On Facebook’s Plate: Mandatory Timeline IPO & Anonymous Threats

Mellisa Tolentino | January 25th

The inevitable has happened: Facebook’s Timeline is rolling out, want it or not.  Last week, when I wrote about Facebook unveiling their Timeline Apps, I also mentioned that the Timeline will be a mandatory...»

Which Cloud Sites are Least Likely to Shut Down Amidst Megaupload Debacle?

Mellisa Tolentino | January 25th

With the recent Megaupload shutdown, cloud users are now asking if the service they are using would be the next target of the authorities.  This is actually a great question, since there is an...»

Appcelerator Hires Gartner Analyst to Boost Mobile Angle

Maria Deutscher | January 25th

Mobile development platform provider Appcelerator has hired Michael King to fulfill a couple of significant responsibilities in the company, both of which will serve the purpose of boosting Appcelerator’s position in the mobile universe. King spent...»

PubNub – A Cloud Service for Node.js

Alex Williams | January 24th

The real-time mega trend is taking new dimensions with the advent of billions of devices, game clients, digital televisions and really, a kaleidoscope of connected things. A service may drop if the load becomes too enormous....»

7 Companies Hiring Node.js Developers

Klint Finley | January 24th

I've mentioned that experienced Node.js talent is hard to find, but here's a look at a few of jobs that these rare developers are being asked to do.

Braintree Payments

Braintree Payments is looking for a developer...»

Cisco Expands Products, Marketing Amidst Growing Competition

Maria Deutscher | January 24th

Networking gear maker Cisco is taking some heat from the growing lineup of solutions released by competing vendors in its industry. IBM and NEC just introduced a new Open Flow-based solution that caters to...»

Accenture Acquires Neo Metrics Analytics

Klint Finley | January 24th

Today Accenture announced that it has agreed to acquire Neo Metrics Analytics, a consulting firm based in Spain that specializes in predictive analytics. In addition to Neo Metrics' research and development capabilities, Accenture will acquire...»

Flowdock: The Node.js Angle – Group Messaging and Activity Streams – Soon with Twitter

Alex Williams | January 24th

We're live with theCube here at NodeSummit where I caught up with Flowdock's Founder and CEO Otto Hillska. Flowdock is a communications tools for developers that combines group messaging with data from third...»

This is the Start of the Big Data IO Era

Bert Latamore | January 24th

For a year Wikibon CTO David Floyer has argued that flash memory is a disruptive technology. But to be disruptive a technology needs to make entirely new processes or applications that have major real-world implications...»

PayPal Prepares for Expansion as Mobile Payments Space Gets Crowded

Cherr Aira | January 24th

It’s funny how stolen wallet could easily turn someone into a mobile payments devotee. Uncanny, but this and several other reasons have made mobile payments a certified hit in the industry. Slowly climbing into the mainstream, this service...»