Apple Acquires Another Mapping Company: C3 Technologies

Klint Finley | October 29th

Apple has acquired 3D mapping company C3 Technologies 9to5 Mac reported today. This is Apple's 3rd mapping acquisition and 2nd 3D mapping acquisition. In 2009 Apple acquired mapping company Placebase, and last year it acquired 3D...»

What’s the Future of Social TV Look Like?

Mellisa Tolentino | October 29th

Gone are the days when television is the only way to see your favorite programs or movies.  Now you can watch shows on your computer or just about any mobile device-- all you need is...»

Digital Shopping innovations with Fluid and GlobalLogic

John Casaretto | October 28th

The day and age of rich experience digital shopping is upon us.  It’s a game that has been changing since e-commerce began and shows no signs of stopping or slowing down.  Two companies at the forefront of this...»

Why Microsoft is Spreading FUD About One Company Leaving the Google Enterprise Partner Program

Alex Williams | October 28th

You would have good reason not to trust a Microsoft blog post written today about one of its partners that left the Google Enterprise partner program. Especially considering the fact that the company in question left...»

$4.5 Billion Annual Subsidies for Broadband Approved

George Ou | October 28th

The FCC has unanimously approved the conversion of the $4.5 billion Universal Service Fund (USF) High Cost fund into the Connect America Fund (CAF) for bringing broadband to rural america.  Even compared to the

New Media Minute: Retailers Turn to iPads in Stores; Four New Shopper Startups to Watch

Daisy Whitney | October 28th

One of the most anticipated books of the year in the Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs biography hits bookstores this week, and that's why the New Media Minute is taking a look at some of the most innovative uses...»

Ripples: The Perfect Example of How Google+ is Built for Marketers and Data Geeks

Steven Hodson | October 28th

Google just turned a really cool new feature in Google+. It is called "Ripples" and it's a pretty interesting way of visualizing how posts or other stuff shared to the network gets shared and travels through the...»

Data Integration, Data Quality Crucial to Customer Service in the Big Data Era

Jeffrey Kelly | October 28th

Small, local banks usually can’t compete with the likes of Bank of America or JPMorgan Chase when it comes to breadth of products, number of ATM locations, name recognition or market-moving power. In order to attract and retain...»

Codeacademy Gets $2.5 Million to Teach the Masses to Program

Klint Finley | October 28th

Codeacademy (not to be confused with Code Academy) offers a free browser-based courses on programming, including one on basic programming concepts for absolute beginners and two on JavaScript for experienced programmers. Today the company...»

This Week in Cloud: Citrix Buy, Virtualization on the Rise

Maria Deutscher | October 28th

There have been a few very notable highlights this week from the cloud industry, including a number of product launches and other developments. OpenLogic finally rolled out CloudSwing yesterday, an open PaaS that aims to...»