Can NFC Tech Help Intel Gain in Mobile Markets?

Maria Pila | December 14th

Inside Secure has signed an agreement with Intel to provide the company with Inside's NFC products and technologies. Intel will have access to Inside's software, firmware and core hardware technology for development of future Intel...»

FBI Arrests DDoS Attacker, Connected to Anonymous

Kyt Dotson | December 14th

The distributed denial of service attack is the favorite crushing blow of the Anonymous hactivist collective, but as it causes disruption and misery to Internet users in the fashion on malicious vandalism, it is considered a crime in...»

IBM Backup Partner Adopts Fusion-io Technology

Maria Deutscher | December 14th

Front-safe, IBM’s Denmark 2010 Cloud Partner of the Year, integrated Big Blue’s High IOPS Adapters into its Tivoli Storage Manager offering.  The adapters are based on Fusion-io’s ioMemory. Front-safe delivers TSM as a cloud-based solution designed for SMBs....»

Zynga IPO Voyage Faces Waves of Doubt, Promises To Double Paying Players

Cherr Aira | December 14th

Up to this day, many are still astonished on how a social gaming developer could enter the gates of IPO and reach a billion dollar valuation. The success story of Zynga is just one of the many...»

Skype for Android Plays Catch UP as VoIP Struggles on Mobile

Kristina Farrah | December 14th

Skype releases version 2.6 for Android, allowing users to send photos and videos to friends and family. As usual, it’s free and works over WiFi and 3G mobile data plans. Aside from added


SAP and Google Form Partnership Aligning Google Apps and Google App Engine with Business By Design

Alex Williams | December 14th

SAP and Google are aligning by integrating Google Apps with SAP Business By Design. In addition, the two companies will work to foster a developer community through Google App Engine and the Android operating system. The...»

Google Data Needs Clever Sense… Until When?

Cherr Aira | December 14th

Not only is Google being aggressive on talent buys this year, the search engine giant has also been loving shopping for company acquisitions.  The latest buy is Clever Sense, the maker of personalized restaurant...»

Cisco Insider: Yahoo! Board Members Reelected, Q3 Lobby Spending Up

Maria Deutscher | December 14th

Cisco had a couple of notable updates in the past day or so. Somewhat surprisingly, Cisco shareholders decided to keep former Yahoo! chief executives Carol Bartz and Jerry Yang on the company’s board. Some  have raised concerns...»

Picostorm: We Are Not a Google+ Copycat!

Cherr Aira | December 14th

The very first day Google+ launched, it automatically registered as another social networking hub that would transform the twin towers into three titans: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The social networking diaspora has inspired start-ups and...»

Apple’s Interest in Anobit Boosts Flash Storage Talk

Maria Deutscher | December 14th

Apple is reportedly in talks to acquire Israeli flash solutions maker Anobit for a sum ranging between $400 and 500 million. Anobit offers a chip that boosts flash drive performance via signal processing. Apple doesn’t usually...»