Apple Acquires Anobit, or Did They?

Kristina Farrah | December 20th

Mobile giant Apple acquired Israel-based flash memory startup Anobit for around $400-$500 million, claims Israel’s Calcalist business new site. The report further said that Anobit informed its employees about Apple’s offer and they


Kindle Fire Rocks Mobile Mix Report, Closing in on iPad Market

Kristina Farrah | December 20th

If there’s any tablet out there that’s going to give Apple some serious competition in terms of market share, that would be the Kindle Fire. Tablets can dramatically boost Amazon’s existing ecosystem and


How Not To Be Owned by Social Networks and What it Says About Modern Forms of Disaster Recovery

Alex Williams | December 20th

After a prompt from a good friend last night, I started looking at Tarpipe again today. I used to love that service. I'd use it to send photos to Flickr and then on to Twitter and Facebook....»

Social Collaboration Vendor Telligent Acquires Leverage Software

Klint Finley | December 19th

Today Telligent announced that it will acquire fellow enterprise social networking company Leverage Software. Details of the deal were not disclosed. The companies seem like a good fit. It appears that rather than trying...»

appMobi’s New HTML5 SDK: A Cure to Audio, Animation Problems

Kristina Farrah | December 19th

As an advocate of HTML5 development and open Web, appMobi released a new SDK and performance specs for its directCanvas technology, created to get rid of performance and capability obstructions that hinders


AT&T Gives up on T-Mobile Buy. Will They Partner Instead?

Kristen Nicole | December 19th

In a move reflective of AT&T's troubles in acquiring T-Mobile, Ma Bell's reportedly dropped its bid for the UK-based telecom provider.  The deal's been a questionable one from the very first day, sending AT&T on...»

BlackBerry Downfall: Will RIM Survive 2012?

Saroj Kar | December 19th

The sky's gotten even darker for RIM. The BlackBerry manufacturer is accumulating bad news and sinking even further in the stock market. After the network failure that affected global users for several days and...»

Education by Osmosis, through fMRI Could You Know Kung-Fu?

Kyt Dotson | December 19th

As with the testimonial line from The Matrix, “I know Kung-Fu.” We have a notion from modern popular science fiction that some day humanity might be able to overcome the cumbersome notion of learning from books and...»

Permabit Gets 4 More Patents for Data Protection, Excited for 2012

Maria Deutscher | December 19th

Permabit, the company that produces the record-breaking Albireo OEM embedded deduplication software, announced it has been awarded with four new patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office. That adds up to a total...»

Mind-Reading Machines by 2016: IBM Predictions

Kristina Farrah | December 19th

IBM published its 6th annual “Five in Five” predictions, which encompasses its visions of innovation that will drastically change our lives over the next five years. Mind-reading machines to interpret our thoughts are