Yahoo! Will Support Do Not Track for All Its Projects

Saroj Kar | March 30th

Yahoo said it will deploy the support of Do Not Track on all their web projects by early summer of this year to meet a growing concern with respect to user data privacy. The company said...»

HP webOS Executive Shakeup Reflects a Challenging Mobile Market

Maria Deutscher | March 30th

Hewlett-Packard acquired Palm in hopes of developing a successful mobile portfolio, but that didn’t go as well as expected. There were several reasons for the failure, most importantly bad timing: HP started offering up webOS-powered...»

Video: Kanban and DevOps Roundtable

Klint Finley | March 30th

I mentioned the Kanban for workshop last week. If you couldn't make it, check out this video debriefing on Kanban. It's not a replacement for the workshop, but it gives some insight into Kanban and why...»

The Millennial Media Timeline: A Mobile Road to Success

Mellisa Tolentino | March 30th

On March 28 Millennial Media,  the cross-platform mobile advertising company, announced the pricing of their initial public offering of 10.2 million shares of common stock at a price to the public of...»

The Guardian’s Google Revenue Fantasy – And the Future of Newsrooms

Tom Foremski | March 30th

The UK newspaper The Guardian, claims that Google's Android operating system is far less valuable than Google's revenues from Apple devices. Google's Android has generated just $550m since 2008, figures suggest | Technology | The Guardian

Android generated

Big Money Data: Making a Clear Picture of the Global Financial Crisis

Kristina Farrah | March 30th

Our big data series this week gives us a better understanding of the different financial crises that have been crippling countries and economies all over the world. Monetary crunch comes in many forms


Putting Big Data in the Cloud to Work for the Benefit of Humanity

Matt Weinberger | March 30th

Not to lead with the hyperbole, but it's going to be hard to argue with the promise of big data analytics and the scalability of cloud when the combinations starts to solve one world problem...»

CloudLock Bags $8.7 Million Via Series B, Expands Cloud Security Portfolio

Cherr Aira | March 30th

Security threats within the cloud territory are inevitable. Just like in any booming platform, the more popular you get, the more people  you attract, the more you are positioning yourself to be a potent target of cyber criminals....»

Tomorrow: Anonymous Threatens to Blackout the Internet on March 31st

Kyt Dotson | March 30th

From the Internet’s heart, Anonymous stabs at thee. As we all know the hacktivist collective Anonymous released a threat to darken the Internet on March 31st by attacking the Domain Name Service root servers, according to a post...»

Microsoft Study: Cloud Levels Playing Field for Small Businesses

Matt Weinberger | March 30th

A new study, commissioned by Microsoft and researched by Edge Strategies, indicates that cloud usage is on the rise amongst SMBs, with paid service adoption set to double over the next five years. Apparently, there's...»