Microsoft Should Stay a Platform Company

Steven Hodson | August 22nd

Guest Post by Todd McKinney Recently Todd McKinney wrote what I felt was an excellent rebuttal to my post asking if Microsoft was being forced by events into becoming a hardware company. (See the comments tied to the link...»

Rovio Comes to Roost with Medio Systems to Enhance User Experience

Phoebe Mandap | August 22nd

Can you name someone who has not played Rovio’s Angry Birds?  Well, seems like everyone is getting hooked with this hit game.  If you haven't tried it yet, now is the right time to catch these birds before...»

5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Giving Up Twitter and Facebook to Reclaim Blogging

socialnerdia | August 22nd

Hugh Macleod, the cartoonist who blogs at, recently announced that he was “giving up” Twitter and Facebook to “reclaim” blogging. His reasoning seems to be partly philosophical (content ownership) and partly strategic (less...»

Real Names Getting Real Attention

chrissaad | August 22nd

There’s a lot of fury on the web right now about ‘Real Names’. FB is trying to use it as a unique feature of their comments system claiming it reduces trolling and low value comments. Of course that...»

Fall Release Of iPad 3 Canceled Due To Retina Display Issues

Maria Pila | August 22nd

It looks like the iPad 3 release date has been delayed until 2012. If you're waiting for it, you probably shouldn't hold your breath. Apple fans have hoped the new device would be released this year, but according...»

Conference Calls and Messaging Get Smarter With Skype Acquisition of GroupMe

Mellisa Tolentino | August 22nd

Skype, the leading communication service provider that connects millions of people around the globe, has acquired startup company GroupMe, a free group text messaging and conference call service on mobile phones,for  an undisclosed amount. Although, an...»

Weekly Cloud Roundup: From Microsoft Azure to keeping the Cloud-in-a-Box

Maria Deutscher | August 22nd

This week had its fair share of updates from the cloud-based industry, spanning a number of industries that drew interest from stratups and large solution providers alike. The first one in our round-up is Microsoft. The software giant is...»

Anonymous Explains Decentralized Nature

Kristina Farrah | August 22nd

Widespread hacktivism didn’t die with the disbandment of LulzSec. In fact, LulzSec doesn't seem to have gone down at all with hacktivist collective Anonymous running wild on the Internet. The collective’s recent mischief included shutting down train operation and...»

HP Transformation Driven by Big Data

Maria Deutscher | August 19th

Hewlett-Packard had a pretty unusual earnings call this week, considering that the company used it as an opportunity to reveal some major internal changes.  After reporting fairly flat results, mainly due to declining demand in...»

Mobile Devices: Man’s New Best Friend

Phoebe Mandap | August 19th

The Internet.  I remember my very first experience of getting online – it was truly amazing!   And as years passed, more and more people got engaged in technology – thanks to the mobile devices,...»