Pillar Acquisition: A Major Bust?

Mellisa Tolentino | July 5th

Days after Oracle released a statement saying that the company will not be making any acquisitions anytime soon due to the fact that Oracle is focusing more on internal growth rather than acquisitions,...»

Social Network IPOs Beat All the Rest

Mellisa Tolentino | July 5th

Right now there are two things that consumers are addicted to: connected devices and social networks.  When they’re on their smartphones, they can access almost any site (well, except some of those requiring Flash support),...»

California Judge Gives Go-Ahead for Google Class-Action Involving WiFi Snooping

Kyt Dotson | July 5th

United States wiretapping laws are notoriously used in contexts way beyond any possible intent due to the zealotry of law enforcement and the inexorable march of technology. When much of the wiretapping legislation had been put into law,...»

The Private Cloud Sees Big Growth, Drives New Services

Maria Deutscher | July 5th

A new report released by cloud host StratoGen says that the second quarter has seen a whopping 82 percent growth in private cloud deployments. The company pointed towards the much wider trend of cloud...»

Microsoft to Show a Pre-Beta Windows 8 on July 10

Steven Hodson | July 5th

Anticipation for Windows 8 is building, and Microsoft apparently is going to be using its Worldwide Partners Conference from July 10 to July 14 to show off a pre-beta build of Windows 8. There is also a rumor...»

HyperGlance for a Comprehensive 3D View of Infrastructure

Kristina Farrah | July 5th

We know all too well that overseeing an infrastructure isn’t exactly the most laid-back job. It’s a mass of web of servers, switches, and physical and virtual appliances. And in order to easily manage this...»

Experts Vindicate Cell Phones of Cancer Risk

George Ou | July 5th

A group of international experts have reviewed the body of scientific research regarding the safety of cell phone radio signals and concluded that the evidence is increasingly vindicating cell phones.  This study is in line with...»

MySpace’s Tom Anderson Comments on G+

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | July 5th

The days when Tom Anderson, the iconic first friend on everyone’s MySpace account, was active on his own service have long past. Most of Tom’s old co-workers have headed over to Facebook, but Tom himself seems to...»

Startup Launch: MyTab Offers Simple Group Travel Gifting

Tom Foremski | July 5th

I've been consulting with Heddi Cundle and her new startup MyTab, which offers a very simple way friends and family can help fund travel for each other. MyTab takes the pain away from finding birthday, graduation, or...»

Greek Debt Crisis: New Listing: The Greek Islands – Who Will Buy?

Andy Kessler | July 5th

How much for the island of Mykonos? The Mexican standoff between European banks owning Greek debt and Greek taxpayers needs fresh thinking. I'm convinced that the only way out of Europe's financial crisis is for Germany to...»