to keep in contact with people near and far.  There’s always our phones to send messages or call, but many people use chat tools as a cheaper alternative, especially if you’re communicating...»

Chip Makers Boot Up Overdrive Mode, Invests Billions in Mobile Tech

Mellisa Tolentino | August 21st

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘chip’?  If you love eating, then you might say potato chips.  If you’re a betting man, then you might think I’m talking about poker chips.  But since we’re a...»

Hackers Aren’t Getting Tougher, They Just Have All The Right Tools

Mellisa Tolentino | August 21st

These days, hacking seems so common. It’s like a week won’t pass without hearing news about another site being hacked or passwords being leaked.  So the situation begs the questions, “Are passwords getting weaker or are hackers getting...»

VMware’s Software-defined Data Center Based on API and Open Commitment

John Casaretto | August 21st

As VMware rolls forward towards its annual ultimate event - VMworld 2012, powerful themes are starting to emerge.  VMware CTO and Senior VP of R&D Steve Herrod spoke out on his blog today on open source and the...»

The Week Anonymous Didn’t Hack Sony’s PlayStation Network (Again)

Kyt Dotson | August 21st

It’s only been a year now, but the lingering sting of when the PlayStation Network was taken offline by hackers and the potential involvement of Anonymous in the initial hack still aches like a sore tendon. As a...»

Data as the Common Language: CEO Series with MuleSoft’s Greg Schott

Kristen Nicole | August 21st

The world has seen a huge shift in the way software is created and utilized.  No longer does a company need an in-house team devoted to building software--an entire industry has emerged around SaaS, offering turnkey solutions that...»

Engine Yard Adds Node.js Support

Maria Deutscher | August 21st

Engine Yard is one of the most widely used developer-oriented PaaS solutions out there, but up until now it could only run Rails and PHP. In the next 30 days the platform will be receiving


AWS Elastic Beanstalk Now Supports Python Applications

Isha Suri | August 21st

Okay, here’s the good news for the Python developer community! Being the easiest way to deploy and manage scalable PHP, Java, .NET, AWS Elastic Beanstalk now supports Python applications that run on the familiar Apache HTTP server...»

Nike’s +$300 LeBron X shoes as seen by Social Media

John Casaretto | August 21st

News about Nike’s reported most ever expensive athletic shoe has been spreading like wildfire.  The LeBron X shoes are expected to retail at$315 when they are released later this year.  From the moment the story emerged late yesterday,...»

Saudi Cleric Decrees That Buying Twitter Followers Is “Dishonest and Malicious”

Mike Wheatley | August 21st

Issuing a religious fatwa against people who go out and buy Twitter followers to boost their ‘popularity’ is probably a bit extreme to say the least, but there’s every chance that it might just happen following the decision...»