Top Mobile Trends Beyond HTML5, According to Usablenet VP [Q&A Series]

Kristen Nicole | April 30th

Mobile has become an ubiquitous experience these days, as companies seek consumer access across platforms and devices.  Usablenet recognizes the need to have a strong mobile presence through design and uniformity, crafting strategies for some...»

Google Drive’s Biggest Virtue May Be its Ecosystem

Maria Deutscher | April 30th

Google Drive became one of last week’s most talked out tech updates, and a couple of interesting discussions about the launch sprung up as a result. Our very own Kit Dotson raised the issue of...»

VC Firms’ Latest Shakeups

Mellisa Tolentino | April 30th

A venture capital firm is comparable to the human backbone for startups - they need it in order to stand up.   It’s quite rare for startups to thrive without a good VC firm’s support....»

Google Comes Clean with Controversial Street View Project

Mellisa Tolentino | April 30th

Last week the Federal Communications Commission finally closed their Google Street View probe after the search giant agreed to pay the $25,000 fine requested by the FCC. Unfortunately, not everyone was happy about this, wanting...»

Fusion-io Boosts Webair’s Cloud

Maria Deutscher | April 30th

Flash storage provider Fusion-io recently released another one of its case studies, this time outlining how ioMemory helped data center operator Webair address the growing demands of its customers. Webair previously used traditional disk-based storage...»

Microsoft Invests $300M in Barnes and Noble, Wants Windows 8 Nook Apps

Mellisa Tolentino | April 30th

Microsoft  announced their plans to invest in Barnes and Noble Inc., the brick-and-mortar bookstore that also produces e-book readers and tablets in order to keep up with the digital age.

“The shift to digital is

Big Data Helps Find the Cause for MS

Maria Deutscher | April 30th

The University of Buffalo leverages technology from Revolution R and IBM Netezza to drastically accelerate their research of the potential factors that may be contributing to Multiple Sclerosis, according to a case study...»

Who’s Behind the Anti-Apple Wake Up Campaign? Not Samsung

Mellisa Tolentino | April 30th

Today’s mobile news roundup features the brains behind the “Wake up Campaign,” Nokia's plans to sell Vertu, Apple’s trick for paying less in taxes, and more. So who’s behind Wake up? Last week, news regarding the...»

Windows Port of Redis Updated by Microsoft Subsidiary

Klint Finley | April 30th

Microsoft Open Technologies, a Microsoft subsidiary that launched earlier this month, has released its first project: a new version of the Windows port of Redis begun by Microsoft. However, it's not yet production ready. Previously Microsoft...»

CollabNet Bets on PaaS as the Future of Enterprise App Development

Alex Williams | April 30th

CollabNet is a leader  in the application lifecycle management market space. But it sees its future as a development engine for the platform-as-a-service (dPaaS) market. Today the company is launching a new strategy around cloud...»