Adobe Acquires Nitobi, Strengthens HTML5 Strategy

Saroj Kar | October 3rd

Every year during the MAX technology conference, the latest technology trends and new products are showcased. And at the start of this year's event, Adobe didn’t disappoint. First the company announced the acquisition of privately...»

Oracle Performance Not Aligned with a Big Data Approach

Maria Deutscher | October 3rd

Oracle Open World 2011 kicked off this week, and SiliconANGLE will be delivering live coverage and analysis all throughout the event.  We've already had some fun with CEO Larry Ellison's keynote from last night,...»

What’s Your Gaming Personality, and How Much is it Costing You?

Kristina Farrah | October 3rd

There are real life rewards to social gaming, whether you're a hardcore gamer, a casual spender or a socially driven butterfly.  and according to game publishers RockYou, there's four different types of social gamer personalities,...»

Tresata Goes Deep on Big Data for Banking

Jeffrey Kelly | October 3rd

It’s a question that all new software vendors face: Should we deliver a horizontal, customizable platform that appeals to multiple industries or specialize in a single vertical with a highly-specialized software suite and do it...»

Flash Sales Flourish with Gilt’s Latest Buy, Daily Deals Decline in Kind

Kristina Farrah | October 3rd

Among the digital industries turning investors' heads these days is flash sales and daily deals.  Because of the strong competition within the advertising and retail markets, it’s not surprising that a third of these sites...»

iPad: Where Travel, Shopping and Mobile Payments Collide

Phoebe Mandap | October 3rd

It seems the iPad is synonymous with travel. It's not all that surprising of an association, given the mobility of the iPad. And in my personal experience, tools like the iPad even spur travelers to...»

Getting Pumped for Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Dave Vellante | October 3rd

I’m in San Francisco prepping for the Cube’s second annual broadcast at Oracle OpenWorld. While the world is kind of dissing Ellison’s Sunday keynote, it’s important to remember that Larry usually saves his best for...»

What’s Next for MySpace? Details Emerge Today

Kristina Farrah | October 3rd

As part of Advertising Week in New York today, advertising firm Specific Media is set to announce their plans for former social media titan MySpace.  The discussion will be addressed to CMOs and senior marketers,...»

The Rise of Consumer-Managed Data: Empowering the People

Maria Pila | October 3rd

The Forrester research group has reported that consumers may have more control over their personal information that has been use by many websites. With the help of “personal data lockers,” people mandate to whom...»

How Much Does Your Digital Life Cost?

Kristina Farrah | October 3rd

Ironically, people value their computers and every bit of data therein, but only few bother to employ good security software.  It's also important to note that the smartphone is a burgeoning device used to access...»