IncrediBuild-XGE Speeds Up Virtual Working Environments

Kristina Farrah | March 21st

Virtualization has enabled a new way of working and BYOD is steadily going mainstream. These growing trends have spawned companies like Xoreax, a provider of software acceleration technology to eliminate lagging in virtual


Amazon Goes Further Down PaaS Path with PHP and Git for Elastic Beanstalk

Klint Finley | March 21st

Today Amazon Web Services announced support for PHP on its Elastic Beanstalk platform, and for Git based deployments. AWS isn't positioning Elastic Beanstalk as a PaaS, but its description sure makes it sound like one: "AWS Elastic...»

Broadcom Makes 10th Acquisition in Israel with BroadLight Deal

Maria Deutscher | March 21st

Broadcom announced that it has finalized an agreement to acquire BroadLight for $230 million. The two companies share more than just similar names: both Broadcom and the Israeli-based Broadlight make chips designed for networking...»

Beats Buys MOG, YouTube Launches Live Comedy Channel

Mellisa Tolentino | March 21st

There’s a lot of buzz going around the entertainment sector from TV to music as these two industries look to the digital world for their future success.  Here are some of the latest developments in...»

Mobiles Republic Secures $3M Via Series A, It’s Still Anybody’s Ballgame in Mobile Development

Cherr Aira | March 21st

Social mobile app developers prefer Google’s immense stack of assets over Facebook’s 900 million users, according to a recent IDC/Apcelerator study, drawing a clear depiction that while developers think that there is a big...»

Yummly Gets a Yummy $6M in Series A Funding

Mellisa Tolentino | March 21st

Yummly, a top recipe search platform, has closed a $6 million Series A funding round led by Physic Ventures, with contributions from Unilever Corporate Ventures, Harrison Metal Capital, First Round Capital, Intel...»

Apple’s New Heating iPad, Nokia Applies for Tattoo Patent

Mellisa Tolentino | March 21st

Today’s mobile roundup features ATP Capital’s new funding for BlackBerry Partners Fund, Nokia’s Ignite Hackathon contest and tattoo patent, and Apple’s heatgate problem. Apple’s New iPad Heats Up, Literally! It’s like a tradition, every new Apple product...»

Does Big Data Have a Story Beyond Geeks?

Kristen Nicole | March 21st

During my trip to Austin for SXSW 2012 I wanted to uncover this year’s big data story, and determine the areas to which big data can still be applied.  SXSW is a unique instance of...»

Moxie and Saba: Has The Next Generation Social Enterprise Arrived?

Matt Weinberger | March 21st

Thanks to well-timed announcements by Moxie Software and Saba, I've heard no less than three vendors tell me that they've prepared the next generation of the social enterprise model in the last week. makes up...»

Think Big Analytics Launches AWS Consulting Practice, Training Courses

Jeffrey Kelly | March 21st

Think Big Analytics is bringing its professional services to the public cloud. The Amazon cloud, to be specific. Think Big Analytics announced today a new consulting practice to help its clients deploy and leverage Big Data technologies on...»