HP Discover: Doubling Down on Convergence in Vegas

Stuart Miniman | June 7th

HP helped create Silicon Valley and is one of only a handful of technology brands that is known worldwide. Being a huge company of over 300 thousand employees with many products and services, it can...»

The Latest in Big Data: New Funding, New Offerings

Maria Deutscher | June 7th

Big data analytics is proving to be a highly effective monetizing approach for more and more companies, on a global scale. This trend drives a great deal of demand, which is followed closely by


Dell Storage Forum Recap: Global Expansion, World-Class Storage Solutions

Cherr Aira | June 7th

When they said that Dell Storage Forum 2011 would be big, we didn't doubt it, considering all that Dell's doing to improve in its cloud services arena. It was definitely one giant kick off...»

HP’s Donatelli: “We’re Playing Offense, We’re Out to Change the Market”

Doug Chandler | June 7th

For people familiar with the old, stodgy, slow-moving HP, David Donatelli is breath of fresh air. The company’s EVP and General Manger of the ESSN (Enterprise Server, Storage and Networking) division, who came over from EMC two...»

HP’s Dietch: Far From a Fad, Cloud Computing Is A “Done Deal”

Jeffrey Kelly | June 6th

Cloud computing is here and its here to stay. And organizations large and small better get on board now or risk falling by the wayside, according to HP. “This is not a fad,” said Steven Dietch in...»

SAP Software in the Spotlight Thanks to IBM and Sybase

Maria Deutscher | June 6th

German business software maker SAP managed to gain its broad offerings portfolio quite a bit of traction in the enterprise space, both among customers and solution providers. One of the most recent developments is


HP’s Converged Infrastructure Gets High Marks from Leading Storage Analyst David Floyer

Bert Latamore | June 6th

Wikibon CTO and leading storage industry analyst David Floyer gives high marks to HP’s Infrastructure 2.0 platform, announced today at the opening of HP Discover in Las Vegas. Writing from the show floor, Floyer...»

WWDC Recap: What Apple iOS 5 and iCloud Mean for Consumers

Cherr Aira | June 6th

Before 5200 attendees, the two most discussed Apple systems worldwide saw fulfillment today at the WWDC 2011. iOS 5 and the new iCloud graced center spotlight at the annual event for developers and...»

Informatica and Composite Software Help Hadoop Get Connected

Jeffrey Kelly | June 6th

Hadoop, the open source framework for processing Big Data, needs to get connected. That is, most Hadoop installations are isolated from the larger IT infrastructure. Think data scientists working behind the curtain. To gain...»

nVidia’s Poison Pill Against takeovers: Microsoft

Steven Hodson | June 6th

It has just come to light via an interesting post at Information Week by Paul McDougall that Nvidia and Microsoft have a bit of a deal going on regarding any future acquisition of Nvidia. Apparently in...»