New Media Minute: One-third of U.S. Adults to Own a Tablet by 2016; What it Means for Online Video Ads

Art Lindsey III | March 15th

Forrester expects that 112.5 million adults, or one-third of the adult population, will own a tablet by 2016, a revision of its previous forecast of 82.1 million. That's a huge jump, but it's not just from the iPad3 announced last week....»

Infineta Gets Thumbs Up from Ovum

Maria Deutscher | March 15th

Infineta Systems, a WAN optimization company that set its eyes on ‘big traffic,’ managed to impress Ovum – an independent research firm that provides IT analysis. The latest Ovum Technology Audit  focuses on Infineta,...»

Tips for Waiting in Line for the New iPad and Other Mobile News

Mellisa Tolentino | March 15th

Today’s mobile roundup fetures Samsung’s blocked bid for Apple product injunction, fanbois preparing for the new iPad to hit shelves, Nokia’s upcoming tablet, and more. Samsung Samsung was denied by a Hague court to pursue their injunction against...»

Support Meets Immersion in HP Mobile App-Driven Service [Video Interview]

Bert Latamore | March 15th

Computer game developers like to talk about the “immersive experience” their products provide. HP has come close to creating its own immersive experience mobile app for customers, but instead of a game this free app...»

FalconStor Looks to New Horizon, Reports Growth for 4Q11

Maria Deutscher | March 15th

Backup appliances maker FalconStor Software reported its earnings for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2011, displaying growth after the turmoil the company has been through in the past couple of years. “We are very...»

Android the Fastest Growing OS in 2011: Millennial’s Year In Review

Kristina Farrah | March 15th

Millennial Media has just turned out its Year In Review Report, with nine of its global verticals experiencing triple-digit, year-over-year growth. Among these verticals, finance leads with a 699 percent upturn. Instead of


HP: A New Services Doctrine That is as Much About People as it is About the Machines That Serve Us

Alex Williams | March 15th

HP announced its new Always On Support offering yesterday. It takes into account the new HP ProLiant Gen8 servers and the continued focus on converged infrastructures that HP is banking on in this age...»

Appirio Raises $60 Million In Series D Funding, Acquisitions Incoming

Matt Weinberger | March 15th

Cloud integrator Appirio is using today's Cloudforce conference here in San Francisco to announce the close of a $60 million round of Series D funding, led by General Atlantic with the participation of...»

HP: We Learned the Hard Way our Old Support Model Didn’t Scale

Klint Finley | March 14th

I've written before that big data necessitates DevOps. As teams build ever larger clusters of servers, the need for automation and close collaboration with developers to manage those servers becomes paramount. It also changes the needs...»

Just How Big is the Amazon EC2 Cloud?

Matt Weinberger | March 14th

Amazon Web Services, the cloud services arm of, plays its cards close to its chest when it comes to the size of their data centers. But a new probe methodology developed by Accenture...»