Big Data Drives Enterprise Solutions to the Next Level

Saroj Kar | July 12th

One of the key, driving changes to IT infrastructure today is the exponential growth in the areas of data, storage, processing power and bandwidth utilization. New data creation is stirring across the industry, and big...»

VMware Touts Cloud Suite In Latest Iteration of its vSphere Technology [Live Blog]

Alex Williams | July 12th

VMware  is seeking to extend its lead in virtualization. That much is clear in its launch today of its latest iteration of its vSphere technology. What is not so clear is its cloud strategy, which is...»

Citrix Bets On Infrastructure 2.0 with Buy

Mellisa Tolentino | July 12th

Citrix has just announced their acquisition of, one of the leading cloud-computing providers for public and private cloud infrastructures. is known for providing services to Nokia, GoDaddy and Zynga.  This...»

Interview With Vannesa Camones: It Pays To Out Silicon Valley Bullies

Tom Foremski | July 12th

I recently spoke with Vanessa Camones, a Silicon Valley PR veteran and founder of theMIX agency about the reaction to her recent article about Mike Arrington, Editor of TechCrunch: DIGIDAY:DAILY - Entrepreneurs Should Say No...»

What is ‘Real-time as a Service’?

chrissaad | July 12th

Real-time is no CDN or Cache latency. When there is new data in the database, it’s available to the end-user. Real-time is not needing to hit the refresh button to see new information. It’s when information folds into the...»

AppSense Update Strikes Balance between IT and Workers

Jennefer Almirante | July 12th

Top provider of user virtualization technology, AppSense, has announced the latest release of the AppSense User Virtualization Platform (UVP), which features significant enhancements aimed...»

HP webOS: Restructuring May Just Be the Missing Element

Mellisa Tolentino | July 12th

Consumers are bombarded with the nonstop release of smartphones and tablets from different companies.  The public is now being more critical before buying any of these gadgets.  More consumers are considering the specs of the...»

Facebook Blocks Another Contact Export Tool, Open-Xchange Jabs Back

Robert Manto | July 12th

The controversy over the control of user information in social networks intensifies as Facebook blocks Open-Xchange’s contact exporting tool. Facebook once again asserts its control over the contact information of its users. Just last week,...»

Social Search Saga Sets Off Hyper-Local Ad Industry

Maria Pila | July 12th

Hyper-local marketing is an important way for local business' to dominate search results quickly and easily, and it has to do with the mobile revolution. Our connected devices are in fact the next generation...»

The Open Source Cloud Has a New Champion – Citrix Buys

Alex Williams | July 12th

Citrix is acquiring in a play to be the open cloud provider of choice for the enterprise and consumer services markets. The acquisition puts Citrix square in the middle of the market for...»