Another Software Buy for Google in Mobile Cloud War Against Microsoft

Mellisa Tolentino | June 6th

Today’s mobile news roundup features a few interesting developments: Google acquires Quickoffice, Virgin Mobile has a prepaid iPhone, Nokia updates its feature phone line, and an emergency phone that runs on a single AA battery. Google...»

Big Data Gets Intimate

Kathryn Buford | June 6th

Several companies like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and various mobile fitness apps leverage Big Data to offer customers a personalized user experience.  In short data science “gets” us—more specifically, our inclinations, dislikes, and hopes.  To...»

Oracle Buys Collective Intellect to Boost Social Enterprise Strategy

Maria Deutscher | June 5th

Database behemoth Oracle just announced that it’s acquiring Collective Intellect for an undisclosed amount. The firm offers cloud-based social media monitoring software that lets users analyze relevant user interactions on Facebook and Twitter;...»

Real Time Travel Trends Spur Mobile App Investment

Saroj Kar | June 5th

HotelTonight, the mobile application that allows you to book hotel rooms for the same day at discounted prices, just extended its internationalization strategy with fresh funds.  Starting with the Canadian market last month,...»

Here’s the Trial Breakdown for Oracle vs. HP Over Itanium

Josette Rigsby | June 5th

Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Oracle have finally begun what will likely be a long court battle about Oracle’s support refusal to support HP’s Itanium-based servers. HP and Oracle were once so close the companies informally discussed...»

PureSystems Attempts to Balance Cost Savings with Flexibility, says IBM Engineer

Bert Latamore | June 5th

Single SKU integrated systems such as the new PureSystems from IBM can save four-to-five orders-of-magnitude in total cost versus traditional custom-built systems says Jason McGee, IBM distinguished engineer who was deeply involved in the...»

Google+ Hastens Marketing Appeal with Meebo Buy

Mellisa Tolentino | June 5th

Google Inc. is beefing up their social networking portfolio as they acquire Meebo, the social networking platform which started in 2005. The announcement was made yesterday on Meebo’s site:

We are happy to announce that Meebo has

Cloudera Releases CDH4 and More Robust Hadoop Management Software

Jeffrey Kelly | June 5th

Anybody who thinks Cloudera might be losing its edge should probably think again. While the upcoming Hortonworks Data Platform and Hadoop on Microsoft Windows has the industry buzzing, Cloudera today released the fourth version of its Apache...»

IBM’s Clod Barrera Talks Storage, Cloud, Analytics

John Casaretto | June 5th

IBM Chief Engineer Clod Barrera dropped in on theCube at IBM Edge 2012 (full video below).  He shared a number of thoughts on the current state of storage, architecture, and technology in a brief...»

HP Helps Deliver Mobility for Australian Students

Sean Martin | June 5th

theCube began its live coverage of the ~11,000-attendee HP Discover conference in Las Vegas today. Wikibon founder Dave Vellante and Wikibon analyst Stu Miniman kicked off the interviews with Gregory Bell, an HP customer...»