Python and Django Support Comes to Heroku

Klint Finley | September 28th

Heroku just added support for yet another language: Python. Heroku added partial support for Python via Facebook for Heroku earlier this month, but this marks the first time the platform-as-a-service has supported the language for...»

Mobile Payments to Hit $245B by 2014: a Virtual Industry

Cherr Aira | September 28th

The ballooning of the mobile payments market still has several avenues for growth.  These channels are exactly what several companies are exploring to get their share of an industry predicted to reach revenues of $245...»

Spotify Goes Up, Piracy Goes Down by 25% in Sweden

Mellisa Tolentino | September 28th

Though Spotify isn’t getting rave reviews with their recent Facebook partnership, it seems like they’re on the good side of the whole music industry. Piracy has always been a pain in the ass of everyone in the...»

Another One Bites the Dust, Microsoft Burns Down Kelihos Botnet

Kyt Dotson | September 28th

It’s been only a week since Microsoft put the final stamp on their case against the Rustock botnet, and they’ve already pounced again—this time on equally notorious prey: the Kelihos network. In a particularly amusing twist...»

RIM Increases Shares with Icahn Rumors, Needs to Up the Ante

Val Galin | September 28th

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) can now breathe a little easy as shares of the company were up more than 6 percent on Tuesday, when rumors of activist investor Carl Icahn taking a...»

QLogic Overhauls Networking Portfolio

Maria Deutscher | September 28th

Networking firm QLogic announced a major update today: it refreshed its FlexSuite  product line-up and expanded its Adaptive Convergence by throwing in support for 16Gb converged fibre channel and 10Gb Ethernet protocols. Starting with Adaptive Convergence,...»

Google Expands Datacenters, Startup Funds Worldwide

Mellisa Tolentino | September 28th

Aside from opening up their social network Google+ to the public, the web giant is expanding not only to homes but also across two continents through start-ups and new data centers. From North America… Google placed...»

New Airline Navigation System Easy Target for Terrorists

George Ou | September 28th

When it comes to cyber-security, the most common cause of failure is “security as an afterthought.”  When the security failure affects personal computers and corporate networks, the cost ranges from minor annoyance to major financial disaster.  When the failure affects

Who Will Be the First Social Sideline Reporter?

Angela Connor | September 28th

When I see something smart, I just have to share it. And this move by the Phoenix Suns is just that…smart. The Phoenix Suns will become the first NBA team to hire what they call a Social Sideline...»

How to Grow Video Views, Increase Video Ads: Tips from AOL Video Head

Daisy Whitney | September 28th

The placement, context, and library surrounding online video is critical to success in growing video views, said AOL Video's head Ran Harnevo in an exclusive interview with the New Media Minute. He also shared tips on growing ad revenue through content...»