Data-as-a-Service: When Cloud and Big Data Converge (Trends 2012)

Klint Finley | March 27th

Data-as-a-service will be the ultimate convergence between cloud computing and big data. Not to be confused with database-as-a-service (though hosted databases will be a part of data-as-a-service), I see data-as-a-service as consisting of three components: 1) APIs that...»

DH2i Launches out of Stealth with SQL Virtualizer

Maria Deutscher | March 27th

A new startup called DH2i launched this week, bringing with it a new software offering that aims to make SQL databases more cost-effective in the era of Hadoop and unstructured data. The idea is...»

Millennial Media Raises Expected IPO Price to $13 per Share

Isha Suri | March 27th

Millennial Media, the last independent mobile advertising and data company that filed its S-1 documents for Initial Public Offering (IPO) earlier in January, has increased price range per share for its upcoming IPO to...»

Viralheat Adds Social Publishing in 2.0 Release

Mellisa Tolentino | March 27th

Social media management company Viralheat announced the launch of Viralheat 2.0, the update to their robust platform for understanding and analyzing social media. Viralheat 2.0 boasts broad enhancements to the user interface, social platform...»

When Cloud Services Shut Down

Matt Weinberger | March 27th

The cloud can bring a lot of value to the enterprise that knows how to leverage it properly. But it comes with its own set of dangers, and in many ways, it's still the wild...»

Dell Fits Flash into its Hybrid Cloud Vision

Maria Deutscher | March 27th

Dell is one of several IT mega-vendors trying to modernize its portfolio in order to catch up with the competition, coming both the big vendors and the smaller companies spearheading innovation. Cloud is one of...»

Australians Not Happy With iPad 4G, Temple Run Now On Android

Mellisa Tolentino | March 27th

Today’s mobile roundup features Australians angry over “4G,” the arrival of Temple Run on Android, Avira's new security app and more. Australians Confused About iPad’s 4G The third generation iPad boasts that it is capable of connecting...»

Next Generation Monitoring Solution Boundary Hits General Availability

Klint Finley | March 27th

Today, Boundary announced the long awaited general availability of its application monitoring solution for big data architectures. Boundary uses network data to determine the health of applications and is delivered as a software-as-a-service. Boundary's service has been in...»

NoSQL Company Basho Unveils New Cloud Storage Software

Klint Finley | March 27th

Today Basho, the sponsor company of the open source NoSQL database Riak, announced Riak CS, a new software platform for building multitenant cloud storage systems. Riak CS can be used to build public clouds, on-premise...»

The 5 Top Green Data Centers – HP is Getting There Too

Maria Deutscher | March 27th

In another one of those special posts on the Wikibon blog the research foundation looks into the seven most eco-friendly facilities out there. The green data center trend is picking up, thanks to vendor...»