Drop the Crusade To Bring the Old Facebook Back

Cherr Aira | September 22nd

I was instantly freaked out when one morning I woke up to Facebook’s new interface. I initially thought that they're just geeking out to be more like Google+.  Or it could be that they wanted...»

Teradata Ups Security with Latest Version Release

Maria Deutscher | September 22nd

Analytics veteran Teradata revealed Teradata Database 14 today.  The latest version of its offerings features a number of major new additions, including security enhancements, broader supports for data formats and more.

Scott Gnau, president Teradata

Digital Revenues Grow for Sports Programming

Daisy Whitney | September 22nd

Sports leagues are making hundreds of millions in digital revenue from paid content, ads and other revenue streams, according to a new report from eMarketer.The NFL tops the list at about $500 million in digital revenue, MLB at $450 million, the...»

The Mobile User’s Privacy vs. Law Enforcement, Users Win in California

Maria Deutscher | September 22nd

Smartphones and tablets are gradually making their way towards gaining a significant place in every user’s personal cloud, from utility apps to playing a role in state-wide riots, and are subsequently storing more and more personal...»

Microsoft Adding Social Features to Dynamics

Klint Finley | September 22nd

Microsoft's microblogging offering OfficeTalk may never see the light of day, but the company is adding Facebook-like social interface to cloud-hosted version of its Microsoft Dynamics product. The new feature, called Activity Feeds, was reported...»

Lookout’s Unique Security Approach Attracts $40M Funding

Cherr Aira | September 22nd

Incredible is an understatement when we try to label the magnitude of mobile market boom. But this growth comes at a price. Just like in any platforms within the tech space, mobility also faces a hard-hitting challenge:...»

Social Gamers Are Changing the Game, from Spending to Platforms

Maria Pila | September 22nd

When you think of a hardcore gamer you probably don't envision someone loading up their Facebook account and checking on their crops, or visiting other players' decked out virtual rooms.  But a recent study from...»

EMC Lands UK Government Contract

Maria Deutscher | September 22nd

Storage solutions maker EMC announced today that the British Isle of Man Government's Information Systems Division chose its offerings to power an “IT transformation initiative” stretching the full length of the nation’s administration Using flash,...»

Just Fabulous Raises $33 Million for First Round to Build on Subscription Model

Kristina Farrah | September 22nd

El Segundo, California-based JustFabulous announced $33 million in series A round of funding led by Matrix Partners, and in participation of Technology Crossover Ventures. The capital will be used to create more categories of its e-commerce


f8 Keynote Live Stream: Watch the Video

Kristen Nicole | September 22nd

Facebook's f8 conference kicks off today, battling Google+ for the social networking limelight this week.  With Zuckerberg preparing to take the stage, we have the live keynote stream below.  It's the fourth annual f8 conference,...»