GoDaddy Apologizes for Outage and Offers Discounts

John Casaretto | September 14th

Go Daddy is apparently pretty sorry for the outage earlier this week.  An email that apparently comes from Scott Wagner, CEO of Go Daddy was sent to its customers yesterday.

We let you down and we know it.  We

Best iPhone Apps to Manage Invoices and Expenses

Saroj Kar | September 14th

If iPhones have revolutionized the way we use phones today, their applications are changing established practices within companies, small business and even consumers. The iPhone can become a personal assistant to simplify your daily life, and with some...»

Symform Brings Bartering to the Cloud

Amber Harris | September 14th

Distributed cloud backup service provider Symform is bringing bartering to the cloud. The company is offering unlimited online capacity to customers in exchange for their excess local disk capacity. The new program, which Symform terms"Bytes or Bucks," allows...»

Luke Norris, Peak Colo CEO Discusses Company’s Growth in the Service Provider Space

Kathryn Buford | September 14th

Continuing SiliconANGLE’s coverage of Brocade Analyst and Tech Day 2012, Stu Miniman of spoke with Luke Norris, CEO and Founder of Peak Colo. Miniman and Norris discuss new occurrences in the service provider space...»

Bringing Business to the Cloud: PayPerCloud EVP Speaks [VIDEO]

Mellisa Tolentino | September 14th

  [caption id="attachment_119386" align="alignright" width="300"] The Cube, Brocade Tech Day with Tony Underwood[/caption] Brocade, the multinational corporation that specializes in data and storage networking, is conquering the world of big data by combining their 15 years of fiber channel...»

CyrusOne Chooses Brocade – Energy Industry, SuperComputing and Big Data on theCube

John Casaretto | September 14th

Josh Snowhorn, the VP and GM of CyrusOne sat in on theCube during Brocade Tech Day to share news about the company and their alignment with Brocade.  CyrusOne is a global mission-critical focused enterprise datacenter that is the...»

ComodIT Releases Synapse Agent to Simplify Cloud Management

Amber Harris | September 14th

Belgian startup ComodIT recently released Synapse Agent, a new open source tool designed to make it easier to manage different types of cloud instances. According to the company, Synapse is a "universal API for remote...»