IBM Switches Themes for IOD: Think Big for Data

Maria Deutscher | October 23rd

Wikibon chief analyst made an appearance on this morning’s NewsDesk to discuss the two hottest events in IT this week: IBM Information OnDemand, and Strata Conference + Hadoop World. The latter kicked off today (Vellante's full video...»

Big Data is the Pattern that Connects, Enlists Wonder, says Jason Silva

Amber Harris | October 23rd

We caught up with actor/film maker Jason Silva at IBM IOD at Data Week in NYC today, where he speaks on big data and how it's changing the world. Silva mentioned how the divide between user and tool...»

Zingers Weren’t as Tweet-Worthy in Final Presidential Debate

Mellisa Tolentino | October 23rd

The third and final presidential debate commenced last night, and both President Obama and Governor Romney showed they've tired of playing Mr. Nice Guy, bringing a pocketful of memorable zingers to the table. Though last night’s debate wasn’t as...»

Disruptive Funding Ideals Need Not Fear the SEC

Maria Deutscher | October 23rd

Wall Street is getting excited over two relatively new trends that are just starting to make a real impact in their respective segments. One of them is FundersClub, which recently raised $6 million in funding for a platform...»

Death By Big Data: The Peril of Predictions

Mike Wheatley | October 23rd

To the uninitiated, the job of a data scientist probably doesn’t seem all that exciting, and certainly, it doesn’t seem like the kind of career where there would be too many occupational hazards that could pose a risk...»

Big Data, Social, Analytics, Content Management Everywhere – IBM’s Ken Bisconti

John Casaretto | October 23rd

Ken Bisconti, IBM Product and Strategy for the Enterprise Content Management sat down on theCube with Furrier and Vellante.  As VP of enterprise content management, Bisconti is focused on products and strategies.  He shares his perspective with...»

Google Compute Engine for OpenStack. But Why?

Isha Suri | October 23rd

Cloudscaling, the leading provider of open cloud infrastructure solutions for cloud-ready applications has recently launched a new compute API set for OpenStack that is compatible with Google Compute Engine (GCE), Google’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) compute service. This makes the...»

Data, Like Daisies, Has a Lifespan and Should be Chucked When it Wilts, Says Consultant Randy Kahn

Bert Latamore | October 23rd

Like everything else, information has a lifespan, and just like a beautiful bouquet of daisies, when it gets old and wilts, when it has no further business value and is past any compliance retention dates,...»

IBM Getting Smart on Big Data Security, Appoints Christina Peters as Chief Privacy Officer

Kyt Dotson | October 23rd

IBM announced the new appointment of the top management of the company--Christina Peters was promoted to Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) and will lead a team of lawyers, experts in data security and technical staff who are engaged in...»

iPad mini Price Disappoints. Is Apple’s Ecosystem Strong Enough to Fight the Fire?

Kristen Nicole | October 23rd

The rumors were mostly right.  At Apple's Special Event today in San Jose, CA, the iPad mini was revealed.  Its screen measures  7.85 inches diagonally, slightly bigger than its 7-inch rivals that have crafted their own market niche...»