Clojure Creator Launches Datomic, a New In-Memory Database

Klint Finley | March 16th

Clojure creator Rich Hickey has launched a new startup called Datomic, a spin-off from the consulting firm Relevance, Inc. Datanomic offers a cloud-based database of the same name that combines consistency and transactions with a...»

Kapow Delivers Real-Time Integration With Salesforce

Cherr Aira | March 16th

[caption id="attachment_96287" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo: Gary Allison"][/caption] The rapidly increasing amount of social content within the borderless internet drove Salesforce to penetrate the market, taking its place forefront of big data trends, the cloud and the...»

The New iPad Effect: an Opportunity for Android, Rivals

Mellisa Tolentino | March 16th

Now that the new iPad has gone on sale, we're left asking what it all means for competitors? Android In terms of operating systems, Google’s Android is Apple’s number one competitor since almost every device in the...»

The Top 25 VMware-Focused Blogs

Alex Williams | March 16th

vSphere-Land recently did its annual poll to determine the best VMware blogs for 2011. In total, the results feature 180 blogs. There were about 80 new blogs on the ballot this year, which is testament to the rich blog...»

Context in Content: Thismoment Leverages a Social Distribution Model

Cherr Aira | March 16th, a provider of social content management software for brands, today announced that it surpassed 650,000 user generated content (UGC) submissions through its flagship product, the Distributed Engagement Channel (DEC).

Thismoment's UGC contest engine


Iranian DDoS on BBC has FBI On Alert for Further Cyberattacks

Mellisa Tolentino | March 16th

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is keeping their eyes peeled for cyber attacks as they deem it might be used by terrorists to cause massive destruction. "While to date terrorists have not used the Internet to launch a full-scale...»

Millennial Media Revises IPO Plans, Raises the Stakes

Maria Deutscher | March 16th

Millennial Media is currently the largest independent mobile ad network; its competitors have long been bought out by Google, Apple and other big fish looking to strengthen their hold on respective mobile ecosystems. That,...»

Microsoft Demonstrates “Beamatron” Augmented Reality via Kinect-Projector Duo

Kyt Dotson | March 16th

As a device that “sees” the world, Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral has been providing a lot of potential methods for delivering augmented reality. In this particular demo, Andy Wilson from Microsoft Research shows off the “Beamatron”—a Kinect attached to...»

Google Shifts Focus from Trusted Products to Social Platform as Security Probe Pushes On

Mellisa Tolentino | March 16th

[caption id="attachment_96230" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo credit: Minh Uong"][/caption] Back in February the Wall Street Journal published an expose on how Google used codes to bypass Safari’s security measures for tracking users’ browser activities.  Since then,...»

Dell to Setup 20 Data Centers in APJ

Maria Deutscher | March 16th

Dell is looking to open 20 new facilities to power private and public cloud services throughout the Asia Pacific-Japan region. The company says that the driver behind the initiative is demand from customers based in...»