Lookout Mobile Drives Global Front, Partners with Telstra

Saroj Kar | November 9th

Security is one of those things that we should think about when it comes to our tablets or smartphones.  Just think about the amount of sensitive information stored on your handset, and the many apps...»

SAP Opens a Mobile App Store – the CIO Friendly Variety

Alex Williams | November 9th

SAP is building out an app store. The apps are available to be viewed as demos. Customers then purchase the apps through SAP internal sales or SAP partners. The development is being driven by SAP and its...»

Splunk for Hadoop Aids Big Data Strategy for Social Sphere

Maria Deutscher | November 8th

Splunk, a big data aggregation and intelligence tool, is launching in a special edition for Hadoop. Appropriately named Splunk Enterprise with Hadoop, the solution integrates the analytics engine into Splunk in order to provider...»

Charlie Miller’s Latest Security Revelation Rocks the Apple App Store

Maria Deutscher | November 8th

Charlie Miller, a former NSA analyst that now works for security firm Accuvant, has taken it as a personal challenge to find exploits in Apple’s products since 2007. After his latest discovery however this dedication backlashed, and Apple...»

Super-Geeks Study Data Systems for the Challenge, Stay for the Opportunity, says Daniel Abadi

Bert Latamore | November 8th

“I started studying data systems as an undergrad because I found it interesting,” says Daniel Abadi, Yale University assistant professor and co-founder and chief scientist at startup Hadapt. “Clearly data is becoming the center...»

State of Oregon Counties First to Introduce iPad Voting for the Disabled

Saroj Kar | November 8th

You can do many things with Apple’s iPad. You can go online, compose e-mail, download hundreds of applications, listen to music, and watch movies and now: Vote! Indeed, some residents of Oregon, may vote with the Apple iPad....»

Cloudera CTO Amr Awadallah Gives a Glimpse of Hadoop and Gaming, Modern Warfare

Kyt Dotson | November 8th

John Furrier and Dave Vellante had the CTO and cofounder of Cloudera, Amr Awadallah, in theCube today to speak about the integration of Hadoop and how he sees the future lifting into the clouds. In the midst of...»

A Major Reason for Accel Partners’ $100 Million Fund: Big Data Apps are the Future of Hadoop

Alex Williams | November 8th

This morning at Hadoop World, Accel Partner's Ping Li talked about the need for a new generation of apps while talking about the news of his firm's new $100 million fund. On theCube today, Li...»

Zynga Reschedules Initial Public Offering for Shortly After Thanksgiving

Kyt Dotson | November 8th

Rumors of Zynga’s pre-Thanksgiving IPO plans from not too long ago may have been exaggerated, new news on the subject, according to two people who spoke with Bloomberg, suggests that they’re headed instead for an IPO...»

Nokia’s Comeback Strategy: Phones, Smarter Phones, and Augmented Locations

Mellisa Tolentino | November 8th

Almost everyone on the planet, at one point in their lives, has owned a Nokia phone.  Some of you may be embarrassed to admit since Nokia isn’t doing too good in the market because their offerings aren’t as...»