HP Expands in Africa, Follows IBM to New Fertile Ground

Mellisa Tolentino | September 21st

HP's in some hot water with its board members, but in the wake of a webOS crash, layoffs and a parting of businesses, HP still looks towards global expansion.  HP's announced the expansion of their...»

EMC Beefs Ups Hadoop Support, Rolls out Big Data Appliances

Maria Deutscher | September 21st

EMC today expanded its data analytics portfolio by announcing two new Hadoop-based, big data analytics products that will help it grow its foothold in what is expanded to be a $200 billion market by 2015. The...»

Google is Aggresively Pushing Revenues Amid Senate Scrutiny

Tom Foremski | September 21st

Google has adopted an aggressive program of stuffing its search pages with paid listings as the financial quarter draws to a close — a risky strategy as the US Senate holds hearings on its industry dominance. Google's search pages...»

DataStax, Neo Bank on NoSQL, Investors Bank on Them

Maria Deutscher | September 21st

Demand for NoSQL database technologies is growing as companies are adapting to open-source, seeking an alternative to SQL that can handle the massive amounts of data they need to analyze. DataStax and Neo Technology are...»

No Hadoop – Oracle Announces Appliance for Small Business Market

Alex Williams | September 21st

No Hadoop news today from Oracle. Instead, Oracle announced a database appliance for the small and medium sized business market that integrates software, servers, storage and networking into one box. In a live Webast, President Mark Hurd...»

Fatal Hacking Aftermath: DigiNotar Files For Bankruptcy

Cherr Aira | September 21st

When you thought that certificate authorities have kissed the pits, how would a bankruptcy sound? The cyberspace bids farewell to DigiNotar. The fall of DigiNotar is already a catastrophe that everyone expected soon after the...»

Zaarly: Searching for Gold in Hyper-Local Commerce

Tom Foremski | September 21st

Bo Fishback is convinced that his startup Zaarly has the potential to remake the national economy by making it easier for people to farm out small jobs to their local community. Need someone to stand in line for...»

HP Layoffs May Reach Europe, Search for New CEO Raises Questions

Mellisa Tolentino | September 21st

Reports from earlier this week note that Hewlett-Packard will soon start laying off more than 500 workers from their Palm division as webOS will soon fade into the sunset.  The dust hasn’t even settled yet...»

The Many Deaths of Google+

socialnerdia | September 21st

+Dan Reimold has 44 followers at the time that I write this. He wrote an “article” called Google+: Social Media Upstart ‘Worse Than a Ghost Town.” Dan‘s article basically says “Google+ is not good because no one follows...»

Business Technologies That Shook The World

Tom Foremski | September 21st

Dell has produced an interesting infographic about important business technology achievements, a very large infographic. [Is it too large? How long can you go before you need an infographic to explain it...?]                                                                                                                                                                                                                               [Cross-posted at Silicon...»