Flowdock: The Node.js Angle – Group Messaging and Activity Streams – Soon with Twitter

Alex Williams | January 24th

We're live with theCube here at NodeSummit where I caught up with Flowdock's Founder and CEO Otto Hillska. Flowdock is a communications tools for developers that combines group messaging with data from third...»

This is the Start of the Big Data IO Era

Bert Latamore | January 24th

For a year Wikibon CTO David Floyer has argued that flash memory is a disruptive technology. But to be disruptive a technology needs to make entirely new processes or applications that have major real-world implications...»

PayPal Prepares for Expansion as Mobile Payments Space Gets Crowded

Cherr Aira | January 24th

It’s funny how stolen wallet could easily turn someone into a mobile payments devotee. Uncanny, but this and several other reasons have made mobile payments a certified hit in the industry. Slowly climbing into the mainstream, this service...»

EMC Reports Q4 Results, Tucci to Remain CEO a While Longer

Maria Deutscher | January 24th

Storage behemoth EMC reported its earnings for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2012, beating analysts’ expectations and marking some noteworthy achievements to boot. EMC said it made a profit of $832 million or 38...»

IBM, NEC Deliver New Open Flow Offering

Maria Deutscher | January 24th

IBM and NEC debuted a new offering that integrated technology from both companies to create what GigaOm has referred to as a controller-and-switch combo. The solution is based on Open Flow, the...»

Loggly Cutting its Teeth on Machine-Generated Data

Jeffrey Kelly | January 24th

There’s no bigger source of Big Data than machine-generated log files. And every business has them. That means there’s a huge opportunity for vendors that monitor and analyze log file data to help developers improve application performance. Just...»

Mobile Today: a World of Gains and Losses

Mellisa Tolentino | January 24th

Last December, I wrote an article that lists which Android devices would get the Android 4.0 of Ice Cream Sandwhich update.  It was mentioned that Sony UK announced that Sony Tablet S and P would be...»

Nimble Hires Ex-Salesforce to Lead R&D

Maria Deutscher | January 24th

Nimble announced that it has put Jason McDowal in charge of spearheading the development of its latest solution. McDowal is now the Director of Product for the startup, which offers a unique CRM solution...»

RIM’s New Head Sticks with Plan, Even When Facing Patent Lawsuit

Mellisa Tolentino | January 24th

Research in Motion’s poor performance was blamed on the two co-CEOs of the company. Analysts were saying that RIM needed a more structured and streamlined chain of command in order for the company to function...»

3D Printers are Only the Vanguard for the Era of the Physible

Kyt Dotson | January 24th

As we adventure into our new-found future and legislation struggles to keep up with technology with Big Media companies fighting tooth and nail against digital copying what happens when we invent an era where physical copying is possible. This is...»