Researchers Obliterate Grum Botnet, E-mail Inboxes Everywhere Rejoice

Kyt Dotson | July 20th

In another sweeping takedown of yet-another-botnet run by Internet cybercriminals, researchers over at the security firm FireEye are announcing that they have dismantled the Grum botnet’s command and control servers. As of Wednesday, the final CnC servers--six...» Hacked, Exposes 50K User Accounts

Isha Suri | July 20th

Giving another hit to the online security, a hacktivist group lacerated, exposing nearly 50,000 user accounts, including names, mailing and e-mail addresses, usernames, hashed passwords, phone numbers, and salary information. The attacker, who belongs to "MidasBank...»

How Google Clobbers Microsoft

Anton Wahlman | July 20th

Two of the three computing giants reported earnings last night, and the market reacted well to both reports, as both companies traded up in the after-market. However, these two companies are by no means doing equally well. Let me...»

This Week in the Cloud: Office 2013, Corporate Changes

Maria Deutscher | July 20th

The number one item from the cloud this week is probably the public preview of Office 2013, the upcoming release of Microsoft’s productivity suite. The highlight is that while the industry-leading software bundle is still...»

Industry Analysts Got It Wrong on VMware CEO Transition From Paul Maritz to Pat Gelsinger

John Furrier | July 20th

I’ve been covering and watching the (mostly negative) commentary over the last couple of days about the change in leadership at VMware from other blogs and specifically the analyst sector.  I really have to wonder,...»

Our Favorite Companion Apps For Instagram on Android

Mellisa Tolentino | July 20th

The popular photo editing-sharing app, Instagram, made its way to Android smartphones last April.  Though it did not have support for Android tablets, it was quickly downloaded by fAndroids, which irked a...»

The Best of Batman: Apps and Gadgets for Dark Knight Fans

Mellisa Tolentino | July 20th

Batman fan or not, everyone is excited to see The Dark Knight Rises, the latest of the Batman movie franchise. Unfortunately, the premiere of the movie ended in tragedy in a movie house in Aurora,...»

Big Brother’s Big Data: Opportunity Knocks in the UK

Mike Wheatley | July 20th

A new report from a prominent British think tank has suggested that the UK government could be saving up to £33 billion ($51.6 billion) a year without cutting any of the services, if only it...»

YouTube Gets a Business Model Six Years After Joining Google

Josette Rigsby | July 20th

Google released stronger than expected second quarter earnings on Thursday. The company’s earnings rose 11 percent and revenue increased 21 percent. The company continues to dominate the online ad space, but like many other...»

iPhone 5 Gets Nano SIM, Verizon Hints at Release Date

Mellisa Tolentino | July 20th

Rumors about the next iPhone, or iPhone 5 as the media has dubbed it, just keep piling up.  Though some seem a bit far-fetched, many are hoping that the next iPhone would look drastically different...»