Round 2: SAP VS. Oracle

Mellisa Tolentino | July 13th

With the lawsuit Oracle filed against SAP last year, the court ruled in favor of Oracle granting them a $1.3 billion to be paid to them by SAP for their illegal downloads of Oracle’s...»

Dropbox Secure in High Valuation, but What About Your Files?

Mellisa Tolentino | July 13th

The personal cloud has been a hit with a rise in consumers as its products are made available on smartphones and tablets.  It beats having to save all your files on a thumb drive,...»

Dell Storage Forum 2011 Revisited

Greg Schulz | July 13th

About a month ago I was invited by Dell to make a quick trip down to Orlando to attend the Dell Storage Forum 2011 (e.g. twitter #dellsf11). Given that on


RDIO CEO: “Spotify is a Unicorn.”

Tom Foremski | July 13th

As Spotify, the hugely popular European online music service prepares for its imminent US launch, RDIO, a relatively new online music service, recently hosted a media roundtable at the swanky Boulevard Restaurant, in San Francisco, with top...»

VMware vSphere 5: Is it Right for Your Business?

Cherr Aira | July 13th

VMware’s launch of vSphere 5 shook the industry this week, and the sheer magnitude worries competitors. Giving importance to cloud computing and virtualization of small-to-medium sized businesses, the latest in vSphere technology becomes a...»

Is Google+ More Facebook or More Twitter? Yes

Hutch Carpenter | July 13th

Quick, what existing social network is Google+ most likely to displace in terms of people’s time?

Another Try by Google to Take On Facebook Claire Cain Miller, New York Times This isn’t a Facebook-killer, it’s a Twitter-killer. Yishan Wong,

RIM’s Rebound Shares App Profits with Carriers

Jennefer Almirante | July 13th

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion may have been undermined by Apple’s iPhone and phones using Google’s Android software, leaving RIM with little but a legacy for market share....»

Cloudera Whiz-Kid Lipcon Talks Hadoop, Big Data with SiliconANGLE’s Furrier

Jeffrey Kelly | July 13th

Hadoop, the Big Data processing and analytics framework, isn’t your average open source project.
“If you look at a lot of the open source software that’s been popular out of Apache and elsewhere, its sort of like

Hackers and the Business Value Paradox

John Casaretto | July 13th

Mashable's Jolie O'Dell recently posted a story on Black Hat Hackers landing legit jobs.  Hackers have long been the bane of organizations throughout the industry.  This is especially true as a result of the high-profile...»

Cloud Services M&A: Condensation Forming

Dave Vellante | July 13th

There has been a spate of acquisitions in the cloud space, as companies are trying to fill holes in their service offerings. Recently we’ve seen NaviSite snatched up by Time Warner, CenturyLink buy...»