A Look Back at News Corp.’s Biggest Blunders as Company Splits

Saroj Kar | June 29th

News Corporation, the media group owned by Rupert Murdoch, shaken by the scandal of illegal phone tapping of some of the British personalities, announced in a brief statement that the company will split into two...»

HyTrust Fills Major Security Gap in Virtualized Data Centers

Bert Latamore | June 29th

As data center virtualization moves beyond test and peripheral systems into mainstream production environments, enterprises face a major security gap. Maintaining and strengthening traditional security in the underlying physical environment remains important, but the virtualization layer itself also...»

FalconStor Pays $5.8M to Cover Up Old Mess

Maria Deutscher | June 29th

Backup and recovery solutions maker FalconStor is doing fine right now. It recently snagged an award for its popular Virtual Tape Library (VTL) offering, and according to an older update from earlier this...»

No Red Hat for Hadoop Wikibon. Experts Agree

Bert Latamore | June 29th

Will a Red Hat for Hadoop, that is a single commercial entity that represents the Hadoop ecosystem and sets direction for it, emerge? That is a question that Wikibon Chief Analyst and Co-Founder David Vellante...»

RIM Suffers More Setbacks, BB10 Delayed to 2013

Mellisa Tolentino | June 29th

Today’s mobile news roundup features RIM’s latest woes, Google Chrome topping Apple’s App Store, and the iPhone's fifth birthday. RIM suffers a few more setbacks Research in Motion yesterday reported a loss of ¢37 per share as...»

Nexus Q: Top 5 Features

Mellisa Tolentino | June 29th

Aside from the Nexus 7, Google unveiled the Nexus Q, a small computer it's touting as the world’s first social streaming media player.  The point of the device is to allow users to stream media...»

Future Big Data: What’s to Be Paranoid About?

Mike Wheatley | June 29th

There have been plenty of columns written in the last few months about the amazing potential of Big Data and what it holds for the future, but little has been said about the dangers...»

The Launch List: The Partners Aligning with Google Compute Engine

Alex Williams | June 28th

Here's the initial list of partners aligning with Google for its news infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Opscode will offer its Chef tools with Google Compute Engine for infrastructure automation. This means server provisioning,...»

Pinterest Surpasses Tumblr, Google+ in Sharing: AddThis Fills the Gaps

Saroj Kar | June 28th

AddThis, the online content sharing platform provider, has extended toolset to include Pinterest, arguably the hottest social sharing network on the market. The company introduces a new, easier way to share Pinterest content via their...»

Drone p0wned by College Lab

John Casaretto | June 28th

Researchers at a university lab have successfully hacked a government DHS-owned unmanned aerial vehicle, known as a “drone” in a low-buck challenge.  The research team at University of Texas at Austin built a device...»