The Numbers Behind Valentine’s Day: Tablets are Romantic, Lovers Procrastinate

Kristina Farrah | February 14th

No one really knows the real origin of Valentine’s Day. Two of the popular derivations are that of a Roman fertility festival, and the commemoration of the death of St. Valentine, a Roman


US and EU Approves Google-MoMo Deal: China Still Thinking it Over

Mellisa Tolentino | February 14th

After months of anticipation, hair-pulling and nail-biting, the Google-Motorola Mobility deal was finally approved by the two largest obstacles in their path.  The European Union and the US Justice Department finally approved the $12.5 billion...»

Whitney Houston’s Death Sends Cyber Scams across Twitter, Facebook

Kristina Farrah | February 14th

The world has lost another icon as Whitney Houston dies at age 48. It’s one of the biggest topics of discussion these days across Twitter, Facebook, and digital and traditional publications alike.  On


Flash and Big Data Changing the IT Job Market: How to Stay On Top

Maria Deutscher | February 14th

Flash storage and big data analytics are currently two of the biggest buzzwords in the tech industry, and for a good reason: pundits agree that these two trends are playing a big role in the...»

Coming to Grips With Multiple Versions of the Truth

Jeffrey Kelly | February 13th

You know that multi-year project you’ve been working on trying to consolidate all your organization’s data into a central hub to establish a single version of the truth? Yeah, you can stop now. It’s not going to happen. In...»

HP Heats Up Storage Wars with Gen8

Maria Deutscher | February 13th

Hardware maker Hewlett-Packard is facing a lot of competition, even beyond the race for the title of most eco-friendly data center vendor. HP is facing its old rival Dell as well as others...»

EU Greenlight’s Google-Motorola Buy, US Likely to Follow

Maria Deutscher | February 13th

Search giant Google has managed to transform Android into a huge success story, one that today is probably exceeding what even the creators of the OS had in mind. The ecosystem that built up around...»

Teradici Unveils VDI Card Amidst VMware Partner Frenzy

Maria Deutscher | February 13th

Several companies announced their new partnerships with virtualization giant VMware today, including Cisco and Mitel. The latest one is Teradici, which is also deeply involved with the VDI market and just launched a...»

HP Unveils Idiot-Proof, Virtually Self-Managing Servers Called Gen8

Klint Finley | February 13th

Today HP announced a new line of ProLiant servers dubbed ProLiant Generation 8, or Gen8 for short. The new line bakes in automation and monitoring tools and comes equipped with a sensor array for optimizing energy use....»

Anonymous Busy Over Weekend Attacking CIA, Mexico, Greece, Alabama DHS Websites

Kyt Dotson | February 13th

It’s been an extremely busy weekend for Anonymous hactivist cells who have struck out at government and police websites across the globe. On Friday, the website for the CIA was reported as having gone down. Multiple reports that it...»