Zooz Rolls Out HTML5-Compatible Mobile Payment SDK

Kristen Nicole | May 30th

Zooz is one of the newest up-and-comers in the mobile microtransaction space, an area that is growing rapidly now that developers are monetizing their apps with more flexibility, and far more successfully. An application that...»

Amazon Web Services Security Chief Explains The Shared Responsibility of Public Cloud

Matt Weinberger | May 29th

In a presentation to AWS Summit 2012 Australia attendees earlier this month and just posted to YouTube, Amazon Web Services General Manager & Chief Information Security Officer Stephen E. Schmidt preemptively answers the single most common question...»

Microsoft To Announce New Cloud Application Platform, Linux VMs for Azure

Matt Weinberger | May 29th

On June 7th, Microsoft is holding a "Meet Windows Azure" event, which promises an update on the future of the platform-as-a-service cloud. Microsoft's keeping mum on what we can expect, but rumor has it that Corporate...»

Sprint Closing Nextel to Optimize its LTE Goals

Maria Deutscher | May 29th

Sprint put a date on the shutdown of its Nextel network, a merger that has been struggling financially for a very long time. The carrier said that it could go offline as early as...»

Samsung Launches Music Hub Cloud Service for Galaxy S III

Saroj Kar | May 29th

Only a short time after the acquisition of mSpot, Samsung has introduced cloud based music service, Music Hub, the latest to rival Apple's iTunes and Spotify’s music streaming. The new Music Hub will initially...»

Google Chromebook and the new Chromebox: Another Node for a Services World

Alex Williams | May 29th

Google announced today its latest Chromebook, and a new Chromebox that continue to show that hardware increasingly represent nodes for an increasingly dominant services oriented world. It will soon be true that everything is...»

Malicious E-mail and Phishing Trends Show Wednesday is a Slow Day at Work

Saroj Kar | May 29th

Even hackers need a day off! A recent email-based attacks for 2012 statistics shows that hackers preferred for attacks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while Saturdays and Sundays are used for resting. The research led by network security firm ...»

The Current Status of BYOD: Not Working as Planned at Cisco, IBM and Beyond

Josette Rigsby | May 29th

Cisco has announced that it is ending its investment in its Android-based Cius tablet. The company points to consumerization as the reason for the tablet’s demise. OJ Winge, SVP of TelePresence atCisco, said that...»

HP, Dell and IBM Continue to Languish Compared to EMC and NetApp

Alex Williams | May 29th

HP, Dell and IBM continue to languish in the storage market when compared to the big guns such as EMC and NetApp. In a post on StorageNewsletter.com, Jean-Jacques Maleval writes that EMC, NetApp and Hitachi continue...»

Mind-Controlled Video Game Technology Not Yet Awesome but Still Cool

Kyt Dotson | May 29th

Every now and then a gimmick mind-control gesture is made from a technology company that tells people we’re a step closer to controlling computers with our minds. The Wall Street Journal has published an article on...»