Oracle Court Battles not Deterring Investors before Q4 Earnings Call

Maria Deutscher | June 20th

Oracle has been tangled up with several court battles through this this year and late 2010. That includes SAP, Hewlett-Packard and Google, and the search giant has billions of ad revenue now...»

Spotify’s US Injection: The All-You-Can Listen Buffet!

Ross LaRocco | June 20th

There are some big changes about to take place with Spotify coming to the United States.  Other music services, such as Pandora may start seeing it's users get hunger pains. We're starting to see plenty...»

Google Reveals More Long Term TV Strategy with SageTV Buy

Kristina Farrah | June 20th

SageTV was recently acquired by Google, and many expected that it’s the DVR technology that the search giant wants. However, SnapStream Media founder Rakesh Agrawal would beg to differ. “I consider it impossible that Google...»

HP Vertica 5.0 Includes New SDK For Customization, “Push-Button” Scalability

Jeffrey Kelly | June 20th

HP today released a complete platform upgrade of its Vertica Analytic Database, just four months after HP acquired the data warehouse appliance vendor in February. Most of the new and enhanced features in Vertica 5.0...»

Anonymous Disrupts Over 51 Malaysian Government Websites

Kyt Dotson | June 20th

As there’s been a huge increase in media coverage of hacker activity and cyberwarfare across the world, we’re starting to see more major news outlets describe what happens when entire countries get targeted. Fifty-one Malaysian  government controlled...»

ChevronWP7 to Release Approved Windows Phone Unlocker

Steven Hodson | June 20th

If you remember, just after the first Windows Phones hit the shelves a small team of talented people: Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh, and Long Zheng, got together and released a tool called ChevronWP7. The idea was to provide...»

Smartphone Data Usage Surges while Cost Takes a Dive

Kristina Farrah | June 20th

Smartphones are gorging on data, causing data usage to surge by 89 percent compared to last year, reveals a Nielsen report. An average smartphone user’s data consumption has vaulted from 230 MB in Q1...»

Chromebook Launch Draws Mixed Reviews, Ericom Shows Support Via AccessNow

Cherr Aira | June 20th

Google is gambling on cloud computing as the primary driver of the tech industry’s future. This line of thought may have led them, one way or another, to create Chromebook. The recent launch...»

Microsoft Releases Kinect SDK for Windows 7, Let the Magic Happen

Kyt Dotson | June 20th

With the recent presentation at E3, Kinect is slowly making its debut into popular game franchises (like Mass Effect) beyond its original gimmick game appearances and Microsoft shows little chance of slowing down in getting...»

Your Time is Precious. Are You Using the Right Social and Mobile Solutions?

Ross LaRocco | June 20th

New applications are coming out every day that make our lives easier, or claim to. The right combination is a challenge, since performance and accessibility can be transparent to the human eye. If you download...»