When a Facebook Status Update Goes Horribly Wrong

Angela Connor | September 29th

How long does it take to anger a slew of fans on your own Facebook page? Let’s ask Nikon. A status update posted on their Facebook wall yesterday has garnered 1,677 likes; 1,233 shares and 3,008 comments. Numbers to...»

HP’s Poison Pill and a Broken Cone of Silence

Mellisa Tolentino | September 29th

You’d expect that after a change in leadership Hewlett-Packard would slowly start to rise from the ashes, but that’s not exactly happening yet.  Some investors might actually try to shake things up as they...»

Tibco CTO Matt Quinn: “I’d Do This Job For Free”

Tom Foremski | September 29th

(I'm in Las Vegas this week attending Tibco's user conference. Tibco is a founding sponsor of SVW and has been a strong supporter of my work for many years.) - TF Tibco Software is an interesting company, it is...»

Nokia Cuts More Jobs as It Preps for WP7 Launch

Maria Deutscher | September 29th

Phonemaker Nokia had a huge share of the global mobile market up until 2007, when the iPhone was launched.  Now in 2011, the company is experiencing the backlash of its failure to adapt to the...»

Daily Deals Continue To Deal, Target Travelers and Early Birds

Mellisa Tolentino | September 29th

There’s no denying that companies offering daily deals have made our lives sweeter and our mail inboxes fuller.  It’s quite exciting to find great deals every time you open your mail.  But there are times...»

Kindle Fire Built Around Amazon’s Media Market Strengths

Mellisa Tolentino | September 29th

To start off, this is not about comparing the Amazon Kindle Fire to other products out in the market, nor is it about its physical capacities either.  This is a look as to what...»

Skype for Android Gets Ads Too, Update Supports More Devices

Mellisa Tolentino | September 29th

Recently, Skype released an update for their PC, Mac, and iOS users.  And now, before Android consumers get all frantic and jealous, Skype released version 2.5 for Android gadgets as well. First, let’s get...»

Dear Amazon: How’s it Going with Android?

Kristina Farrah | September 29th

The initial impression on everything that Amazon unleashed yesterday is so far impressive. Though the new Kindle Fire seems a little behind specs-wise (no camera, microphone or 3G), it’s even-handed $199 price tag


PocketCloud Promotes Enterprise-on-the-Go, Favors Cisco Cius Tablet

Cherr Aira | September 29th

Enterprise apps are becoming hot items in the mobile world.  Companies have now recognized the substantial advantage of workers having remote access to their emails, files and programs anytime, anywhere.  Tie this with mobility and...»

Windows Phone Will Need a Killer App Store to Compete in Today’s Market

Saroj Kar | September 29th

One of the main factors contributing to the success of the iPhone and Android smartphones is their app stores, with hundreds of thousands of applications ready to turn the phone into a device with infinite...»