Google Going All in on Mobile

Jeff Nolan | August 16th

The tech media, and general media as well, is all a flutter about Google acquiring Motorola Mobility (note that this is one part of Motorola, the other being their Solutions group which is 2x the size of Mobility...»

Permabit Doubles Up on Dedupe Speed, Another Year of Milestones

Maria Deutscher | August 16th

Permabit's got some good news this week, having increased its Albireo dedupelication offering’s speed increased by 250 percent to 400GB/sec.  The change has been implimented in just under a year.  In late 2010, the speed...»

Google Android Hopes For Better Products – Oh Yeah We Have Nukes Too

John Furrier | August 16th

Google announcing the acquisition of Motorola Mobilty was fun to watch.  We covered the news here and here.  Simply put: Google needs help for their Android position - help to the tune of...»

LinkedIn’s New Focus on Mobile, Advertising: Revamped for iPhone, Android, HTML5

Maria Pila | August 16th

LinkedIn has refreshed its mobile presence today with the launch of redesigned apps for iPhone and Android, plus a brand new HTML5 mobile website.  The iPhone and Android apps have been reorganized around four...»

Browser Update: Firefox 6, Chrome 14 Already Headed Your Way

Mellisa Tolentino | August 16th

If you’re still pondering as to which web browser best suits you, better think fast, as these web browsers are rapidly releasing newer versions in a snap. After missing its schedule for the release of...»

HP’s Talking Fridge Says Hello to the Future of webOS

Cherr Aira | August 16th

If you are not part of the mobile revolution, you might be missing quite a lot.  So for those who are not engulfed by the radius of the billion dollar industry, they try to at...»

Flash Storage is Gaining Ground – Reaching Mainstream Business

Robert Manto | August 16th

Addressing the need for speed, enterprises are now adopting and deploying solid state storage to rapidly access transactional data, the cloud and virtual desktop infrastructures. Storage Strategies NOW (SSG-NOW) is a specialist storage analysis and...»

.xxx Domain Causes Problems for Non-Porn Brands

Mellisa Tolentino | August 16th

Let’s say you have a daughter that will soon celebrate her 7th birthday, so you ask her what she wants, she cheerfully shrieks, “A new Barbie doll!”  Since you don’t know the latest in Barbie’s...»

Your Kids Data Not Safe in Mobile Apps Either: FTC Lays Down the Law

Mellisa Tolentino | August 16th

Kids as young as four years old know how to play games on their parents’ smartphone or tablet, and some even have their own social network profiles.  Not really a big deal for some, especially...»

HP Improves BI Services with Mapping Software Update

Maurice Johnson | August 16th

With big data becoming more and more mainstream in the tech industry, you have to then find the best ways to track its use for expenses. HP has made that a bit easier for some...»