Gears of Wars 3 demoed by Microsoft at E3

Steven Hodson | June 6th

We were all expecting it so there is really no surprise when Ice T came on stage to help show off the demo of the next release in the Gears of War franchise. As expected the graphics for the...»

NetApp CEO Tom Georgens has a Plan to Outpace EMC: Can the Momentum Continue?

Dave Vellante | June 6th

Tom Georgens is one of the leading execs in the storage industry. As the CEO of NetApp and former executive at Engenio and EMC he has a deep perspective on the storage business. My partner John...»

Screenshots of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 from Microsoft at E3

Steven Hodson | June 6th

Well, Microsoft definitely opened up their event at E3 with a big bang - otherwise known as the next version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Here are some teaser screen shots from the presentation. Enjoy. ...»

Kinect and Mass Effect 3: The Power of Your Voice

Kyt Dotson | June 6th

While the Kinect has all the hallmarks of a visual platform capable of following our every move and translating it into an interface, a lesser-promoted feature of the device happens to be the microphone and...»

Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud…What’s in a Name?

Dave Vellante | June 6th

As it turns out, a lot. Recently, a growing number of suppliers have begun talking about hybrid clouds. The idea is that you can get the best of both cloud worlds. That is, the security, reliability...»

10 Million People Saying “Xbox Bing…” is 10 Million People Not Caring About Google

holdenpage | June 6th

The Xbox 360 is my entertainment platform of choice. It is not uncommon for me to gloat to my friends that nearly four years ago, I bought a glorified Netflix playing machine. It turns out...»

Four Reasons Enterprise Software Should Skip Native Mobile Apps

Hutch Carpenter | June 6th

The desire to “consumerize” mobile apps for their own sake is stoking today’s outsized enthusiasm with device-specific enterprise mobile apps at a time when HTML5 is right there staring us all in the

Here’s One for the Developers: A Trial Offer for Windows Azure

Steven Hodson | June 6th

The “cloud” is a hot topic these days for just about anyone involved with the web. From big corporations to the indie developer looking to take advantage of the new technologies, the cloud, both private...»

Signs: It’s Not A Bubble Until…

Tom Foremski | June 6th

I say Silicon Valley is in a boom period rather than a bubble. Others might disagree but everyone has some kind of warning sign to look for.

For example: Mike Butcher, from Techcrunch Europe, Tweeted earlier:


Setup Day: HP Discover 2011

Art Lindsey III | June 6th founder John Furrier gives us a quick peek at "Setup Day" for HP Discover 2011. ...»