Bitcoin Value Falling as ExchB Exchange Shutters its Doors and Windows

Kyt Dotson | October 17th

Yesterday, Oct 16, 2011, ExchB officially stopped all transactions and closed up shop. The exchange bills itself as “the 1st US Bitcoin Exchange” and now they’ll take that title to the exchange grave with them as they lock...»

SaaS and PaaS Cozy Up as SuccessFactors Uses Cloud Foundry to Extend Its Platform

Klint Finley | October 17th

We watch the platform-as-a-service space closely here at ServicesAngle, but sometimes interesting use cases for PaaS can be hard to come by. That makes today's announcement that SuccessFactors is using VMware's open source PaaS system ...»

Pandora Needs an Advertising Magnet, Hires Ex-Flip Executive

Cherr Aira | October 17th

Early in the game, Pandora hit all the right pockets, made all the more evident by a strong entrée in the IPO space.  Along with other cloud music services, Pandora has become one of the most...»

Apple iPhone 4S Sales vs Samsung Galaxy S II

Mellisa Tolentino | October 17th

We’re so used to hearing about Apple and Samsung battling it out in court, but there’s another battle brewing that we have to watch out for: the battle of device sales. When Apple officially launched the...»

Red Card! Xbox LIVE Users Targeted by Soccer Fan Hacker

Kyt Dotson | October 17th

Over the past month a large number of reports of hacked Xbox LIVE accounts have been flowing to a reporter at Ars Technica and the pattern emerging seems a bit specific: the hacker purchases FIFA Soccer...»

Android is Rough but Promising Terrain for Firefox, Opera Updates

Mellisa Tolentino | October 17th

Smartphones and tablets are not only good for apps but also for web browsing.  Unfortunately, not all mobile browsers are easy to use and often load at a snail’s pace, so web browsing on our...»

Mobile Industry Solidifies Strategies around BYOD

Saroj Kar | October 17th

The running theme for many companies that participated in the CTIA Enterprise & Applications conference last week was BYOD, seeking ways to extend devices, support and services beyond iPhone or Android boundaries.  But this growing...»

Shopify, Grockit Raise New Funding Rounds to Fuel Growth

Kristina Farrah | October 17th

Apart from innovation and patent wars, there’s the struggle that exists amongst investors in finding the next big thing.  Investments have been lathed on the tech sector in particular, hoping to financially position


This is the Type of Poll Microsoft is Hoping for with Windows Phone

Steven Hodson | October 17th

There are a lot of polls and surveys that seem to pop up daily that proclaim the winners and losers in the mobile space, and for the most part, the tech pundits have had lots of fun rubbing...»

A Bottoms-Up Approach to News? Newspapers’ Reach is Greater than Internet’s

Tom Foremski | October 17th

Here's an interesting report on from the World Newspaper Congress and World Editors Forum in Vienna, Austria, and a survey of 69 countries:

The annual survey shows that newspapers reach 2.3 billion people daily, while the Internet reaches