Using Linked Data and Open APIs to Bridge Modern Development with Pre-Cloud Apps

Alex Williams | December 7th

The concept of linking and synchronization is most often associated with the Web, collaboration tools and mobile apps. Gmail is in sync with my Android smartphone. When I edit a Google Doc, my colleagues see...»

It’s a Name and Numbers Game for Warring Mobile Industry

Mellisa Tolentino | December 7th

Apple has been trying to product-block competition in the US as well as other countries, riding a case for patent infringement.  They were successful in some instances, but their competition doesn’t easily backdown....»

Verizon Takes On Pay TV, 4G & Mobile Payments

Mellisa Tolentino | December 7th

Verizon Communiations Inc. is said to be cooking up a plan to take on Netflix and traditional cable TV providers.  Verizon currently offers FiOS, a bundled package of internet access, telephone and TV service...»

How Intel Could Win in Tablets and Cell Phones By Protecting Developers Against Patent Wars

Tom Foremski | December 7th

Brooke Crothers, at CNET, reports that Intel is stepping in to help manufacturers create ultrabooks, and it has a $300 million fund to help integrate key technologies such as touch interfaces and battery technologies.
With the

Cisco Introduces CloudVerse, Its Unified Cloud Platform

Maria Deutscher | December 7th

Cisco has consolidated its data center, unified datacenter sharing and application portfolios under a new framework that is designed to solidify the company’s cloud vision from the outside.

“Because of our position in the network, it’s

Lawsuits and Probes Don’t Slow Down Groupon’s Latest Acquisition

Mellisa Tolentino | December 7th

OpenCal, the online appointment scheduling and booking site, has been taken in by Groupon.  Though the announcement was made just this week, it's reported that the acquisition may have quietly taken...»

Evernote’s Love Affair with Mobile Bears Three New Apps

Kristen Nicole | December 7th

Quick capture and easy access has fueled Evernote’s success.  The organization is running on a freemium business model and is looking to create a multi-platform, cross-device technology soon.  With its quest in maintaining your digital...»

Critical Adobe Reader Zero-day Vulnerability Seen in the Wild

Kyt Dotson | December 7th

Yesterday, researchers at the Lockheed Martin Computer Incident Response Team (CRT) and members of the Defense Security Information Exchange informed Adobe that their products were being exploited by hackers. The exploit affects all versions of Adobe Reader and...»

Broadcom Expands to Computer Accessories, Sees Growth in Mobile

Maria Deutscher | December 7th

Broadcom is working hard to catch up with Cisco and Juniper Networks, which own the vast majority of market share in the networking universe.  The company is seeing steady growth, and its latest product is...»

Facebook Timeline Heads To Land of Kiwis as Zuckerburg Gets Exposed

Mellisa Tolentino | December 7th

Facebook recently announced the acquisition of the talents behind Gowalla, the location-based social network, but not the service itself.  Though it is unclear as to how the Gowalla team will be incorporated in...»